idutils complex formula query support

This page documents the proposal for adding complex query support to idutils.

Coccinelle has had support for glimpse for a while now, and it had proven to yield the best performance. Although glimpse is open sourced now (official repo here, repo that builds here), the software is not well maintained. Coccinelle also supports GNU idutils and this seems to provide very good performance. For optimal performance Coccinelle could be extended to support idutil's regexps, but another alternative is to use complex forumlas similar to what glimpse supports.

For details refer to this thread.

Getting idutils

idutils is still on CVS, to check out code using git you can use git-cvsimport as follows:

mkdir idutils
cd idutils
/usr/lib/git/git-cvsimport idutils

Other desired features

The biggest feature that is desirable for now is support to query using complex forumas: using a combination conjuctions or disjunctions (and's and or's). Other than this though, other desirable features:

Interested mentors

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