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 * cpufreq: exynos: Add cpufreq driver for exynos5440 [http://git.kernel.org/linus/49d7b5bfb79cd5f8141a2998e2f4003d0ed65e5c (commit)]
  1. Architectures
    1. x86
    2. ARM
    3. PowerPC
    4. Xtensa
    5. MIPS
    6. ARC
    7. s390
    8. SPARC
    9. M68k
    10. parisc
    11. Tile
    12. metag
    13. microblaze
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Graphics
    3. Storage
    4. Networking
    5. Sound
    6. USB
    7. Bluetooth
    8. Input
    9. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers
    10. Hardware monitoring
    11. Multi-function devices (MFD)
    12. Memory technology devices (MTD)
    13. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. x86

  • Add 64-bit ELF support to relocs tool (commit)

  • Build separate 32/64-bit tools (commit)

  • amd64_edac: Add Family 16h support (commit)

  • dell: add new dell WMI format for the AIO machines (commit)

  • intel_idle: initial C8, C9, C10 support (commit)

  • iommu/AMD: Per-thread IOMMU Interrupt Handling (commit)

  • perf

1.2. ARM

  • 7672/1: uncompress debug support for multiplatform build (commit)

  • 7688/1: add support for context tracking subsystem (commit)

  • EXYNOS: Add secure firmware support to secondary CPU bring-up (commit)

  • EXYNOS: Add support for Exynos secure firmware (commit)

  • EXYNOS: Add support for secure monitor calls (commit)

  • at91: add Acme Systems Aria G25 board (commit)

  • at91: introduce SAMA5 support (commit)

  • bcm2835: convert to multi-platform (commit)

  • cns3xxx: enable multiplatform support (commit)

  • imx: Remove cpufreq driver (commit)

  • imx: add initial imx6dl support (commit)

  • kill Hynix h720x platform (commit)

  • mcpm: Add baremetal voting mutexes (commit)

  • mcpm: generic SMP secondary bringup and hotplug support (commit)

  • mxs: enable multiplatform build (commit)

  • nomadik: convert to multiplatform (commit)

  • shmobile: APE6EVM base support (commit)

  • shmobile: INTC External IRQ pin driver on r8a7779 (commit)

  • shmobile: INTC External IRQ pin driver on sh73a0 (commit)

  • shmobile: Initial r8a73a4 SoC support V3 (commit)

  • shmobile: Initial r8a7790 Lager board support (commit)

  • shmobile: Initial r8a7790 SoC support (commit)

  • shmobile: add R-Car M1A Bock-W platform support (commit)

  • shmobile: add R8A7778 basis support (commit)

  • shmobile: r8a73a4 IRQC support V2 (commit)

  • shmobile: r8a73a4 PFC support (commit)

  • shmobile: r8a73a4 SCIF support V3 (commit)

  • sirf: enable multiplatform support (commit)

  • spear: use multiplatform configuration options. (commit)

  • tegra: add speedo-based process id for Tegra114 (commit)

  • ux500: move to multiplatform (commit)

  • zynq: Add hotplug support (commit)

  • zynq: Add smp support (commit)

1.3. PowerPC

  • 512x: add ifm ac14xx board (commit)

  • 85xx: Add AltiVec support for e6500 (commit)

  • fsl-booke: Add B4_QDS board support (commit)

  • fsl-booke: Add initial T4240QDS board support (commit)

  • perf: Add new BHRB related instructions for POWER8 (commit)

  • perf: Add support for SIER (commit)

  • perf: Enable branch stack sampling framework (commit)

  • perf: Power8 PMU support (commit)

  • powernv: Supports PHB3 (commit)

  • pseries: Add /proc interface to control topology updates (commit)

  • pseries: Add PRRN RTAS event handler (commit)

  • pseries: Enable PRRN handling (commit)

  • pseries: RE-enable Virtual Processor Home Node updating (commit)

  • ptrace: Add DAWR debug feature info for userspace (commit)

  • Add accounting for Doorbell interrupts (commit)

