Wikis are very easy to edit, which means they often get edited by people inexperienced with web design. Here are some handy tips used by human interaction designers:

Prioritize content

On any front page or index page, list the few things that people are most likely to be interested in, and create a heading or short section for each. This page is an example, and so is the [::KernelNewbies front page]. If you have more pages that's fine, just add them to their respective categories, or link them from a page that is dedicated to that subject.

Be concise

When people first arrive at a page, e.g., through a search engine, they only spend 4 or 5 seconds to figure out if this is the page they wanted. They have no time to read a lot of text, so don't write too much on front pages or other index pages - focus on a general overview, and use words or phrases that an interested reader would quickly recognize (such as "kernel", "coding" or "FAQ" for this site). Link to more detailed pages, which can have more text. Use bulleted or numbered lists if possible, so the reader can quickly scan downwards along the left edge for a birds-eye view of what the page is about.

Think like a reader

If you were reading this site, what changes would make it easier for you to read?

Now that you're here, why not edit the wiki to make those changes? ;-)

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