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Linux 4.3

Linux 4.3 has been released on 1 Nov 2015

Summary: This release removes the ext3 filesystem and leaves Ext4, which can also mount Ext3 filesystems, as the main Ext filesystem; it also adds userfaultfd(), a system call for handling page-faults in user space; membarrier(), a system call for issuing memory barriers on a set of threads; a PID controller for limiting the number of PIDs in cgroups, "ambient" capabilities for making easier to use capabilities; idle page tracking, a more precise way to track the memory being used by applications; support for IPv6 Identifier Locator Addressing; network light weight tunnels, virtual Routing and Forwarding Lite support, and many other improvements and new drivers.

  1. Prominent features
    1. The Ext3 filesystem has been removed
    2. userfaultfd(), a system call for handling page-faults in user space
    3. membarrier(), a system call for issuing memory barriers on a set of threads
    4. New PID controller for limiting the number of PIDs in cgroups
    5. Ambient capabilities
    6. Introduce idle page tracking, a more precise way to track the memory being used by applications
    7. Support for IPv6 Identifier Locator Addressing
    8. Network light weight tunnels
    9. Virtual Routing and Forwarding (Lite) support
  2. Core (various)
  3. File systems
  4. Memory management
  5. Block layer
  6. Cryptography
  7. Security
  8. Tracing and perf tool
  9. Virtualization
  10. Networking
  11. Architectures
  12. Drivers
    1. Graphics
    2. Storage
    3. Staging
    4. Networking
    5. Audio
    6. Tablets, touch screens, keyboards, mouses
    7. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers
    8. USB
    9. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    10. Watchdog
    11. Serial
    12. SOC (System On Chip) specific Drivers
    13. ACPI, EFI, cpufreq, thermal, Power Management
    14. Real Time Clock (RTC)
    15. Voltage, current regulators, power capping, power supply
    16. Pin Controllers (pinctrl)
    17. Memory Technology Devices (MTD)
    18. Multi Media Card
    19. Industrial I/O (iio)
    20. Multi Function Devices (MFD)
    21. Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)
    22. Hardware monitoring (hwmon)
    23. General Purpose I/O (gpio)
    24. Clocks
    25. PCI
    26. DMA Engines
    27. Various
  13. List of merges
  14. Other news sites

1. Prominent features

1.1. The Ext3 filesystem has been removed

The Ext3 filesystem has been removed from the Linux core repository. The reason behind this removal is that Ext3 filesystems are fully support by the Ext4 filesystem, and major distros have been already using Ext4 to mount Ext3 filesystems for a long time. With the stabilization of Ext4, maintainers think that the Ext3 codebase is useless duplicated code and should disappear.

Recommended LWN article: rm -r fs/ext3

Code: commit

1.2. userfaultfd(), a system call for handling page-faults in user space

A page fault happens when a process has something mapped in its virtual address space (eg, a file) but the memory has not been loaded in RAM, and the process tries to access that memory. The kernel usually handles that page fault (eg. it loads the corresponding part of the file in memory).

This release adds support for handling page faults in userspace through a new system call, userfaultfd(). Aside from registering and unregistering virtual memory ranges, userfaultfd() provides two primary functionalities: 1) read/POLLIN protocol to notify a userland thread of the faults happening 2) various ioctls that can manage the virtual memory regions registered in the userfaultfd that allows userland to efficiently resolve the userfaults it receives via or to manage the virtual memory in the background. The real advantage of userfaults if compared to regular virtual memory management of mremap/mprotect is that the userfaults in all their operations never involve heavyweight structures.

The main user of this syscall is QEMU, which can use the userfaultfd syscall to implement postcopy live migration: VMs are migrated to another host without transferring the memory, which makes the migration much faster, and QEMU uses userfaultfd() to transfer the pages as page faults happen.

Recommended LWN article: User-space page fault handling

Documentation: Documentation/vm/userfaultfd.txt

Code: commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

1.3. membarrier(), a system call for issuing memory barriers on a set of threads

This release adds a new system call, membarrier(2), which helps distributing the cost of user-space memory barriers required to order memory accesses on multi-core systems, by transforming pairs of memory barriers into pairs consisting of membarrier(2) and a compiler barrier. For synchronization primitives that distinguish between read-side and write-side (e.g. userspace RCU, rwlocks), the read-side can be accelerated significantly with this syscall by moving the bulk of the memory barrier overhead to the write-side. The idea is to make CPUs execute memory barriers only when synchronization is required by the updater thread, as opposed to executing them each time before and after accessing it from a reader thread.

Recommended LWN article: sys_membarrier()

Code: commit

1.4. New PID controller for limiting the number of PIDs in cgroups

This release adds a new PIDs controller to limit the number of tasks that can be forked inside a cgroup. PIDs are fundamentally a global resource because it fairly trivial to reach PID exhaustion before you reach other resource limits. As a result, it is possible to grind a system to halt without being limited by other cgroup policies. The PIDs cgroup controller is designed to stop this from happening.

Essentially, this is an implementation of RLIMIT_NPROC that applies to a cgroup rather than a process tree. However, it should be noted that organisational operations (adding and removing tasks from a PIDs hierarchy) will not be prevented. Rather, the number of tasks in the hierarchy cannot exceed the limit through forking.

In order to use the pids controller, set the maximum number of tasks in pids.max (this is not available in the root cgroup for obvious reasons). The number of processes currently in the cgroup is given by pids.current. To set a cgroup to have no limit, set pids.max to "max". This is the default for all new cgroups.

Documentation: Documentation/cgroup-v1/pids.txt

Code: commit, commit, commit, commit

1.5. Ambient capabilities

On Linux, there are a number of capabilities defined by the kernel. To perform various privileged tasks, processes can wield capabilities that they hold. Each task has four capability masks: "effective", "permitted", "inheritable", and a "bounding set". When the kernel checks for a capability, it checks the effective mask. The other capability masks serve to modify what capabilities can be in "effective".

Due to the shortcomings of the Linux capabilities implementation, capability inheritance is not very useful. To solve these problems, this release adds a fifth capability mask called the "ambient" mask. The ambient mask does what most people expect "inheritable" to do. No capabilities bit can ever be set in "ambient" if it is not set in both "inheritable" and "permitted". Dropping a bit from "permitted" or "inheritable" drops that bit from "ambient". This ensures that existing programs that try to drop capabilities still do so, with a complication. Because capability inheritance is so broken, setting prctl(PR_SET_KEEPCAPS,...), using setresuid() to switch to nonroot uids, and then calling execve() effectively drops capabilities. Therefore, setresuid() from root to nonroot conditionally clears "ambient" unless SECBIT_NO_SETUID_FIXUP is set.