  • Turn on the EBB H/FSCR bits (commit)

  • Remove PReP platform (commit)

1.4. Xtensa

1.5. MIPS

  • BCM63XX: add basic BCM6362 support (commit)

  • Netlogic: Support for multiple built-in device trees (commit)

  • micro * Add configuration option for microMIPS kernel. (commit)

  • ralink: adds support for MT7620 SoC family (commit)

  • ralink: adds support for RT2880 SoC family (commit)

1.6. ARC

1.7. s390

  • Add oprofile support for IBM zEnterprise EC12 (commit)

  • pci: disable per default (commit)

  • Remove small stack config option (commit)

1.8. SPARC

  • Hibernation support (commit)

  • leon: support for GRPCI1 PCI host bridge controller (commit)

1.9. M68k

  • atari: EtherNAT - platform device and IRQ support code (commit)

  • atari: ROM port ISA adapter support (commit)

  • atari: USB - add platform devices for EtherNAT/NetUSBee ISP1160 HCD (commit)

  • m68knommu: create and use a common M53xx ColdFire class of CPUs (commit)

1.10. parisc

  • Add kernel stack overflow check (commit)

  • More irq statistics in /proc/interrupts (commit)

1.11. Tile

  • Support new Tilera hypervisor (commit)

1.12. metag

1.13. microblaze

  • Add support for new cpu versions and target architecture (commit)

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • Netlogic XLR/XLS GMAC driver (commit)

  • Hook the DWC2 driver into the build system (commit)

  • comedi: adv_pci1724: new driver (commit)

  • comedi: adv_pci_dio: restore PCI-1753E support (commit)

  • comedi: ni_660x: support NI PXI-6624 (commit)

  • drm/imx: Add support for Television Encoder (TVEv2) (commit)

  • drm/imx: Add support for VGA via TVE on i.MX53 (commit)

  • net: remove pc300 driver (commit)

  • sw_sync: Add cpu based sync driver (commit)

  • sync: Add synchronization framework (commit)

  • zcache: zero-filled pages awareness (commit)

  • iio: Remove adt7410 driver (commit)

2.2. Graphics

  • Add 1600x1200 (UXGA) screen resolution to the built-in EDIDs (commit)

  • Add new QXL driver. (v1.4) (commit)

  • fb: add support for drivers not needing VT switch at suspend/resume time (commit)

  • add Hyper-V Synthetic Video Frame Buffer Driver (commit)

  • i915

  • nve0: magic up some support for GF117 (commit)

  • radeon

  • tegra: Add gr2d device (commit)

  • gpu: host1x: Add host1x driver (commit), (commit)

  • video: backlight: add ili922x lcd driver (commit)

2.3. Storage

  • Restore libata.noacpi support (commit)

  • NVMe: Add discard support for capable devices (commit), add nvme-scsi.c (commit)

  • SCSI

    • aacraid: Dual firmware image support (commit)

    • pm80xx: Added SPCv/ve specific hardware functionalities and relevant changes in common files (commit)

    • pm80xx: Added SPCv/ve specific ids, variables and modify for SPC (commit)

    • pm80xx: MSI-X implementation for using 64 interrupts (commit)

    • qla4xxx: Add flash node mgmt support (commit)

    • scsi_transport_iscsi: Add flash node mgmt support (commit)

2.4. Networking

  • qlcnic

    • Add eSwitch statistics support (commit)

    • Enable Interrupt Coalescing for 83xx adapter (commit)

    • SR-IOV VF probe (commit)

    • Support SR-IOV enable and disable (commit)

    • Support VF-PF communication channel commands. (commit)

    • Support VLAN id config. (commit)

    • Support polling for mailbox events. (commit)

    • VF FLR implementation. (commit)

    • VF reset recovery implementation. (commit)

    • VF-PF communication channel implementation (commit)

  • r8169: add a new chip for RTL8106E (commit), add a new chip for RTL8111G (commit)

  • mv643xx_eth with 88E1318S: support Wake on LAN (commit)

