Douglas W. Goodall

Email: <douglas_goodall AT SPAMFREE mac DOT com>

About Me

I am a software engineer specializing in operating systems and programming languages. In the old days, I was called a "systems programmer". For many years, I have been fascinated by Unix, and subsequently Linux. My appreciation for Linux has increased dramatically over the last few years, and my respect for the Linux Community with it. While I am new to kernel programming for Linux, I have been writing low-level code to control devices for forty years. I continued to write in assembly language after many people had moved on to higher level languages such as C.

My extensive experience writing drivers has left me with quite a bit of knowledge about commonly used peripheral chips and processors. I have written low level interface routines for many embedded systems and non pc-compatible computers. I am glad to be here in the company of other programmers learning new things. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and communing with others. Feel free to email me if I may be of service.


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