If you are nonroot but you have a capability, you can add it to "ambient". If you do so, your children get that capability in "ambient", "permitted", and "effective". For example, you can set CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE in "ambient", and your children can automatically bind low-numbered ports. Unprivileged users can create user namespaces, map themselves to a nonzero uid, and create both privileged (relative to their namespace) and unprivileged process trees.

Recommended LWN article: Inheriting capabilities

Code: commit, commit

1.6. Introduce idle page tracking, a more precise way to track the memory being used by applications

Knowing which memory pages are being accessed by a workload and which are idle can be useful for estimating the workload's working set size, which, in turn, can be taken into account when configuring the workload parameters, setting memory cgroup limits, or deciding where to place the workload within a compute cluster. Currently, the only means to estimate the amount of idle memory provided by the kernel is /proc/PID/clear_refs and /proc/PID/smaps: the user can clear the access bit for all pages mapped to a particular process by writing 1 to clear_refs, wait for some time, and then count smaps:Referenced. However, this method has two serious shortcomings: 1) it does not count unmapped file pages, 2) it affects the reclaimer logic.

To overcome these drawbacks, this release introduces the idle page tracking feature

In order to estimate the amount of pages that are not used by a workload one should:

  • Mark all the workload's pages as idle by setting corresponding bits in /sys/kernel/mm/page_idle/bitmap (this file implements a bitmap where each bit corresponds to a memory page. The bitmap is represented by an array of 8-byte integers, and the page at PFN #i is mapped to bit #i%64 of array element #i/64, byte order is native). The pages to be marked idle can be found by reading /proc/pid/pagemap if the workload is represented by a process, or by filtering out alien pages using /proc/kpagecgroup (a newly added file) in case the workload is placed in a memory cgroup.

  • Wait until the workload accesses its working set

  • Read /sys/kernel/mm/page_idle/bitmap and count the number of bits set. If one wants to ignore certain types of pages, e.g. mlocked pages since they are not reclaimable, he can filter them out using /proc/kpageflags.

Recommended lWN article: Tracking actual memory utilization

Documentation: Documentation/vm/idle_page_tracking.txt

Code: commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

1.7. Support for IPv6 Identifier Locator Addressing

This release adds support for Identifier Locator Addressing, a mechanism meant to implement tunnels or network virtualization without encapsulation. The basic concept of ILA is that a IPv6 address is split into a 64 bit locator and 64 bit identifier. The identifier is the identity of an entity in communication ("who") and the locator expresses the location of the entity ("where"). Applications use externally visible address that contains the identifier. When a packet is actually sent, a translation is done that overwrites the first 64 bits of the address with a locator. The packet can then be forwarded over the network to the host where the addressed entity is located. At the receiver, the reverse translation is done so the that the application sees the original, untranslated address.

This feature is configured by the "ip -6 route" command using the "encap ila <locator>" option, where <locator> is the value to set in destination locator of the packet. e.g. ip -6 route add 3333:0:0:1:5555:0:1:0/128 encap ila 2001:0:0:1 via 2401:db00:20:911a:face:0:25:0 will set a route where 3333:0:0:1 will be overwritten by 2001:0:0:1 on output.

Recommended LWN article: Identifier locator addressing

RFC draft: draft-herbert-nvo3-ila-00

Slides from netconf: netconf2015Herbert-ILA.pdf

Slides from presentation at IETF: slides-92-nvo3-1.pdf

Code: commit

1.8. Network light weight tunnels

This release provides an infrastructure to support light weight tunnels like mpls ip tunnels. It allows for scalable flow based encapsulation without bearing the overhead of a full blown netdevice.

iproute2 is extended with a new use cases:

VXLAN: ip route add encap vxlan id 10 dst dev vxlan0 

MPLS: ip route add encap mpls 200 via inet dev swp1

Code: commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

1.9. Virtual Routing and Forwarding (Lite) support

This release adds a Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) device that, combined with ip rules, provides the ability to create virtual routing and forwarding domains (aka VRFs, VRF-lite to be specific) in the Linux network stack. One use case is the multi-tenancy problem where each tenant has their own unique routing tables and in the very least need different default gateways. It is a cross between functionality that the IPVLAN driver and the Team drivers provide, where a device is created and packets into/out of the routing domain are shuttled through this VRF device. The device is then used as a handle to identify the applicable rules. The VRF device is thus the layer3 equivalent of a vlan device.

Processes can be "VRF aware" by binding a socket to the VRF device. Packets through the socket then use the routing table associated with the VRF device. An important feature of the VRF device implementation is that it impacts only Layer 3 and above so L2 tools (e.g., LLDP) are not affected (ie., they do not need to be run in each VRF). The design also allows the use of higher priority ip rules (Policy Based Routing) to take precedence over the VRF device rules directing specific traffic as desired. In addition, VRF devices allow VRFs to be nested within namespaces. For example network namespaces provide separation of network interfaces at L1 (Layer 1 separation), VLANs on the interfaces within a namespace provide L2 separation and then VRF devices provide L3 separation.

Documentation: Documentation/networking/vrf.txt

Code: commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

2. Core (various)

  • task scheduler: Rewrite of the main SMP load balancing metric: the CPU load/utilization. The main goal was to make the metric more precise and more representative. It significantly reduces complexity of the code and the performance testing results are encouraging. Nevertheless, it potentially affects every SMP workload in existence so regressions are possible. For more details, see the commit commit

  • Make sync() on suspend-to-RAM build-time optional commit

  • Core dump:

    • Don't dump core if the corefile would become world-readable. commit

    • If a coredump already exists, unlink and recreate with O_EXCL commit

  • seccomp: adds a new ptrace option, PTRACE_O_SUSPEND_SECCOMP, that enables a task from the init user namespace which has CAP_SYS_ADMIN and no seccomp filters to disable (and re-enable) seccomp filters for another task so that they can be successfully dumped (and restored). This is needed for software like CRIU commit

3. File systems

  • EXT2

    • Use DAX to provide Huge page fault support commit

  • EXT4

    • Use DAX to provide huge page fault support commit

    • Implement cgroup writeback support commit

  • F2FS

    • Add new ioctl F2FS_IOC_GARBAGE_COLLECT, which triggers a cleaning job explicitly by users commit

    • Add noextent_cache mount option to disable an extent cache based on rb-tree explicitly commit

    • Enhance multithread performance commit

    • Increase the number of max hard links commit

    • Introduce a shrinker that allows to reclaim memory consumed by a number of in-memory f2fs data structures commit

  • HPFS

    • Support hotfixes commit

    • Update ctime and mtime on directory modification commit

  • CIFS

    • Add ioctl to allow userspace (e.g. smb3util) to display information about the share and underlying device under an SMB3 export, including its attributes and capabilities commit

