Each project may have some small tasks you can complete as part of the application process. Do not start on these tasks until after you complete the first patch tutorial and Greg Kroah-Hartman has accepted at least ten of your cleanup patches and two of your patchsets.


This page is used to coordinate which Outreachy applicant is working on which small task for Outreachy mentors. Each project will list those tasks on [:OutreachyIntro:the Outreachy intro page], or link to a list of tasks from that page. Please complete the following steps before starting on a small task:

  1. Create a kernelnewbies account and make sure to remember your password. Password reset does not always work.
  2. Get an Outreachy mentor or coordinator to give you edit privileges by sending an email to the outreachy-kernel mailing list with the subject "[KERNEL NEWBIES ACCESS] username", where username is your kernel newbies username.
  3. If you do not get access within three business days (weekdays), start asking for access on IRC.
  4. Claim a task by adding the information from this template:
  5. Task name:
  6. Claimed by:
  7. Date claimed:
  8. Links to patch submissions:
  9. Current status:

Coccinelle small tasks are typically applicable relevant to multiple places in the kernel, and can thus be done by multiple applicants. If you find many opportunities for some Coccinelle small task, consider changing only a few and leaving the rest for others. If you change all of the remaining relevant code, note that here in the completed tasks.

IIO Coding Task 2 - Round 14

Use this list for claiming the mlock coding tasks. Add your name to claim it. Add the date when it is ACK'd. Add the PATCH link when it is Applied.

Ongoing Tasks from round 14

Completed Tasks from round 14

Ongoing Tasks from round 13

Completed Tasks (Round 13)

Ongoing Tasks from round 12

Completed Tasks (Round 12)

Claimed Tasks from round 11

Completed Tasks:

If you have claimed a task, but haven't completed it in a week, the task will be removed from this page, and any applicant can tackle that task. If you have submitted a solution to a task, please update this page with a link to your initial patchset, so that we know you're making progress. Please only claim one task at a time. Make sure to update this page once the task is done by moving your task template to the "Completed Tasks" section.

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