Mentors: [ Octavian Purdila], [ Daniel Baluta] cleanups

Use scripts/ to align code in staging/drivers/iio to Linux kernel coding style.

A directory (e.g. accel) is considered clean in the context of if running the following commands results in no warnings or errors:

Please send us an email with the directory you want to work on. Don't forget to specify your full name and IRC handle.

Experimenting with IIO subsystem

For this we will use two kernel modules found in drivers/staging/iio:

Dummy modules compilation

You need to select the following config options:

Use the following commands for modules compilation:

IIO sysfs attributes

IIO event monitor

IIO event monitor is an user space example application which reads events from IIO layer and pretty prints the results. Implementation can be found in iio_event_monitor.c under iio/drivers/staging/iio/Documentation. BR Task:

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