  • OCFS2

  • XFS

    • Huge page fault support commit

    • Add a new superblock field, sb_meta_uuid. If set, along with a new incompat flag, the code will use that field on a V5 filesystem to compare to metadata UUIDs, which allows to change the user-visible UUID at will. Userspace handles the setting and clearing of the incompat flag as appropriate, as the UUID gets changed; i.e. setting the user-visible UUID back to the original UUID (as stored in the new field) will remove the incompatible feature flag commit

4. Memory management

  • Allow DAX-enabled filesystems to provide huge pages in response to faults commit

  • Always expose /proc/<pid>/map_files/ and make it readable commit

  • Make pagemap useable again in the safe way (after row hammer bug it was made CAP_SYS_ADMIN-only). Also it adds bit 'map-exlusive' which is set if page is mapped only here: it helps in estimation of working set without exposing pfns and allows to distinguish CoWed and non-CoWed private anonymous pages commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

  • Compaction cleanups and performance optimizations commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

  • /proc/pid/smaps: if there are lots of shared anonymous pages, it's really hard to figure out exactly how many each process consumes memory(ie, rss + wap) if the system has lots of shared anonymous memory(e.g, android). This release introduces SwapPss field on /proc/<pid>/smaps so users can get more exact workingset size per process commit

  • zsmalloc: account the number of compacted pages commit

  • zsmalloc: Perform automatic pool compaction by a shrinker when system is getting tight on memory commit

  • zswap: Allow to change zpool/compressor at runtime. When changed, a new pool is created with the requested zpool/compressor, and added as the current pool at the front of the pool list. Previous pools remain in the list only to remove existing compressed pages from. The old pool(s) are removed once they become empty commit, commit, commit

  • Allow have using madvise() MADV_REMOVE operation in hugetlbfs commit

  • slab: bulk object allocation and freeing commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

  • Add NVMEM framework commit, commit

5. Block layer

  • blkcg: implement interface for the unified hierarchy commit

  • Make /sys/block/<dev>/queue/discard_max_bytes writeable commit

  • libnvdimm

    • Add DSM support for Address Range Scrub commands commit

    • Allow to map persistent memory, i.e. advertise it to the memory management sub-system. By default persistent memory does not support direct I/O, RDMA, or any other usage that requires a 'struct page' to mediate an I/O request. This driver allocates and initializes the infrastructure needed to support those use cases commit

  • NVMe: Add nvme subsystem reset support commit, commit

  • nbd: Add debugfs entries commit

6. Cryptography

  • Smack: IPv6 host labeling commit

7. Security

  • audit: Implement "audit by executable" functionality which allows admins to set an audit watch based on the executable on disk. Prior to this, admins could only track an application by PID commit

  • Add information about ioctl calls to the LSM audit data. Log the file path and command number commit

  • selinux: Extend the generic ioctl permission check to use the extended permissions for per-command filtering. Source/target/class sets including the ioctl permission may additionally include a set of commands commit

  • smack: allow mount opts setting over filesystems with binary mount data commit

  • Kernel module signing

    • Allot to use PKCS#7 signatures for modules commit, commit

    • Add explicit CONFIG_SYSTEM_TRUSTED_KEYS option to let the user explicitly provide a file containing trusted keys, instead of just automatically finding files matching *.x509 in the build tree commit

    • Allow external signing key to be specified commit

    • Allow password to be specified for signing key commit

    • Allow signing key to be PKCS#11 commit

  • PKCS#7: Add OIDs for sha224, sha284 and sha512 hash algos and use them commit, support CMS messages also (RFC5652) commit

  • X.509: Support X.509 lookup by Issuer+Serial form AuthorityKeyIdentifier commit

8. Tracing and perf tool

  • Support BPF programs attached to uprobes and first steps for BPF tooling support (merge)

  • Support Intel PT in several tools, enabling the use of the processor trace feature introduced in Intel Broadwell processors (merge)

  • Add support for using several Intel PT features (CYC, MTC packets), the relevant documentation was updated in: tools/perf/Documentation/intel-pt.txt

  • Introduce support for probing at an absolute address, for user and kernel 'perf probe's, useful when one have the symbol maps on a developer machine but not on an embedded system (merge)

  • Add Intel BTS support, with a call-graph script to show it and PT in use in a GUI using 'perf script' python scripting with postgresql and Qt (merge)

  • Allow selecting the type of callchains per event, including disabling callchains in all but one entry in an event list, to save space, and also to ask for the callchains collected in one event to be used in other events (merge)

  • Introduce 'srcfile' sort key. It can be combined with other fields (merge)

  • Support per-event 'freq' term (merge)

  • Allow filtering out of perf's PID via 'perf record --exclude-perf' (merge)

  • perf trace now supports syscall groups, like strace, i.e: "trace -e file touch file" will expand 'file' into multiple, file related, syscalls (merge)

  • Let user have timestamps with per-thread recording in 'perf record' (merge)

  • perf record: Add ability to name registers to record commit

  • perf script: Enable printing of interrupted machine state commit

  • tracing: Allow triggers to filter for CPU ids and process names commit

9. Virtualization

  • KVM: dynamic halt-polling commit

  • VMware balloon: Add support for balloon capabilities. commit

  • Hyper-V

    • balloon: Enable dynamic memory protocol negotiation with Windows 10 hosts commit

    • vmbus: add a sysfs attr to show the binding of channel/VP commit

    • vmbus: add special crash handler commit

    • hv_netvsc: Add support to set MTU reservation from guest side commit

    • hv_netvsc: Implement set_channels ethtool op commit

  • virtio_mmio: add ACPI probing commit

  • XEN

    • xen-blkfront: convert to blk-mq APIs commit

    • xen-netback: add support for multicast control commit

    • PMU support for PV dom0 (limited support for using perf with Xen and other guests) commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

    • Allow more than 512 GB of RAM for 64 bit pv-domains commit

    • xensyms support commit

10. Networking

  • IGMP: Inhibit reports for local multicast groups; add sysctl /proc/sys/net/ipv4/igmp_link_local_mcast_reports commit

  • bridge

    • mdb: add vlan support for user entries commit

    • Add netlink support for vlan_protocol attribute commit

    • Add support for vlan_filtering attribute commit

  • bonding: add netlink support for the sysfs attribute tlb_dynamic_lb commit

  • geneve

    • Add support to collect tunnel metadata. commit

    • Add netlink interface to configure Geneve UDP port number commit

    • Use GRO cells infrastructure. commit

  • ipv6

    • Make IPv6 support be enabled into kernel by default commit

    • Identifier Locator Addressing module commit

    • Add support to allow non-local binds similar to how this was done for IPv4. Non-local binds are very useful in emulating the Internet in a box, etc. This adds the ip_nonlocal_bind sysctl under ipv6 commit

