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Linux 2 6 36-DriversArch

  1. Architecture-specific changes
    1. X86
    2. ARM
    3. PowerPC
    4. MIPS
    5. Xen
    6. Blackfin
    7. Alpha
    8. S390
    9. Microblaze
    10. Cris
  2. Drivers
    1. VIDEO
    2. SATA/SCSI
    3. Input
    4. Networking
    5. V4L/DVB
    6. SCSI
    7. USB
    8. Firewire
    9. ALSA
    10. Staging
    11. RTC
    12. HWMON
    13. MMC
    14. I2C
    15. MFD
    16. WATCHDOG
    17. MTD
    18. Regulator
    19. SERIAL
    20. GPIO
    21. HID
    22. ACPI
    23. Power
    24. Various

1. Architecture-specific changes

1.1. X86

  • AMD: Extend support to future families (commit)

  • hwmon: hwmon driver for package level thermal control (commit 1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Early-boot serial I/O support (commit)

  • Support for instruction breakpoints (commit)

  • Use xsaveopt in context-switch path when supported (commit)

1.2. ARM

  • Add kprobe-based event tracer (commit)

  • Implement brk randomization (commit)

  • Initial stack protector (-fstack-protector) support (commit)

  • Add NVIDIA Tegra support (commit 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

  • Add support for Samsung S5PV310/S5PC210 (commit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

  • Add support for the LPC32XX sub-arch (commit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

  • Davinci tnetv107x: decompresser uart definitions (commit 1, evm board initial support 2, initial gpio support 3, soc support 4)

  • Kirkwood: add LaCie Network Space Max v2 support (commit), add support for HP t5325 Thin Client (commit), add support for PCIe1 (commit)

  • S5PC100: Add keypad device to the SMDKC100 board (commit), add support for Compact Flash driver on SMDKC100 (commit), add Touchscreen support. (commit), add Watchdog support for S5PC100 (commit)

  • Gemini: add support for Wiligear WBD-111 (commit), add support for Wiliboard WBD-222 (commit), add support for Raidsonic IB4220 (commit)

  • Driver for the character LCD found in ARM refdesigns (commit), driver for the LEDs found in the later ARM refdesigns (commit)

  • S3C64XX: Add keypad device to the SMDK6410 board (commit), add support for Compact Flash driver on SMDK6410 (commit)

  • SAMSUNG: Add Compact Flash device support for Samsung SoCs (commit), add keypad device support (commit)

  • at91: Add support for Bluewater Systems Snapper 9260/9G20 modules (commit)

  • Marvell OpenRD-Ultimate machine support (commit)

  • msm: trout add mmc support (commit)

  • pata_pxa: DMA-capable PATA driver (commit)

  • income: Add Income SBC support (commit)

  • palm: Introduce Palm27x (commit)

  • Remove DISCONTIGMEM support (commit)

  • Remove support for LinkUp Systems L7200 SDP. (commit)

  • Omap

    • omap-3630-sdp : Add support for Flash (commit)

    • omap3: add support for NAND on LDP board (commit), add support for NAND on zoom2 board (commit), add support for NAND on zoom3 board (commit)

    • omap4: Add OMAP4 Panda Support (commit), add basic CPU hotplug support (commit)

    • omap_hsmmc: add erase capability (commit)

    • mux: Add data for 2420 (commit), add data for 2430 (commit)

  • Atmel: atmel_serial: usage of RS485 structure fixed (delay_rts_before_send should be used instead of delay_rts_after_send) (commit)

1.3. PowerPC

  • Enable asymmetric SMT scheduling on POWER7 (commit)

  • 5121: add initial support for PDM360NG board (commit), shared DIU framebuffer support (commit)

  • 85xx: Introduce support for the Freescale P1022DS reference board (commit), kexec for SMP 85xx BookE systems (commit)

  • 8xx: Add support for the MPC8xx based boards from TQC (commit)

  • Emulate most Book I instructions in emulate_step() (commit)

