(void*) conversions

Here are a few tips and scripts how to find unnecessary (void*) conversions.

Find (void*) functions

Here's a script that finds all functions returning (void*):


./ linux-2.6.git/

Finding and removing type conversion on such assignments

Another script has an embedded list of such function names (after the _END_), or can take such names on the commandline:


./ linux-2.6.git kmalloc

The output is a patch that removes these type conversions; the source files are kept unchanged.

(void*) variable assignments

Some kernel structures have variables meant to be private to some driver, normally named "priv" or "private"; these are of type "(void *)", and need not be casted to some other type.

This script returns a patch for such assignments:


./ linux-2.6.git kmalloc

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