Who knows anything about the future of the Linux Kernel, like plans for 3.0? Any rumors? Any suggestions?

Linus' view on Kernel development has never been for the long term, he has always taken the approach of dealing with things as they happen, adding things when a need is come upon.

- How about support for 64 processor computers? (We have this in 2.6, i.e. SGI's Altix)

- Full ntfs support. (go help out at [])

- Expanding and shrinking partitions (see [ parted])

- Detection of ill-behaving drivers and shutting them down but prevent kernel oops

I know this is very hard to do (probably impossible without in-kernel threads...) "More to the point, near-impossible without in-kernel memory protection. i.e. microkernelisation of linux. A worthy goal... (dons asbestos suit, ducks and covers)"

- to concentrate ATA, SATA, SCSI and SAS in the same subsystem - Kernel cluster friendly ( see [ Clustering and HA section])

- Capability of changing the kernel without rebooting the machine.

- Defragmentation API

- Live fsck

- Mobile IP

- Enterprise features, (all what enterprises want are here [ 2002 UNIX function review report])

- to complete

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