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Linux 2 6 39-DriversArch

  1. Architecture-specific changes
    1. ARM
    2. X86
    3. XEN
    4. PPC
    5. SH
    6. S390
    7. M68K
    8. TILE
    9. CRIS32
    10. MN10300
  2. Drivers
    2. STORAGE
    4. ALSA
    5. HWMON
    6. STAGING
    7. MEDIA
    8. INPUT
    9. SCSI
    10. USB
    11. I2C
    12. WATCHDOG
    14. MFD
    15. SPI
    16. MTD
    17. ACPI
    18. VARIOUS

1. Architecture-specific changes

1.1. ARM

  • Add generic CPU suspend/resume support (commit)

  • ptrace: remove single-step emulation code (commit)

  • Add basic architecture support for VIA/WonderMedia 85xx SoC's (commit)

  • aaec2000: remove support for mach-aaec2000 (commit)

  • EXYNOS4: Add ARMLEX4210 Board support file (commit), adds Samsung NURI board support (commit), add support for SATA on ARMLEX4210 (commit), suspend to RAM Support (commit)

  • imx: Add initial support for IMX27IPCAM board (commit)

  • lh7a40x: remove unmaintained platform support (commit)

  • mxs: Initial support for Ka-Ro TX28 (commit)

  • tegra: Add external memory controller driver (commit), add seaboard, wario and kaen boards (commit), add Toshiba AC100 support (commit), add TrimSlice board (commit)

  • msm: Support for the MSM8960 RUMI3 target (commit)

  • mx31: add support for the bugbase 1.3 from buglabs (commit)

  • mx51: add support for efika smartbook (commit)

  • TI816X: Create board support and enable build for TI816X EVM (commit)

  • Introduce EFIKA_COMMON (commit)

  • Introduce VPR200 board. (commit)

  • efikamx: add usb h1 support (commit)

  • OMAP4: keypad: Add the board support (commit)

1.2. X86

  • Add clock_adjtime for x86 (commit)

  • Add device tree support (commit)

  • amd: Support L3 Cache Partitioning on AMD family 0x15 CPUs (commit)

  • dtb: Add a device tree for CE4100 (commit)

  • Enable forced interrupt threading support (commit)

1.3. XEN

  • xen-gntalloc: Userspace grant allocation driver (commit)

  • xen network backend driver (commit)

1.4. PPC

  • 8xx: remove obsolete mgsuvd board (commit)

1.5. SH

  • Enable CONFIG_GCOV_PROFILE_ALL for sh (commit)

  • sh_eth: Add support ethtool (commit)

1.6. S390

  • Support XZ compressed kernel (commit)

  • Write protect module text and RO data (commit)

  • oprofile: Add support for hardware based sampling on System z processors (commit), enhance OProfile to support System zs hardware sampling feature (commit)

1.7. M68K

1.8. TILE

  • Support 4KB page size as well as 64KB (commit)

1.9. CRIS32

  • Drop the CRISv32 version of pcf8563 (commit)

1.10. MN10300

2. Drivers


  • Add usb framework (commit)

  • Add ioctl to query device/driver capabilities (commit)

  • Dumb scanout create/mmap for intel/radeon (commit)

  • Add cayman chip family (commit)

  • Remove i830 driver (commit)

  • Video

    • Add i.MX23/28 framebuffer driver (commit)

    • cyberpro: add I2C support (commit), add support for video capture I2C (commit)

    • s3fb: add support for 86C365 Trio3D (commit)



  • ath9k: Updates for AR9485 1.1 chipsets. (commit), allow AP interface to be created (commit)

  • be2net: changes for BE3 native mode support (commit)

  • bnx2x: Add support for new PHY BCM84833 (commit), support for managing RX indirection table (commit)

  • ax88796: use generic mdio_bitbang driver (commit)

  • can: Added support for Bosch C_CAN controller (commit)

  • igb: add support for VF Transmit rate limit using iproute2 (commit), add Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) for i350 devices. (commit)

  • iwlagn: 2000 series devices support (commit)

  • iwlwifi: initial P2P support (commit), split the drivers for agn and legacy devices 3945/4965 (commit)

  • ixgbe: DCB, implement 802.1Qaz routines (commit), adding 100MB FULL support in ethtool (commit), add support to FCoE DDP in target mode (commit), enable flow control pause parameter auto-negotiation support (commit), DCB, use multiple Tx rings per traffic class (commit), IEEE 802.1Qaz, implement priority assignment table (commit), add support for VF Transmit rate limit using iproute2 (commit)