    • Add sysctl (use_oif_addrs_only) to restrict candidate source addresses commit

    • Add sysctl option accept_ra_min_hop_limit to let user choose the minimum hop limit value they can accept from RA commit

    • Disable flowlabel state ranges by default commit

    • Enable auto flow labels by default commit

    • Implement different admin modes for automatic flow labels commit

    • sysctl option to ignore routes when nexthop link is down commit

    • 6lowpan: remove multiple lowpan per wpan support commit

  • ipvs

    • Add the weighted overflow scheduling algorithm, which directs network connections to the server with the highest weight that is currently available and overflows to the next when active connections exceed the node's weight commit

    • add more mcast parameters for the sync daemon commit

    • add sync_maxlen parameter for the sync daemon commit

  • Introduces the proto_down flag that can be used by user space applications to notify switch drivers that errors have been detected on the device commit, commit

  • netfilter

    • Factor out packet duplication for IPv4/IPv6 commit

    • nf_conntrack: add direction support for zones commit

    • nf_ct_sctp: minimal multihoming support commit

    • nf_tables: add nft_dup expression commit

    • nft_limit: add burst parameter commit

    • nft_limit: add per-byte limiting commit

  • vxlan : GRO support at tunnel layer commit

  • netlink: add NETLINK_CAP_ACK socket option that trims off the payload of the original netlink message commit

  • wireless: Allow setting multicast rate on OCB interfaces commit

  • openvswitch: Allow attaching helpers to ct action commit

  • openvswitch: Allow matching on conntrack label commit

  • packet: Add fanout mode PACKET_FANOUT_CBPF that accepts a classic BPF program to select a socket commit

  • packet: Add fanout mode PACKET_FANOUT_EBPF that accepts an en extended BPF program to select a socket commit

  • Bluetooth: Make A2MP module configurable commit

  • RDS-TCP: Support multiple RDS-TCP listen endpoints, one per netns. commit

  • tools/net/bpf_jit_disasm: support reading jit dump from file commit

  • ip_gre: Add support to collect tunnel metadata. commit

  • mac802154: add support for suspend and resume commit

  • rocker: add change MTU support commit

  • route: introduces a new IP tunnel lightweight tunnel type which allows to specify IP tunnel instructions per route. Only IPv4 is supported at this point commit

11. Architectures

  • ARM

    • Device tree sources

      • Add minimal dm814x support commit

      • Add minimal dts support for dm8148-evm commit

      • Add minimal support for HP T410 commit

      • Add phyBOARD-WEGA-AM335x rdk commit

      • Add support for phyCORE-AM335x SoM commit

      • Add buffalo linkstation ls-wvl/vl commit

      • Add buffalo linkstation ls-wxl/wsxl commit

      • imx: add fec1 and fec2 nodes for SOC i.MX6UL commit

      • imx: add imx6ul and imx6ul evk board support commit

      • mediatek: add mt6580 basic support commit

      • orion5x: add buffalo linkstation ls-wtgl commit

      • rockchip: Add veyron-speedy board commit

      • rockchip: add Netxeon R89 board commit

      • rockchip: add veyron-jerry board commit

      • rockchip: add veyron-minnie board commit

      • rockchip: add veyron-pinky board commit

      • socfpga: Add support of Terasic DE0 Atlas board commit

      • sun4i: Add Iteaduino Plus A10 commit

      • uniphier: add PH1-Pro5 SoC support commit

      • uniphier: add ProXstream2 and PH1-LD6b SoC/board support commit

      • shmobile: add r8a7793 minimal SoC device tree commit

      • shmobile: silk: initial device tree commit

      • at91: add basic dtsi for sama5d2 SoC commit, commit, add isi & ov2640 dt nodes for at91sam9m10g45ek board commit, add minimal sama5d2 Xplained board commit

      • sun8i: dts: Add Ippo-q8h v1.2 with A33 commit

    • Add software-based implementation of the priviledged-no-access support found in ARMv8.1. This allows to trap non-intended kernel accesses to userspace, eg, caused by an inadvertent dereference of the LIST_POISON* values, which, with appropriate user mappings setup, can be made to succeed. This in turn can allow use-after-free bugs to be further exploited than would otherwise be possible commit

    • imx: add i.mx6ul msl support commit

    • dove: create a proper PMU driver for power domains, PMU IRQs and resets commit

    • mvebu: Add standby support commit

    • Add support for ARM JIT generation of several BPF instructions commit, commit, commit

    • DRA752: Add ID detect for ES2.0 commit

    • qcom: Add coincell charger driver commit

    • shmobile: Basic r8a7793 SoC support commit

    • shmobile: Remove legacy code for R-Mobile A1 commit, SH-Mobile AG5 commit, Armadillo-800 EVA commit, KZM-A9-GT commit, remove obsolete zboot support commit

    • shmobile: marzen: Remove legacy board code commit,commit

    • OMAP2: Add minimal dm814x hwmod support commit

    • OMAP2+: Remove legacy booting support for LogicPD Torpedo commit and Pandora commit

    • KVM: guest debug, add stub KVM_SET_GUEST_DEBUG ioctl commit

    • coresight-etm3x: Add Qualcomm PTM v1.1 peripheral ID commit

    • md/raid6: delta syndrome for ARM NEON commit

  • ARM64

    • Device Tree Sources

      • Add dts files for Marvell Berlin4CT SoC commit

      • Add Rockchip rk3368 core dtsi and board dts for the r88 board commit

      • mediatek: add mt6795 support commit

    • Add support for hardware updates of the access and dirty pte bits, a feature available in ARMv8.1 commit

    • Add Rockchip architecture entry commit

    • Add support for Large System Extension for building scalable atomics and locks commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

    • Enable more compressed Image formats commit

    • Add support for Privileged Access Never (PAN; part of the ARMv8.1 Extensions) prevents the kernel or hypervisor from accessing user-space (EL0) memory directly commit

    • KVM: Add generic v8 KVM target commit

    • KVM: Add KVM_CAP_SET_GUEST_DEBUG support commit, commit, commit, commit

    • memory: Add ARM PL172 MultiPort Memory Controller driver commit

    • memory: tegra: Add Tegra210 support commit

  • x86

    • kvm

      • Add sending hyper-v crash notification to user space commit

      • Add support for MONITOR_TRAP_FLAG commit

    • asus-laptop: Add key found on Asus F3M commit

    • surface pro 3: Add support driver for Surface Pro 3 buttons commit

    • iommu/vt-d: Report domain usage in sysfs commit

    • perf: Add PEBS frontend profiling for Skylake commit

    • powercap / RAPL: Add support for Broadwell-H commit and for Skylake H/S commit

    • toshiba_acpi: Adapt /proc/acpi/toshiba/keys to TOS1900 devices commit

    • toshiba_acpi: Add /dev/toshiba_acpi device commit

    • Add MONITORX/MWAITX instruction support. This new instruction (available in AMD Carrizo processors) controls a configurable timer which causes the core to exit wait state on timer expiration, in addition to "normal" MWAIT condition of reading from a monitored VA commit

