My name is Nicolas Kaiser. I hail from Kitzb├╝hel, Austria.

I greatly enjoy proofreading. In regard to the Linux kernel, I'm a fan of Coccinelle.

Des gheat amoi xog - in English: This deserves to be mentioned.

HOWTO integrate the checkpatch script into Claws Mail (or Sylpheed)

scripts/ is very useful for catching coding style violations. Quoting from Documentation/SubmittingPatches, the patch sender "should be able to justify all violations that remain in the patch."

If you intend to send or review patches with Claws Mail (or Sylpheed), it's quite easy to use this script from the message view.

1. Create an action:

Configuration > Actions...


Alternatively, just add

checkpatch: /usr/src/linux/scripts/ %f

to .claws-mail/actionsrc

2. Optionally, add a toolbar button:

Configuration > Preferences...

Add some nice icon, then


Move it up/down to a convenient location on the toolbar, maybe add an additional separator.

Now you can check an inline patch in a selected message with a single mouse click.

When sending a patch, you can first put the message into the queue folder, check it there, then send the queued messages.


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