pfiles is a Solaris proc utility that reports information of all open files by the process id. A Linux equivalent was written in a form of a SystemTap script. Currently the script is able to report most of the open file information that a Solaris' version of pfiles would report, except for socket-related information (and maybe others).

A possible task for this project is to extend the script to report socket information. Take a look at the following mailing list post to have an idea what kind of socket information we are looking for. Also, the script need not be exactly identical to the Solaris' version. There may be other variables that are specific to Linux that we can include in the script. Come up with a list!

Riel noted that pfiles does not need to be implemented in SystemTap, and it can be a normal kernel interface too. Agree. So if the developer is keen to implement this as a kernel interface, and export the information to the userspace, go for it!

See for more information.

Interested in implementing this feature? Write to me and/or claim the feature on the KernelProjects page.


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