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Max Hölzer

Max Hölzer

Email: <Max.Hoelzer AT SPAMFREE gmx DOT de>

Helo there, this my page@kernelnewbies wiki.

Born in 15.10.1987 in Russia, i travelled to Germany as i was 6 years old, now i am 18 and examin for Computer Scients Assisten in Hannover, Germany. I have some expirence in using SuSe 9.x and 10.0 also with Debian Sarge 3.1r1(no Updates). Meanwhile i have started to read the http://www.linuxfromscratch.de book and some books mentioned in this book, like the linuxuserguid, the last one was pretty helpfull in using the large amount of utilities. I'am still using Windows XP as my main Operating System because of school and work reasons, i emulate my Debian Sarge on VMware, so i can work with both quiet well. As i'am interessted in the C Language, which i learned in school and still learning it in my freetime (as i do with PHP), i'am interessted in how the kernel looks like inside (90% written in C), as i get more Knowledge i will share it here on KernelNiewbies. But i think i can help Real Newbies(as i also am) quit well ;).

If u wish, u can visit my homepage, http://maxhoelzer.ohost.de/ (German, sry i wanted to write it in English too, but no time :()


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