About Me:

I'm a complex human being. I'm spiritual. I love reading and learning new things.

I have amazing people in my life, whom I love dearly. I love being around positive people with goals, wisdom and a passion for life.

I'm nice.

I'm happy with my life. I'm accomplishing different goals I have:

I am also hilarious.

Things that are very important to me:

My life in code

I got into coding when I was 13 in 9th grade. I was playing games on my TI-83 calculator and wanted to figure out how it worked; I already had a habit of taking this apart to figure out they worked. I learned how to code in BASIC just by looking at the code for those games, and ended up making 2 of my own games and made flag animations on the calculator. I didn't think of it as a skill, I just thought it was a fun hobby.

Through my high school career, I taught myself how to use HTML, CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, and create web/graphic design. In my senior year, classmates and I joined InvenTeams, a program created by MIT. I built/programmed robots. I also made myspace pages.

In college I learned how to code in C, Java and Javascript. I also designed T-shirts, posters, flyers and brochures on campus.

And now, I'm learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Email: <lidza DOT louina AT gee male DOT com>


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