  • hw_breakpoints: Implement hw_breakpoints for 64-bit server processors (commit)

  • mpc8308rdb: support for MPC8308RDB board from Freescale (commit)

  • pseries: Partition hibernation support (commit)

1.4. MIPS

1.5. Xen

  • Add support for HVM hypercalls. (commit)

  • Add suspend/resume support for PV on HVM guests. (commit)

  • Xen PCI platform device driver. (commit)

1.6. Blackfin

  • Add support for dynamic ftrace (commit)

  • Add support for LZO compressed kernels (commit)

  • BF51x/BF52x: support GPIO Hysteresis/Schmitt Trigger options (commit)

1.7. Alpha

  • Implement HW performance events on the EV67 and later CPUs (commit)

  • Add performance monitor interrupt counter (commit)

1.8. S390

1.9. Microblaze

1.10. Cris

  • ioctl added to serial driver to get RS485 data from user-space (commit)

2. Drivers

2.1. VIDEO

  • DRM

    • radeon: add support for internal thermal sensors (commit), preliminar hyperz support(commit), add support for the ATIF ACPI method to the radeon driver (commit), enable HDMI audio on RS600/RS690/RS740 (commit), enable underscan option for digital connectors (commit)

    • i915: Add frame buffer compression support on Ironlake mobile (commit), add the support of eDP on DP-D for Ibex/CPT (commit)

    • nvc0: starting point for GF100 (Fermi) support (commit)

  • Import driver for the sil164 I2C TMDS transmitter. (commit)

  • s3c-fb: udpate to support s3c2416/s3c2443 style hardware (commit), (commit),

  • JZ4740: Add framebuffer driver (commit)

  • sh-mobile: HDMI support for SH-Mobile SoCs (commit), add support for displays, connected over the MIPI bus (commit)


  • SATA

    • Add 460EX on-chip SATA driver, sata_dwc_460ex (commit)

    • Add Samsung PATA controller driver, pata_samsung_cf (commit)

    • Remove no longer needed pata_winbond driver (commit)

2.3. Input

  • Add ATMEL QT602240 touchscreen driver (commit)

  • Add driver for ADXL345/346 Digital Accelerometers (commit)

  • Add pwm beeper driver (commit)

  • Add STMPE keypad driver (commit)

  • cy8ctmg110 - capacitive touchscreen support (commit)

  • Introduce MT event slots (commit)

  • mcs: Add MCS touchkey driver (commit)

  • samsung-keypad - Add samsung keypad driver (commit)

  • STMPE touch controller support (commit)

  • usbtouchscreen - add support for ET&T TC4UM touchscreen controller (commit)

  • wacom - add support for DTU2231 and DTU1631 (commit)

2.4. Networking

  • cxgb4: Support Chelsio T4-based gigabit and 10Gb Ethernet adapters with PCI-E SR-IOV Virtual Functions (commit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), add user manipulation of the RSS table (commit), implement the ETHTOOL_GRXFH command (commit), implement EEH (commit)

  • ath9k: add support for the AR9003 2.2 (commit), add support for the AR9003 baseband watchdog (commit), add new ANI implementation for AR9003 (commit), (commit), implement PA predistortion support (commit), add support for AR7010 (commit)

  • iwlwifi: enable 6050 series Gen2 devices (commit 1, enable remaining 6000 Gen2 devices 2, support channel switch offload in driver 3)

  • qlcnic: NIC Partitioning (commit), (commit), add support for configuring eswitch and npars (commit), aer support (commit)

  • libertas: Added support for host sleep feature (commit), cfg80211 support (commit)

  • enic: Add loopback capability to enic devices (commit), replace LRO with GRO (commit)

  • rt2x00: Enable HW crypto by default (commit), implement watchdog monitoring (commit)

  • 3c59x: Add ethtool WOL support (commit)

  • atl1c: Add AR8151 v2 support and change L0s/L1 routine (commit)

  • be2net: enable ipv6 tso support (commit)

  • broadcom: Add 5241 support (commit)

