These tasks are for you to get familiar with the IIO subsystem. For IIO related questions you can join #linux-iio IRC channel (server

Please email your solutions to daniel.baluta at intel dot com and octavian.purdila at intel dot com. Your email should have the subject Task XX: Short task description

Experimenting with IIO subsystem

For this we will use two kernel modules found in drivers/staging/iio:

Dummy modules compilation

You need to select the following config options:

Use the following commands for modules compilation:

Use the following commands for module loading:

Task 01:

Task 02:

IIO event monitor

IIO event monitor is an user space example application which reads events from IIO layer and pretty prints the results. Implementation can be found in iio_event_monitor.c under tools/iio/. BR

Task 03:

Compile iio_event_monitor:

Task 04:

Read events using iio_event_monitor

Generic buffer

Task 05:

Create triggers using configfs interface.

Task 06

Read samples from buffer generated by the iio_dummy module.

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