  • mwifiex: add "ethtool wol" command support (commit)

  • mwifiex: add WOWLAN support (commit)

  • mwifiex: add support to configure VHT for AP mode (commit)

  • mwl8k: Adding support for 8764 4x4 AP (commit)

  • iwlwifi: add a subdevice ID for 7000 series (commit)

  • iwlwifi: add new pci id for 6x35 series (commit)

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add BT Coex FW API (commit)

  • iwlwifi: mvm: implement reduced Tx power (commit)

  • ixgbe: Add support for WoL on 82599 SFP+ LOM (commit)

  • ixgbe: Enable support for recognizing PCI-e Gen3 link speed (commit)

  • ixgbe: add WOL support for new subdevice ID (commit)

  • ixgbe: add driver support for x520 OCP adapter. (commit)

  • bnx2x

    • AER revised (commit)

    • Add EEE support for BCM84834 (commit)

    • Add iproute2 support for vfs (commit)

    • Support reading I2C EEPROM SFF8472 (commit)

    • Add CSUM and TSO support for encapsulation protocols (commit)

    • Add RSS capability for GRE traffic (commit)

  • brcmfmac

  • ath9k: add support for DFS master mode (commit)

  • wil6210: temperature measurement (commit)

  • stmmac: add IEEE PTPv1 and PTPv2 support. (commit)

  • stmmac: add the support for PTP hw clock driver (commit)

  • sh_eth: add R-Car support for real (commit)

  • sh_eth: add R8A77781 support (commit)

  • rt2800usb: include support for rt55xx devices (commit)

  • rtlwifi: rtl8188ee: Add new driver (commit)

rtlwifi: rtl8188ee: Enable recognition of RTL8188EE (commit)

  • mlx4: Add VF MAC spoof checking support (commit)

  • mlx4: Add set VF default vlan ID and priority support (commit)

  • mlx4: Add set VF mac address support (commit)

  • New driver for RTL8152 (commit)

  • igb: Add SMBI semaphore to I210/I211 (commit)

  • igb: Add support for i354 devices (commit)

  • igb: Enable EEE LP advertisement (commit)

  • igb: Support for 100base-fx SFP (commit)

  • e1000e: add support for LTR on I217/I218 (commit)

  • cxgb4: Add T5 PCI ids (commit)

  • cxgb4vf: Add support for Chelsio T5 adapter (commit)

  • be2net: Add support for setting and getting rx flow hash options (commit)

  • RDMA/cxgb4: Add Support for Chelsio T5 adapter (commit)

  • mv643xx_eth: Add GRO support (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: Add Telewell TW-LTE 4G (commit)

  • NFC: mei: Add a common mei bus API for NFC drivers (commit)

  • NFC: pn533: Add support for ACS ACR122U reader (commit)

  • NFC: pn544: Add MEI physical layer (commit)

  • usbnet: handle link change (commit)

  • sfc: Add AER and EEH support for Siena (commit)

  • Infiniband: iser-target: Add iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER) target driver (commit)

  • phy/micrel: Add support for KSZ8031 (commit)

2.5. Sound

  • ASoC: add codec driver for TI TAS5086 (commit)

  • add DSD formats (commit)

  • hda - Add GPIO-based LED support on HP desktop machines (commit)

  • hda - Add the generic Headphone Mic feature (commit)

  • hda - Add the support for ALC286 codec (commit)

  • hda - Allow to change I/O direction in hp/mic jack mode ctl (commit)

  • hda - Avoid automatic pin-ctl update for hp/mic when jack ctl exists (commit)

  • hda - Implement headset jack functionality for some Dell hw (commit)

  • hdspm - Add ALSA controls to read the TCO LTC state (commit)

  • hdspm - Enable new TCO ALSA controls (commit)

  • snd-usb: add support for DSD DOP stream transport (commit)

  • snd-usb: add support for bit-reversed byte formats (commit)

  • usb-audio: Playback and MIDI support for Novation Twitch DJ controller (commit)