  • MIPS

    • Add MIPS I6400 probe support commit

    • Add uprobes support. commit

    • CM: Add support for reporting CM cache errors commit

    • Octeon: Support additional interfaces on CN68XX commit

    • Octeon: Support all PIP input ports on CN68XX commit

    • math-emu: Add support for the CMP.condn.fmt R6 instruction commit, for MIPS R6 CLASS FPU instruction commit, support for the MIPS R6 MADDF FPU instruction commit, for the MIPS R6 MAX{, A} FPU instruction commit, for the MIPS R6 MIN{, A} FPU instruction commit, for the MIPS R6 MSUBF FPU instruction commit, for the MIPS R6 RINT FPU instruction commit, for the MIPS R6 SELEQZ FPU instruction commit, for the MIPS R6 SELNEZ FPU instruction commit

  • S390

    • cio: Implement proper Link Incident Record handling commit

    • Lazy restore fpu registers commit

    • Enable generic CPU feature modalias using s390 ELF hwcaps commit

    • numa: add core infrastructure commit

    • numa: add emulation support commit

    • numa: add topology tree infrastructure commit

    • numa: enable support in s390 configs commit

    • sclp_vt220: support magic sysrequests commit


    • implement counting and sampling perf events commit

    • implement fake NMI commit

  • PPC

    • Enable seccomp filter commit

    • KVM: Book3S HV: Implement dynamic micro-threading on POWER8 commit; make use of unused threads when running guests commit

    • Add led driver for PowerNV platform commit

    • fsl-booke: Add T1040D4RDB/T1042D4RDB board support commit

    • powernv: Add poweroff (EPOW, DPO) events support for PowerNV platform commit

  • ARCv2

  • CRIS


    • Enable LOCKDEP_SUPPORT commit


    • Enable 64-bit bus addresses on PA-RISC commit



  • NIOS2

    • Add Max10 device tree commit

  • TILE

    • Enable full SECCOMP support commit

12. Drivers

12.1. Graphics


  • mgag200

  • msm

    • dragonboard 410c support, msm8x94 support, msm8x74v1 support commit, commit, commit

    • Add more YUV formats for MDP5 commit

    • Add rotation (hflip/vflip) support to MDP5 planes (v2) commit

    • Add hdmi hdcp support commit

    • Add plane blending operation support for MDP5 commit

    • Add DMA plane support commit

  • sti

  • tegra

    • Allow VBLANK to be disabled commit

    • Add Tegra210 support commit

    • Implement atomic DPMS commit

    • sor: Add HDMI support commit, add Tegra210 eDP support commit

  • atmel

  • rockchip

    • vop: Add yuv plane support commit

    • vop: support plane scale commit

  • exynos

    • Enable atomic modesetting feature commit

    • Add atomic asynchronous commit commit

    • Add render node support commit

  • panel

    • Add display timing for Okaya RS800480T-7X0GP commit

    • Add support for LG LG4573 480x800 4.3" panel commit

    • simple: Add support for AUO B080UAN01 commit

    • simple: Add support for NEC NL4827HC19-05B 480x272 panel commit

  • host1x

    • mipi: Add Tegra132 support commit

    • mipi: Add Tegra210 support commit

12.2. Storage

  • SCSI

    • cxlflash: Base error recovery support commit

    • cxlflash: Base support for IBM CXL Flash Adapter commit

    • cxlflash: Superpipe support commit

    • cxlflash: Virtual LUN support commit

    • hpsa: add in new controllers commit

    • hpsa: add in new offline mode commit

    • hpsa: add sysfs entry path_info to show box and bay information commit

    • hptiop: Support HighPoint RR36xx HBAs and Support SAS tape and SAS media changer commit

    • ipr: Enable SIS pipe commands for SIS-32 devices. commit

    • pm80xx: Added pm8006 controller support commit

    • mpt3sas: Added Combined Reply Queue feature to extend up-to 96 MSIX vector support commit

    • mpt3sas: Provides the physical location of sas drives commit

    • qla2xxx: Add pci device id 0x2261. commit

    • target: add support for START_STOP_UNIT SCSI opcode commit

12.3. Staging

  • Add hfi1 driver to staging/rdma commit

  • fbtft: Add support for the Ultrachip UC1611 LCD controller commit

  • most: add MOST driver's aim-cdev module commit

  • most: add MOST driver's aim-network module commit

  • most: add MOST driver's aim-sound module commit

  • most: add MOST driver's aim-v4l2 module commit

  • most: add MOST driver's core module commit

  • most: add MOST driver's documentation commit

  • most: add MOST driver's hdm-dim2 module commit

  • most: add MOST driver's hdm-i2c module commit

  • most: add MOST driver's hdm-usb module commit

  • ozwpan: Remove from tree commit

12.4. Networking

  • fjes: Introduce FUJITSU Extended Socket Network Device driver commit

  • 3c59x: Add BQL support for 3c59x ethernet driver. commit

  • Microchip's LAN7800 family USB 2/3 to 10/100/1000 Ethernet device driver commit

  • add microchip LAN88xx phy driver commit

  • ath10k: Add hw register/values for QCA99X0 chip commit

  • ath10k: add QCA99X0 to supported device list commit

  • ath10k: add TCP/UDP Checksum offload support for QCA99x0 commit

  • ath10k: add qca6164 support commit

  • ath10k: enable VHT for IBSS commit

  • ath9k: add fast-xmit support commit

  • bgmac: support up to 3 cores (devices) on a bus commit

  • bnx2x: Add MFW dump support commit

  • bnx2x: Add new device ids under the Qlogic vendor commit

  • bnx2x: Add vxlan RSS support commit

  • bnx2x: add vlan filtering offload commit

  • bnx2x: new Multi-function mode - BD commit

  • brcmfmac: Add support for host platform NVRAM loading. commit

  • be2net: Support vxlan offload stats in the driver commit

  • cxgb4: Add MPS tracing support commit

  • cxgb4: Add PCI device ids for few more T5 and T6 adapters commit

  • cxgb4: Add support to dump edc bist status commit

  • cxgb4: add device ID for few T5 adapters commit

  • i40e/i40evf: Add support for X722 commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit, commit

  • i40e/i40evf: Add stats to track FD ATR and SB dynamic enable state commit

  • i40e: add VF capabilities to virtual channel interface commit

  • i40e: support virtual channel API 1.1 commit

  • i40evf: handle big resets commit

  • i40evf: support virtual channel API version 1.1 commit

  • ibmveth: add support for TSO6 commit

  • iwlwifi: add new TLV capability flag for gscan support commit

  • iwlwifi: add wide firmware command infrastructure for TX commit

  • iwlwifi: add wide firmware command support for notifications commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: Enable Rx Checksum hw commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add basic Time of Flight (802.11mc FTM) support commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add wide firmware command infrastructure for RX commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add wide firmware command support for debug triggers commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: support TDLS wider-bandwidth commit

