boot/head.s comments
 *  head.s contains the 32-bit startup code.
 * NOTE!!! Startup happens at absolute address 0x00000000, which is also where
 * the page directory will exist. The startup code will be overwritten by
 * the page directory.
 *  setup_idt
 *  sets up a idt with 256 entries pointing to
 *  ignore_int, interrupt gates. It then loads
 *  idt. Everything that wants to install itself
 *  in the idt-table may do so themselves. Interrupts
 *  are enabled elsewhere, when we can be relatively
 *  sure everything is ok. This routine will be over-
 *  written by the page tables./*
 *  setup_gdt
 *  This routines sets up a new gdt and loads it.
 *  Only two entries are currently built, the same
 *  ones that were built in init.s. The routine
 *  is VERY complicated at two whole lines, so this
 *  rather long comment is certainly needed :-).
 *  This routine will be overwritten by the page tables.
 * Setup_paging
 * This routine sets up paging by setting the page bit
 * in cr0. The page tables are set up, identity-mapping
 * the first 8MB. The pager assumes that no illegal
 * addresses are produced (ie >4Mb on a 4Mb machine).
 * NOTE! Although all physical memory should be identity
 * mapped by this routine, only the kernel page functions
 * use the >1Mb addresses directly. All "normal" functions
 * use just the lower 1Mb, or the local data space, which
 * will be mapped to some other place - mm keeps track of
 * that.
 * For those with more memory than 8 Mb - tough luck. I've
 * not got it, why should you :-) The source is here. Change
 * it. (Seriously - it shouldn't be too difficult. Mostly
 * change some constants etc. I left it at 8Mb, as my machine
 * even cannot be extended past that (ok, but it was cheap :-)
 * I've tried to show which constants to change by having
 * some kind of marker at them (search for "8Mb"), but I
 * won't guarantee that's all :-( )

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