  • caif-driver: Add CAIF-SPI Protocol driver. (commit)

  • can: Add driver for esd CAN-USB/2 device (commit), add Flexcan CAN controller driver (commit)

  • Add Micrel KS8841/42 support to ks8842 driver (commit)

  • ixgbevf: Enable GRO by default (commit)

  • mlx4: add dynamic LRO disable support (commit)

  • RDMA/cxgb4: Support variable sized work requests (commit)

  • s2io: add dynamic LRO disable support (commit)

  • sfc: Implement ethtool register dump operation (commit), implement message level control (commit)

  • tulip: implement wake-on-lan support (commit)

  • Add Fast Ethernet driver for PXA168. (commit)

  • Bluetooth: Support for Atheros AR300x serial chip (commit)

  • phy/marvell: add 88ec048 support (commit)

  • ipheth: add support for iPhone 4 (commit)

2.5. V4L/DVB

  • af9015: support for AverMedia AVerTV Volar M (A815Mac) (commit)

  • dvb: add lgdt3304 support to lgdt3305 driver (commit), add support for kworld 340u and ub435-q to em28xx-dvb (commit)

  • gspca: gl860: new driver for MI2020 sensor (commit), spca1528: New subdriver (commit), sq930x: New subdriver (commit)

  • IR: add ir-core to lirc userspace decoder bridge driver (commit), add lirc device interface (commit), add mceusb IR receiver driver (commit)

  • tm6000: add ir support (commit)

  • uvcvideo: Add support for Manta MM-353 Plako (commit)

  • soc-camera: add a MIPI CSI-2 driver for SH-Mobile platforms (commit)

  • Add driver for Samsung S5P SoC video postprocessor (commit)

  • Add MPC5121e VIU video capture driver (commit)

  • cx23885: Add preliminary IR Rx support for the HVR-1250 and TeVii S470 (commit)

  • cx25840: Add support for CX2388[57] A/V core integrated IR controllers (commit)

  • staging/lirc: add: lirc_bt829 driver (commit), lirc_ene0100 driver (commit), lirc_i2c driver (commit), lirc_igorplugusb driver (commit), lirc_imon driver (commit), lirc_it87 driver (commit), lirc_ite8709 driver (commit), lirc_parallel driver (commit), lirc_sasem driver (commit), lirc_serial driver (commit), lirc_sir driver (commit), lirc_streamzap driver (commit), lirc_ttusbir driver (commit), lirc_zilog driver (commit)

  • STAGING: remove lirc_ene0100 driver (commit)

  • Remove obsolete ov511 driver (commit), remove obsolete ovcamchip sensor framework (commit), remove obsolete stv680 v4l1 driver (commit), remove obsolete w9968cf v4l1 driver (commit), remove obsolete zc0301 v4l driver (commit), remove usbvideo quickcam_messenger driver (commit)

2.6. SCSI

  • Convert SCSI to the new PM framework (commit), implement runtime Power Management (commit), add support for runtime PM in sd (commit)

  • be2iscsi: Add support for iscsi boot (commit), adding crashdump support (commit)

  • bfa: support of new mezzanine cards for HP and IBM blade server (commit), enable basic PBC(Pre boot configuration) support (commit), add dynamic queue selection (commit)

  • hpsa: add new controllers (commit)

  • libfcoe: fcoe: fnic: add FIP VN2VN point-to-multipoint support (commit)

  • lpfc: Add TX Queue Support for SLI4 ELS commands. (commit)

  • mpt2sas: DIF Type 2 Protection Support (commit)

  • pmcraid: MSI-X support and other changes (commit)

  • qla2xxx: T10 DIF Type 2 support (commit),

  • qla4xxx: added support for ISP82XX (commit), added AER support for ISP82xx (commit)

  • Support Type C RAID controllers (commit)

  • zfcp: Introduce experimental support for DIF/DIX (commit)

2.7. USB

  • Add runtime PM for PCI-based host controllers (commit)

  • Add USB 2.0 to ssb ohci driver (commit)

