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== kernelMaker (not dead)== I've almost finished a utility that will enable users (new and experienced) to specify a particular kernel, URL where the kernel source is located, a variety of other settings and where on their machine they would like to build the kernel for installation. The tool then parses the options, verifies them and makes the kernel with the users old configuration, in addition to prompting them for the (NEW) features in the specified kernel, then installs the kernel for them to then reboot and verify it. It's primarily meant as an attempt to fill a void Andrew Morton identified during his speech at LinuxWorld 2007 and encourage people to test new kernels. You can find it here: . Please hack on it and make it better! Keep me in the loop if you do decide to work on it please as I'd like to know who else out there is interested in working on it and quite possibly making it more user friendly by adding a gui or text menu (and quite possibly moving it to a different language). Thanks.

kernelMaker TODO

1. Integrate "ketchup" functionality (

2. Integrate quilt functionality ( -- SEEMS TO BE INTEGRATED INTO THE LATEST KETCHUP.

3. Make it git repository aware (

*Comments, suggestions and patches are ALWAYS WELCOME! :-)


* Beacon is my thesis and will be useful for parsing large code repositories and checking for function signatures over extended periods of time. You can check it out at . The code is located at htp:// * Beacon uses sqlalchemy, pygments, mysql, prototype, and a variety of other tools. In it's current state it only searches c, asm, and headers.


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