  • ixgbe: Add support for UDP-encapsulated tx checksum offload commit

  • ixgbe: Add support for VXLAN RX offloads commit

  • ixgbe: Add support for entering low power link up state commit

  • ixgbe: Add support for reporting 2.5G link speed commit

  • ixgbe: support for ethtool set_rxfh commit

  • ixgbevf: add support for reporting RSS key and hash table for X550 commit

  • rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new device ID commit

  • wlcore: add p2p device support commit

  • qlcnic: Add new VF device ID 0x8C30 commit

  • qmi_wwan: Add support for Dell Wireless 5809e 4G Modem commit

  • qmi_wwan: add Sierra Wireless MC74xx/EM74xx commit

  • r8152: support the new RTL8153 chip commit

  • r8169: Add software counter for multicast packages commit

  • wil6210: TSO implementation commit

  • wil6210: support boot loader struct v0 & v1 commit

  • wil6210: support future boot loaders commit

  • wil6210: system power management commit

  • RDMA/amso1100: Deprecate the amso1100 driver and move to staging commit

  • thunder, bgx: Add support to get MAC address from ACPI. commit

  • thunderx: Add receive error stats reporting via ethtool commit

  • thunderx: Receive hashing HW offload support commit

  • thunderx: Support for HW VLAN stripping commit

  • thunderx: Support for internal loopback mode commit

  • thunderx: Support for upto 96 queues for a VF commit

  • nfc: s3fwrn5: Add driver for Samsung S3FWRN5 NFC Chip commit

  • nfc: st-nci: Add spi phy support for st21nfcb commit

  • mlx4_en: Add support for hardware accelerated 802.1ad vlan commit

  • mlx5e: Add ethtool RSS configuration options commit

  • mlx5e: Support ETH_RSS_HASH_XOR commit

  • mlx5e: Support TX packet copy into WQE commit

  • mlx5e: Support ethtool get/set_pauseparam commit

  • mlx5e: Support smaller RX/TX ring sizes commit

  • asix: add support for the Billionton GUSB2AM-1G-B USB adapter commit

  • mwifiex: add firmware dump support for SD8997 commit

  • mwifiex: add support for 8997 chipset commit

  • mwifiex: add tdls channel switch status commit

  • mwifiex: add tdls config command commit

  • mwifiex: advertise multichannel support to cfg80211 commit

  • mwifiex: handle multichannel event commit

  • atl1c: add BQL support commit

  • bcmgenet: Add netconsole support commit

  • dsa: Add netconsole support commit

  • dsa: mv88e6171: add hardware 802.1Q support commit

  • dsa: mv88e6xxx: add VLAN Get Next support commit

  • dsa: mv88e6xxx: add VLAN Load support commit

  • dsa: mv88e6xxx: add VLAN Purge support commit

  • dsa: mv88e6xxx: add VLAN support to FDB dump commit

  • netcp: Adds missing statistics for K2L and K2E commit

  • phy: Support setting polarity in marvell phy driver commit

  • phy: add RealTek RTL8211DN phy id commit

  • phy: add driver for aquantia phy commit

  • phy: dp83848: Add TI DP83848 Ethernet PHY commit

  • qmi_wwan: Sierra Wireless MC73xx -> Sierra Wireless MC7304/MC7354 commit

  • rfkill: gpio: Remove BCM2E39 support commit

  • systemport: Add netconsole support commit

  • xgene: Adding support for TSO commit

  • dsa: Support multiple MDIO busses commit

  • dsa: mv88e6352/mv88e6xxx: Add support for Marvell 88E6320 and 88E6321 commit

  • dwc_eth_qos: Add support for Synopsys DWC Ethernet QoS commit

  • enic: add devcmd2 commit

  • ifb: add multiqueue operation commit

  • igb: add support for 1512 PHY commit

  • mlxsw: Add PCI bus implementation commit

  • mlxsw: Introduce Mellanox SwitchX-2 ASIC support commit

  • mlxsw: Introduce Mellanox switch driver core commit

  • rt2800usb: add usb ID 1b75:3070 for Airlive WT-2000USB commit

  • Bluetooth

    • btbcm: Add BCM4330B1 UART device commit

    • btintel: Create common Intel Secure Send function commit

    • btqca: Introduce generic QCA ROME support commit

    • hci_intel: Add Intel baudrate configuration support commit

    • hci_uart: Add basic support for Intel Lightning Peak devices commit

  • Infiniband

    • Add RoCE GID table management commit

    • Add RoCE table bonding support commit

    • Deprecate ipath driver and move to staging. commit

    • iser: Support up to 8MB data transfer in a single command commit

    • mlx4_ib: Disassociate support commit

    • sa: Route SA pathrecord query through netlink commit

    • ucma: HW Device hot-removal support commit

    • iw_cxgb4: Add support for clip commit

12.5. Audio

  • hda: Add dock support for ThinkPad T550 commit

  • ASoC

    • Add gtm601 codec driver commit

    • Initial driver support for Intel Skylake devices (merge)

    • add rt298 codec driver commit

    • cs4349: Add support for Cirrus Logic CS4349 commit

    • fsl-asoc-card: add wm8960 support commit

    • ics43432: Add codec driver for InvenSense ICS-43432 commit

    • rockchip: Add machine driver for max98090 codec commit

    • rockchip: Add machine driver for rt5645/rt5650 codec commit

    • rsnd: add CTU (Channel Transfer Unit) prototype support commit

    • rsnd: add MIX (Mixer) support commit

    • ssm4567: Add sense support commit

    • sti-sas: Add sti platform codec commit

    • sti: Add support for ST STI controllers commit

12.6. Tablets, touch screens, keyboards, mouses

  • Add touchscreen support for Colibri VF50 commit

  • Remove the max77843 haptic driver commit

  • cap11xx - add LED support commit

  • cyapa - add ACPI HID CYAP0002 for Gen6 devices commit

  • cyapa - add gen6 device module support commit

  • cyapa - add proximity support for gen5 and gen6 modules commit

  • cyapa - add regulator vcc support commit

  • cyapa - fully support runtime suspend power management commit

  • elan_i2c - enable ELAN0100 acpi panels commit

  • i8042 - add unmask_kbd_data option commit

  • max77693: Add support for Maxim 77843 commit

  • touchscreen - add imx6ul_tsc driver support commit

  • imx: add snvs power key driver commit

  • HID

    • chicony: Add support for Acer Aspire Switch 12 commit

    • gembird: add new driver to fix Gembird JPD-DualForce 2 commit

    • hid-lg: Add USBID for Logitech G29 Wheel commit

    • microsoft: Add Surface 3 type cover commit

    • multitouch: Add support for CJTouch MultiTouch commit

    • wacom: Add support for Express Key Remote. commit

12.7. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers

  • Driver for Toshiba TC358743 HDMI to CSI-2 bridge commit

  • SMI PCIe IR driver for DVBSky cards commit

  • adv7604: Add support for control event notifications commit

  • ascot2e: Sony Ascot2e DVB-C/T/T2 tuner driver commit

  • bdisp: composing support commit

  • c8sectpfe: Add Kconfig and Makefile for the driver commit

  • coda: add macroblock tiling support commit

  • coda: implement VBV delay and buffer size controls commit

  • cxd2841er: Sony CXD2841ER DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C demodulator driver commit