  • mlx4: Wake on LAN support (commit)

  • Add Faraday FTMAC100 10/100 Ethernet driver (commit)

  • Add support for SMSC LAN9530, LAN9730 and LAN89530 (commit)

  • r8169: support the new chips for RTL8105E. (commit)

  • rt2x00: Add 2L Central Europe BV 8070 (commit), add Planex Communications, Inc. RT8070 (commit), add support for RT5390 chip (commit), add unknown Toshiba device (commit)

  • rtlwifi: Add driver for Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU USB Wireless Network Adapter (commit), (commit)

  • sfc: Add TX queues for high-priority traffic (commit), implement hardware acceleration of RFS (commit)

  • wl1251: enable adhoc mode (commit), implement connection quality monitoring (commit), AP-mode - management of links in PS-mode (commit)

  • wl12xx: Enable AP-mode (commit)

  • zd1211rw: add TX watchdog and device resetting (commit), enable NL80211_IFTYPE_AP (commit)

2.4. ALSA

2.5. HWMON


  • Add rts_pstor for Realtek PCIE cardreader (commit)

  • Delete ti-st from staging (commit)

  • easycap: add ALSA support (commit)

  • gma500: Add 2D acceleration (commit), Intel GMA500 staging driver (commit), resync the patch queue with GregKH's space cleanup. (commit)

  • hv: Add a user-space daemon to support key/value pair (KVP) (commit), add mouse driver (commit), implement key/value pair (KVP) (commit)

  • IIO: ADC: New driver for AD7606/AD7606-6/AD7606-4 (commit), add driver for MAX517/518/519 (commit), DDS: AD9832 / AD9835 driver (commit), gyro remove adis16251 driver as now supported by adis16260 driver (commit), trigger: New Blackfin specific trigger driver iio-trig-bfin-timer (commit)

  • Merge ENE UB6250 SD card codes from keucr to drivers/usb/storage (commit)

  • Remove autofs3 (commit)

  • Remove smbfs (commit)

  • samsung-laptop: add support for N145P/N250P/N260P machines (commit), add support for NP-Q45 (commit), add support for R519 laptops (commit), add support for r70 laptops (commit), add support for Samsung NP-X120/X170 laptop (commit), has moved to platform/x86 (commit)

  • Solo6x10: Add support for SOLO6110 chip. (commit)

  • ti-st: add the v7 btwilink driver (commit), delete old bt_drv driver (commit)

2.7. MEDIA

  • Add v4l2 subdev driver for NOON010PC30L image sensor (commit)

  • Altera FPGA based CI driver module (commit)

  • cx88: add support for TeVii S464 PCI card (commit)

  • dabusb: remove obsolete driver (commit)

  • DIB9000: initial support added (commit)

  • DiB0700: add support for several board-layouts (commit), add support for the dib7090 based (commit),

  • wl128x: Kconfig & Makefile for wl128x driver (commit)

  • dw2102: add support for Geniatech SU3000 USB DVB-S2 card (commit)

  • dw2102: add support for the TeVii S480 PCIe (commit)

  • dw2102: Add Terratec Cinergy S2 USB HD (commit)

  • gspca: Add new vicam subdriver (commit), nw80x: New subdriver for Divio based webcams (commit), ov519: Add the sensor ov2610ae (commit), ov534: Add the webcam 06f8:3002 and sensor ov767x (commit)

  • Initial commit to support NetUP Dual DVB-T/C CI RF card (commit)

  • lirc: remove staging lirc_it87 and lirc_ite8709 drivers (commit)

  • ngene: CXD2099AR Common Interface driver (commit)

  • omap3isp: Kconfig and Makefile (commit)

  • rc: New rc-based ite-cir driver for several ITE CIRs (commit)

  • se401: remove last V4L1 driver (commit)

  • staging-usbvideo: remove (commit)

  • Support for stv0367 multi-standard demodulator (commit)

  • Technisat AirStar TeleStick 2 (commit)

  • technisat-usb2: added driver for Technisat's USB2.0 DVB-S/S2 receiver (commit)

  • tm6000: add radio support to the driver (commit)

  • v180 - DM04/QQBOX added support for BS2F7HZ0194 versions (commit)

  • V4L2: WL1273 FM Radio: TI WL1273 FM radio driver (commit)

  • v4l: add videobuf2 Video for Linux 2 driver framework (commit)

