Allow removal of select from Kconfig files

Many config options depend on other options is unrelated submenus. As a result, people have complained about not being able to select the desired option because they finding all dependencies is too complicated. Select solves this problem and creates a near-identical new one. Now it is just as hard to turn some options _off_ as it was before to turn others _on_.

The solution would be to have smarter tools that give the user information roughly like this:

      If you enable this option, you will also enable CONFIG_BAR.
Or :
      If you disable this option you will also disable CONFIG_FOO
      and CONFIG_FOO2.

Difficulty: 4

Difficulty is somewhat increased by the number of tools that require such functionality. Support for xconfig and menuconfig appears to have priority as those users have a harder time grepping the kernel.

Contact: Jörn Engel - joern (at)


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