  • horus3a: Sony Horus3A DVB-S/S2 tuner driver commit

  • lnbh25: LNBH25 SEC controller driver commit

  • media: adv7604: chip info and formats for ADV7612 commit

  • media: soc_camera: rcar_vin: Add BT.709 24-bit RGB888 input support commit

  • netup_unidvb: NetUP Universal DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C PCI-E card driver commit

  • rc-core: remove the LIRC "protocol" commit

  • stk1160: Add frame scaling support commit

  • tda10071: implement DVBv5 statistics commit

  • vivid: support cvt, gtf timings for video out commit

12.8. USB

  • add sysfs support to xHCI usb3 hardware LPM commit

  • bcma: add bcm53xx support commit, add support for controlling bus power through GPIO commit

  • ftdi_sio: Added custom PID for CustomWare products commit

  • option: add ZTE PIDs commit

  • qcserial: add HP lt4111 LTE/EV-DO/HSPA+ Gobi 4G Module commit

  • chipidea: add tx/rx burst size configuration interface commit

  • gadget: nokia: Add mass storage driver to g_nokia commit

  • musb: sunxi: Add support for musb controller in A31 SoC commit, add support for musb controller in A33 SoC commit, add support for the Allwinner sunxi musb controller commit

  • phy: qcom: New APQ8016/MSM8916 USB transceiver driver commit

  • renesas_usbhs: Add support for R-Car H3 commit

  • usbnet: New driver for QinHeng CH9200 devices commit

  • xhci: xHCI 1.1: Contiguous Frame ID Capability (CFC) commit

  • xhci: xHCI 1.1: Stopped - Short Packet Capability (SPC) commit

12.9. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

  • xlp: SPI controller driver for Netlogic XLP SoCs commit

  • mediatek: Add spi bus for Mediatek MT8173 commit

  • mpc512x-psc: add support for Freescale MPC5125 commit

  • pxa2xx: Add support for Intel Sunrisepoint commit

  • bcm63xx-hsspi: add support for dual spi read/write commit

12.10. Watchdog

  • nv_tco: add support for MCP79 commit

  • NXP LPC18xx Watchdog Timer Driver commit

  • add a driver to support SAMA5D4 watchdog timer commit

  • iTCO_wdt: Add support for TCO on Intel Sunrisepoint commit

12.11. Serial

  • 8250_fintek: Support for any io address. commit

  • 8250_fintek: Support for chip_ip 0x0501 commit

  • uuc_uart: Support higher bitrates than 115200 Bit/s commit

  • 8250_pci: Add support for Pericom PI7C9X795[1248] commit

  • sc16is7xx: support multiple devices commit

  • serial: at91: add support to FIFOs commit

12.12. SOC (System On Chip) specific Drivers

  • tegra: Add Tegra132 support commit

  • tegra: Add Tegra210 support commit

  • tegra: fuse: Add Tegra210 support commit

  • tegra: pmc: Add Tegra210 support commit

  • Mediatek: Add SCPSYS power domain driver commit

  • mediatek: Add infracfg misc driver support commit

  • qcom: Add Shared Memory Driver commit

  • qcom: Add Shared Memory Manager driver commit

  • qcom: Driver for the Qualcomm RPM over SMD commit

12.13. ACPI, EFI, cpufreq, thermal, Power Management

  • thermal/powerclamp: add cpu id for Skylake u/y commit

  • thermal/powerclamp: add cpu id for denlow platform commit

  • thermal/powerclamp: add cpu id for skylake h/s commit

  • thermal: Add Intel PCH thermal driver commit

  • thermal: add available policies sysfs attribute commit

  • tools/power/acpi: Enable build for EC userspace tool commit

  • intel_idle: Skylake Client Support commit, commit

  • intel_pstate: Add SKY-S support commit

12.14. Real Time Clock (RTC)

  • add rtc-lpc24xx driver commit

  • add xilinx zynqmp rtc driver commit

  • da9063: Add DA9062 RTC capability to DA9063 RTC driver commit

12.15. Voltage, current regulators, power capping, power supply

  • devfreq: exynos-ppmu: Add the support of PPMUv2 for Exynos5433 commit

  • cpufreq

    • Add cpufreq driver for Tegra124 commit

    • exynos: remove Exynos4x12 specific cpufreq driver support commit

    • exynos: remove exynos5250 specific cpufreq driver support commit

    • mediatek: Add MT8173 cpufreq driver commit

  • regulator

    • Add over current protection (OCP) support commit

    • Regulator driver for the Qualcomm RPM commit

    • Remove the max77843 driver commit

    • da9211: support da9215 commit

    • max77693: Add support for MAX77843 device commit

    • max8973: add support to configure ETR based on rail load commit

    • mt6311: Add support for mt6311 regulator commit

    • pwm-regulator: Add support for continuous-voltage commit

12.16. Pin Controllers (pinctrl)

12.17. Memory Technology Devices (MTD)

  • nand: add Toshiba TC58NVG0S3E to nand_ids table commit

  • spi-nor: Add support for Micron n25q064a serial flash commit

  • spi-nor: Add support for sst25wf020a commit

  • spi-nor: add Spansion S25FL204K support commit

  • spi-nor: add driver for NXP SPI Flash Interface (SPIFI) commit

  • spi-nor: allow dual/quad reads on S25FL129P commit

  • spi-nor: fsl-quadspi: add i.mx6ul support commit

  • spi-nor: fsl-quadspi: add imx7d support commit

  • nand: davinci: add support for 4K page size nand devices commit

12.18. Multi Media Card

  • sdhci-esdhc-imx: add imx7d support and support HS400 commit

  • sdhci-esdhc-imx: add tuning-step setting support commit

  • sdhci-of-arasan: Add the support for sdhci-5.1 commit

  • sdhci-of-at91: introduce driver for the Atmel SDMMC commit

12.19. Industrial I/O (iio)

  • accel: Add buffer mode for Sensortek STK8312 commit

  • accel: Add sampling rate support for STK8312 commit

  • accel: Add sampling rate support for STK8BA50 commit

  • accel: Add trigger support for STK8BA50 commit

  • adc: mcp320x: Add support for mcp3301 commit

  • adis16136: Add ADIS16137 support commit

  • adis16260: Add ADIS16266 support commit

  • adis16400: Add ADIS16305 support commit

  • adis16400: Add ADIS16367 support commit

  • adis16400: Add ADIS16445 support commit

  • light: Add support for ROHM RPR0521 sensor commit

  • light: Add support for TXC PA12 als and proximity sensor commit

  • light: add support for TI's opt3001 light sensor commit

  • magn: bmc150: add support for bmc156 commit

  • pressure: ms5611: add support for MS5607 temperature and pressure sensor commit

