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  1. Start your favorite IRC client

  2. /server irc.oftc.net

  3. /join #kernelnewbies

  4. Ask what you want to know without asking permission to ask and keep the discussion ontopic (ie about kernel programming).

Alternatively try this URL: irc://irc.oftc.net/kernelnewbies (should work with many browser / IRC client combinations)

Intro to IRC

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is communication network. Users can talk together in realtime, each user has a nick. There are rooms (called channels) on irc, their names are beginning with #. For more information browse to http://www.irchelp.org/.

Kernel newbies are gathered on #kernelnewbies on irc.oftc.net. This channel is about kernel development, it's internals and so on. For general linux discussion please go to other channels like #linux, or one with the name of your favorite linux distribution.

How to simply join #kernelnewbies IRC

Kernel newbies are using irc network at OFTC.net. If you don't have an favorite IRC client (or you don't know any), choose one:

  • xchat (GUI, gtk, runs under linux other unices and also windows)

  • irssi (text only, linux & unices)

  • kvirc (GUI, kde, linux & unices)

  • ksirc (GUI, kde, linux & unices)

  • konversation (GUI, kde, linux & unices)

  • BitchX (text only, linux & unices)

  • Pidgin (GUI, gtk)

  • webchat

Upon first start, some clients popup a window with serverlist. If you don't want to play with it and click, close it and you'll probably find one line at the bottom that looks like a command line. Enter there:

/server irc.oftc.net

  • This will connect you to the server.

/join #kernelnewbies

  • You will join the channel and you can talk to us :)

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