These tasks are for you to get familiar with the IIO subsystem. You do not need to claim these via the Outreachy tasks page. For IIO related questions you can join #linux-iio IRC channel (server

Please email your solutions to amsfield22 at gmail dot com and daniel.baluta at gmail dot com. Your email should have the subject Task XX: Short task description

Experimenting with IIO subsystem

For this we will use two kernel modules found in drivers/iio/dummy:

Dummy modules compilation

You need to select the following config options:

Use the following commands for modules compilation:

Use the following commands for module loading:

Use the following command to create your dummy device under the configfs filesystem:

Task 01:

Task 02:

IIO event monitor

IIO event monitor is an user space example application which reads events from IIO layer and pretty prints the results. Implementation can be found in iio_event_monitor.c under tools/iio/. BR

Task 03:

Compile iio_event_monitor:

Task 04:

Read events using iio_event_monitor

Generic buffer

Task 05:

Create triggers using configfs interface.

Task 06:

Read samples from buffer generated by the iio_dummy module.

Coding Tasks

Note for all IIO Coding Tasks:

Task 1:

Clean-up idea: IIO Headers: This was previously posted to the

See description and follow-ups here:!topic/outreachy-kernel/LtI90_SwjHE

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