  • st-accel: add support for lsm303agr accelerometer commit

  • st-magn: add support for lsm303agr magnetometer commit

12.20. Multi Function Devices (MFD)

  • Add support for Intel Sunrisepoint LPSS devices commit

  • arizona: Add support for WM8998 and WM1814 commit

  • axp20x: Add axp152 support commit

  • da9062: Supply core driver commit

  • da9062: Support for the DA9063 OnKey in the DA9062 core commit

  • da9062: Support for the DA9063 RTC in the DA9062 core commit

  • kempld-core: Add support for COMe-bBL6 and COMe-cBW6 to Kontron PLD driver commit

  • wm5110: Add register patch for rev E and above commit

12.21. Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)

  • emev2: add driver commit

  • lpc2k: add driver commit

  • parport: Add VCT-jig adapter commit

  • support 10 bit and slave addresses in sysfs 'new_device' commit

  • tegra: add support for fast plus (FM+) mode clock rate commit

12.22. Hardware monitoring (hwmon)

  • adm1275: Add support for ADM1293 and ADM1294 commit

  • adm1275: Introduce new feature flags commit

  • f71882fg: Add support for F81866 and F71868 commit

  • f71882fg: Add support for f81768d commit

  • fam15h_power: Add support for AMD Carrizo commit

  • it87: Add support for IT8732F commit

  • ltc2978: Add additional chip IDs for LTM4676 and LTM4676A commit

  • ltc2978: Add missing chip IDs for LTC2978 and LTC3882 commit

  • ltc2978: Add support for LTC2975 commit

  • ltc2978: Add support for LTC2980 and LTM2987 commit

  • ltc2978: Add support for LTC3882 commit

  • ltc2978: Add support for LTC3886 commit

  • ltc2978: Add support for LTC3887 commit

  • ltc2978: Add support for LTM4675 commit

  • nct6775: Add support for NCT6793D commit

  • nct7802: Add pwm control commit

  • nct7802: Add pwm mode attributes commit

  • nct7802: Add pwmX_enable attribute commit

  • nct7802: add temperature sensor type attribute commit

  • pmbus: Add device IDs for TPS544{B,C}2{0,5} commit

  • pmbus: Add support for MAX20751 commit

  • pmbus: Add support for VR12 commit

  • pmbus: Add support for lowest power value attributes commit

12.23. General Purpose I/O (gpio)

  • brcmstb: Add interrupt and wakeup source support commit

  • brcmstb: support wakeup from S5 cold boot commit

  • etraxfs: add interrupt support commit

  • etraxfs: add support for ARTPEC-3 commit

  • mpc8xxx: add support for MPC5125 commit

  • rcar: Add r8a7795 (R-Car H3) support commit

  • zx: Add ZTE zx296702 GPIO support commit

12.24. Clocks

  • Add Pistachio clocksource-only driver commit

  • Hi6220: add stub clock driver commit

  • mediatek: Add MT8173 MMPLL change rate support commit

  • qcom: Add support for SR2 PLLs commit

  • rockchip: add rk3368 clock controller commit

  • rockchip: add support for phase inverters commit

  • sunxi: Add a simple gates driver commit

  • tegra: Add library for the DFLL clock source (open-loop mode) commit

12.25. PCI

12.26. DMA Engines

  • Add support for the Analog Devices AXI-DMAC DMA controller commit

  • Add a driver for Intel integrated DMA 64-bit commit

  • Add driver for lpc18xx dmamux commit

  • imx-sdma: Add device to device support commit

  • imx-sdma: Add imx6sx platform support commit

  • ioatdma: add Broadwell EP ioatdma PCI dev IDs commit

  • sun4i: Add support for the DMA engine on sun[457]i SoCs commit

  • ti-dma-crossbar: Add support for eDMA commit

  • xgene-dma: Add ACPI support for X-Gene DMA engine driver commit

  • zxdma: Support ZTE ZX296702 dma commit

  • zxdma: Support cyclic dma commit

12.27. Various

  • NTB: Add PCI Device IDs for Broadwell Xeon commit

  • cxl: Allow the kernel to trust that an image won't change on PERST. commit

  • cxl: EEH support commit

  • ipmi:ssif: Add a module parm to specify that SMBus alerts don't work commit

  • irqchip/imx-gpcv2: IMX GPCv2 driver for wakeup sources commit

  • irqchip: Add bcm2836 interrupt controller for Raspberry Pi 2 commit

  • mei: add async event notification ioctls commit

  • mei: implement fasync for event notification commit

  • mei: me: add sunrise point device ids commit

  • mei: support for dynamic clients commit

  • mei: support polling for event notification commit

  • nvmem: qfprom: Add Qualcomm QFPROM support. commit

  • phy-sun4i-usb: Add extcon support for the otg phy (phy0) commit

  • phy-sun4i-usb: Add id and vbus detection support for the otg phy (phy0) commit

  • phy-sun4i-usb: Add support for boards with broken Vusb-detection commit

  • phy-sun4i-usb: Add support for monitoring vbus via a power-supply commit

  • phy-sun4i-usb: Add support for the usb-phys on the sun8i-a23 SoC commit

  • phy-sun4i-usb: Add support for the usb-phys on the sun8i-a33 SoC commit

  • phy: add lpc18xx usb otg phy driver commit

  • phylib: add driver for Teranetics TN2020 commit

  • pwm-pca9685: Support changing the output frequency commit

  • pwm: NXP LPC18xx PWM/SCT driver commit

  • pwm: crc: Add Crystalcove (CRC) PWM driver commit

  • reset: Add a driver for the reset controller on the AR71XX/AR9XXX commit

  • reset: add driver for lpc18xx rgu commit

  • twl4030_charger: add ac/mode to match usb/mode commit

  • twl4030_charger: add software controlled linear charging mode. commit

  • twl4030_charger: allow max_current to be managed via sysfs. commit

  • twl4030_charger: enable manual enable/disable of usb charging. commit

13. List of merges

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