  • V4L: Initial submit of OV9740 driver (commit)

2.8. INPUT

2.9. SCSI

  • aacraid: Add new code for PMC-Sierra's SRC based controller family (commit)

  • Add detailed SCSI I/O errors (commit)

  • bnx2fc: Broadcom FCoE offload driver (commit)

  • bnx2i: Added support for the 57712(E) devices (commit)

  • mptfusion: Support SAS2.0 Devices with SAS1.0 Controllers (commit)

  • mvsas: Add support for HighPoint RR27xx series HBA (commit)

  • target: add initial statistics (commit)

  • tcm_loop: Add multi-fabric Linux/SCSI LLD fabric module (commit)

2.10. USB

  • Update the USB core to deal with USB 3.0 hubs (commit)

  • Add EHCI driver for NVIDIA Tegra SoCs (commit)

  • omap: common usb host core driver (commit)

  • Add Faraday fusb300 driver (commit)

  • usb_storage: add ums-realtek driver (commit)

  • EHCI bus glue for on-chip PMC MSP USB controller (commit)

  • Ethernet quirks for the LG-VL600 4G modem (commit)

2.11. I2C

  • Add driver for Freescale i.MX28 (commit)

  • Add support for Diolan U2C-12 USB-I2C adapter (commit)

  • i2c-pxa2xx: Add PCI support for PXA I2C controller (commit)

  • tegra: Add i2c support (commit)


  • Add JZ4740 watchdog driver (commit)

  • Intel SCU Watchdog Timer Driver for Moorestown and Medfield platforms. (commit)

  • it87_wdt: Add support for IT8721F watchdog (commit)

  • Xen watchdog driver (commit)


  • Add LE connection support to L2CAP (commit)

  • Add LE connect support (commit)

  • Add low energy commands and events (commit)

  • Add management support for user confirmation request (commit)

  • btwilink driver (commit)

2.14. MFD

  • AB8500 system control driver (commit)

  • Add a core driver for TI TPS61050/TPS61052 chips v2 (commit)

  • Add driver for sequencer serial port (commit)

  • Add new ab8500 GPADC driver (commit)

  • Add twl4030 madc driver (commit)

  • MAX8997/8966 support (commit)

2.15. SPI

2.16. MTD

  • Add mtdswap block driver (commit)

  • nand: add software BCH ECC support (commit)

  • NOR flash driver for OMAP-L137/AM17x (commit)

2.17. ACPI

  • eeepc-wmi: add camera and card reader support (commit), add wimax support (commit), asus generic asus-wmi.ko module (commit)

  • sony-laptop: implement keyboard backlight support (commit)

  • asus-nb-wmi: Asus Notebooks WMI Driver (commit)

  • Add Samsung Laptop platform driver (commit)

  • Enable Dell All-In-One volume up/down keys (commit)

  • medfield: Add Thermal Driver (commit)

  • OLPC XO-1.5 ebook switch driver (commit)


  • tty: hvc: add Blackfin JTAG console support (commit)

  • tty: Add msm_smd_tty driver (commit)

  • power: bq27x00: Add bq27000 support (commit)

  • regulator: Add a subdriver for TI TPS6105x regulator portions v2 (commit), MAX8997/8966 support (commit)

  • rtc: add real-time clock driver for NVIDIA Tegra (commit)

  • serial: Add auart driver for i.MX23/28 (commit), msm_serial_hs: Add MSM high speed UART driver (commit)

  • leds: add driver for LM3530 ALS (commit)

  • hwrng: pixocell - add support for picoxcell TRNG (commit)

  • Add driver for Ricoh R5C592 card reader (commit)

  • mmc: mxs-mmc: add mmc host driver for i.MX23/28 (commit)

  • gpio: driver for 42 AB8500 GPIO pins (commit)

  • IIO: ADC: New driver for the AD7298 8-channel SPI ADC (commit)

  • sigma-firmware: loader for Analog Devices' SigmaStudio (commit)

  • drivers/misc: ST SPEAr: PCIE gadget suppport (commit)

  • UIO: add PRUSS UIO driver support (commit)

  • CPUFREQ: Remove deprecated sysfs file sampling_rate_max (commit), remove old, deprecated per cpu ondemand/conservative sysfs files (commit)

  • char: add MSM smd_pkt driver (commit)

  • edac: provide support for tile architecture (commit)

  • hwspinlock: add framework (commit), add OMAP implementation (commit)

  • ld9040 amoled driver support (commit)

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