About Me:

I'm a complex human being.* I'm spiritual. I love reading and learning new things.

I have amazing people in my life, whom I love dearly. I love being around positive people with goals, wisdom and a passion for life.

I'm nice.

I'm happy with my life. I'm accomplishing different goals I have:

I am also hilarious.

Things that are very important to me:

I like putting ideas into organized lists. So here's a list of things I'm passionate about:

Things I think about

Boundaries and how important they are in my life.

How I want to live my life, things I want to do, where I want to live, etc. I like making plans for goals and actually following through with them. Life is enjoyable when you're moving towards something great and beautiful instead of running away from something terrifying and daunting. Better to run towards happiness than away from misery.

The many different ways that the things I say can be interpreted.

Everyday I have to ask myself these questions: "Spend lots of time prettying myself up for the general population (which never seems to be satisfied with how I look)? Or spend that time coding, reading a book or learning something new about myself?", "Stay quiet and passive when someone is patronizing, disrespectful or downright abusive to me? Or let them know how I feel, stand up for myself and purge them from my life without hesitation when they don't apologize and show me they've changed?", "Did I say/do that because I wanted to? Or because I'm expected to and it'll make someone else happy?", "Move forward? Or stay in place?", "How can I be a better person for myself and the people I love today?", "Does the cost outweigh the benefits?", "Am I looking at this situation from all possible perspectives? If not, how can I start?", "Does this person need a hug?" and of course "Coffee? Or tea?"

This is a work in progress...

* - We all are. Email: MailTo(lidza DOT louina AT gee male DOT com)


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