  • Add USB serial ssu100 driver (commit)

  • EHCI Debug Port Device Gadget (commit), basic LPM feature support (commit)

  • xHCI: Isochronous transfer implementation (commit), supporting MSI/MSI-X (commit)

2.8. Firewire

2.9. ALSA

2.10. Staging

  • batman-adv: Add bonding functionality (commit)

  • easycap: add easycap driver (commit)

  • hyperv: add clocksource driver (commit)

  • iio: add digital compass hmc5843 driver (commit)

  • ramzswap: Support generic I/O requests (commit)

  • solo6x10: New driver (staging) for Softlogic 6x10 (commit)

  • ti DSP Bridge driver (commit 1], 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

  • wlan-ng: Switch from wext to cfg80211 (commit)

  • msm: remove video drivers for obsolete platforms (commit)

  • sep: remove driver (commit)

  • dt3155: remove the driver (commit)

2.11. RTC

2.12. HWMON

  • Add driver for SMSC EMC2103 temperature monitor and fan controller (commit)

  • Add support for JEDEC JC 42.4 compliant temperature sensors (commit)

  • Add driver for SMM665 Six-Channel Active DC Output Controller/Monitor (commit)

  • f71882fg: add support for the Fintek F71808E (commit)

  • pc87427: Add support for manual fan speed control (commit), add support for the second logical device (commit), add temperature monitoring support (commit)

  • w83627ehf: Add support for W83667HG-B (commit)

2.13. MMC

  • Add erase, secure erase, trim and secure trim operations (commit)

  • mmc_block: add discard support (commit)m add support for secure discard (commit)

  • implement SD-combo (IO+mem) support (commit)

  • Add performance tests (commit)

2.14. I2C

  • Multiplexed I2C bus core support (commit)

  • I2C bus multiplexer driver pca954x (commit)

  • davinci: Add cpufreq support (commit)

  • nuc900: add i2c driver support for nuc900 (commit)

2.15. MFD


  • Adding support for ARM Primecell SP805 Watchdog (commit)

  • Add watchdog driver for OCTEON SOCs (commit)

  • f71808e_wdt: new watchdog driver for Fintek F71808E and F71882FG (commit)

2.17. MTD

  • denali: Add multi connected NAND support (commit)

  • mxc_nand: Add v3 (i.MX51) Support (commit)

  • Remove redwood map driver (commit)

  • spectra: Add basic mtd support (commit)

2.18. Regulator

  • Add support for regulators on the ab8500 MFD (commit)

  • Add TPS6586X regulator driver (commit)

  • New drivers for AD5398 and AD5821 (commit)

2.19. SERIAL

  • max3107: introduce a max3107 driver (commit)

  • U6715 16550A serial driver support (commit)

  • hsu: driver for Medfield High Speed UART device (commit)

  • RS485 data structure completed by adding missing fields (commit)

2.20. GPIO

  • Add PMIC GPIO block support (commit)

  • Add STMPE GPIO driver (commit)

  • sx150x: add Semtech I2C sx150x gpio expander driver (commit)

2.21. HID

  • Add ACRUX game controller force feedback support (commit)

  • Add proper support for Elecom BM084 bluetooth mouse (commit)

  • Add support for Conceptronic CLLRCMCE (commit)

2.22. ACPI

2.23. Power

  • Add s3c-adc-battery driver (commit)

  • hmc6352: add driver for the HMC6352 compass (commit)

  • intel_mid: Add Mrst & Mfld DMA Drivers (commit)

  • Intel MID platform battery driver (commit)

  • ISL6271A voltage regulator support. (commit)

  • leds: add LED driver for Network Space v2 LEDs (commit)

  • mx2_camera: Add soc_camera support for i.MX25/i.MX27 (commit)

2.24. Various

  • dmaengine: Driver for Topcliff PCH DMA controller (commit)

  • drivers/misc: support for the pressure sensor BMP085 from Bosch Sensortec (commit)

  • Regulator: add Maxim 8998 driver (commit)

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