Lee Duncan

Email: MailTo(lduncan AT SPAMFREE suse DOT com)

I am a software engineer that works (remotely) for SUSE in Nueremburg, Germany. I am in the kernel group, known at SUSE as The Labs.

My major area of focus is SCSI, both as a physical transport (i.e. parallel SCSI from the old days), and as a transport, as in modern SCSI-3. I am particularly interested in non-traditional ways to transport SCSI, such as over TCP/IP (i.e. iSCSI). Also of interest are InfiniBand, FibreChannel, and things like FCOE.

I am lucky enough to get to work on the things I love, and with some of the pioneers in the Linux community.

I hope I can help others that are looking to play with the Linux kernel!


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