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I am a Linux kernel developer (working for Red Hat) by day and an anti-spam activist by night. For some values of "day" and "night", of course. In my spare time I hike mountains and play with radios (and radio software).

I am the admin of this wiki, and try to make sure it all runs smoothly.

If you ever run into technical problems with this wiki, please send me an email (riel@surriel.com) and I will fix things.

Have fun,

Rik van Riel

OPW Round 12 small tasks:

  • Cause the system to swap, and use ftrace and the trace points in mm/page_alloc.c and mm/vmscan.c to determine how long it takes to allocate (and free) pages.

  • Repeat the same exercise when the system is under heavy filesystem read IO, and when doing lots of filesystem writes (enough to fill up memory).

  • Use kernelshark to visually examine the observed latencies.

  • You can email me your ftrace commandlines (or scripts), observations, and questions.


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