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[DIFF] 13:54 Info diegocalleja
[DIFF] 16:34 Info AndySayler [1-2] #01 Added 4.x heading and entries
#02 Added missing 3.x entries and updated months with full spellings
[DIFF] 16:26 Info derRichard
[DIFF] 15:10 Info TimotheeRavier Security section cosmetic changes
[DIFF] 22:09 Info GalenSeitz Removed reference to CONFIG_USB_DEBUG and CONFIG_USB_XHCI_HCD_ DEBUGGING.
[DIFF] 13:13 Info MartiRaudsepp Add 4.1 stats
[DELETED] 15:03 Info arnd update for latest patches
[DIFF] 16:24 Info diegocalleja
[DIFF] 16:24 Info diegocalleja Linux 4.0

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