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This is Gaurav's Home Page on I am 28 year guy passionate about learning and working in Linux Kernel area. Also a loud advocate for OSS (Open Source Softwares). Have been working in software development for last 4 years, an active member on kernelnewbies mailing list. Also have a look at another linux kernel related group

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Hope to get some feedback from you all.

Here are some personal details about me.

I was basically born and brought up in Chandigarh city of India. I did my Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) from Panjab University Chandigarh in 2002. There after I joined HCL Technologies directly from campus (India's one of the top five IT service companies). I was in both windows/linux application programming, did some programming stuff for ATM management for NCR client. After spending two years there, I joined Computer Associates in Hyderabad as a software engineer in their eTrust Security brand. I worked there on some linux kernel stuff, mainly related to device drivers. Also there I got an oppertunity to explore linux kernel to my interest. I learnt the details about Interrupt Handlling subsystem of kernel, and bit of basic decive driverprogramming. Currently I am working with Cadence Design Systems in Noida, India as a Memeber of Technical Staff and working on synthesis tool development for chip designers. Systemsis tool is a software tool which is almost similar to compilers, atleast their frontend part. These tools convert the chip design written in hardware langauge like Verilog and VHDL to the actual optimized physical chip design in terms of connectivity of basic logic gates, llike NAND, NOR,MUX etc.

In my personal life, I am an adventerous person, who likes to go on trekking, rafting , mountaineering, biking etc. Whenever I get time, mostly on weekends, I prefer either to spend time with my parents or go on to some adventerous trip. I also love spending time in Gym, on my computer playing with Linux Kernel, learning and performing dance.

Hope you liked reading my page. I hope to remain an active member on kernelnewbies ......

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