  • ASoC

    • Add a generic dmaengine_pcm driver (commit)

    • Add codec driver for AK5386 (commit)

    • dapm: Implement mixer control sharing (commit)

    • davinci-mcasp: Add support for multichannel playback (commit)

    • tegra: add Tegra114 support to the AHUB driver (commit)

2.6. USB

  • remove CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND option (commit)

  • dwc3: core: add power management support (commit)

  • gadget: the start of the configfs interface (commit)

  • samsung: Add PHY support for USB 3.0 controller (commit)

  • option: add a D-Link DWM-156 variant (commit)

  • serial: option: Added support Olivetti Olicard 145 (commit)

2.7. Bluetooth

  • Add support for Foxconn/Hon Hai [0489:e04d] (commit)

  • Add support for Intel Bluetooth device [8087:07dc] (commit)

  • Add support for custom event terminated commands (commit)

2.8. Input

  • Add IMS Passenger Control Unit driver (commit)

  • Add support for GRLIB APBPS2 PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse (commit)

  • Add ChromeOS EC keyboard driver (commit)

  • HID

    • Add PID for Japanese version of NE4K keyboard (commit)

    • appleir: add support for Apple ir devices (commit)

    • roccat: add support for IskuFX (commit)

    • roccat: add support for Roccat Kone Pure gaming mouse (commit)

    • wiimote: add 2nd generation Wii Remote IDs (commit)

2.9. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers

  • ITE IT913X silicon tuner driver (commit)

  • MAINTAINERS: add RTL2832 media driver (commit)

  • MAINTAINERS: add the go7007 driver (commit)

  • [1/1,dvb-usb] GOTVIEW SatelliteHD card support (commit)

  • af9015: reject device TerraTec Cinergy T Stick Dual RC (rev. 2) (commit)

  • af9033: IT9135 v2 supported related changes (commit)

  • af9033: support for it913x tuners (commit)

  • af9035: [0ccd:0099] TerraTec Cinergy T Stick Dual RC (rev. 2) (commit)

  • af9035: add ID [0ccd:00aa] TerraTec Cinergy T Stick (rev. 2) (commit)

  • af9035: add support for 1st gen it9135 (commit)

  • budget: Add support for Philips Semi Sylt PCI ref. design (commit)

  • cx231xx : Add support for OTG102 aka EZGrabber2 (commit)

  • cxd2820r_t2: Multistream support (MultiPLP) (commit)

  • dib7090p: remove the support for the dib7090E (commit)

  • em28xx: Add ISDB support for c3tech Digital duo (commit)

  • em28xx: add basic support for OmniVision OV2640 sensors (commit)

  • em28xx: add chip id of the em2765 (commit)

  • em28xx: add image quality bridge controls (commit)

  • em28xx: add support for em25xx i2c bus B read/write/check device operations (commit)

  • em28xx: add support for em25xx/em276x/em277x/em278x frame data processing (commit)

  • exynos4-is: Add Exynos4x12 FIMC-IS driver (commit)

  • exynos4-is: Add FIMC-IS ISP I2C bus driver (commit)

  • exynos4-is: Add common FIMC-IS image sensor driver (commit)

  • go7007: add support for ADS Tech DVD Xpress DX2 (commit)

  • go7007: remove all wis* drivers (commit)

  • media: Terratec Cinergy S2 USB HD Rev.2 (commit)

  • media: ths7353: add support for ths7353 video amplifier (commit)

  • mfd: Add header files and Kbuild plumbing for SI476x MFD core (commit)

  • ov7640: add new ov7640 driver (commit)

  • r820t: Add a tuner driver for Rafael Micro R820T silicon tuner (commit)

  • rtl28xxu: Add USB ID for MaxMedia HU394-T (commit)

  • rtl28xxu: add support for Rafael Micro r820t (commit)

  • saa7134: Add AverMedia A706 AverTV Satellite Hybrid+FM (commit)

  • siano: add new devices to the Siano Driver (commit)

  • soc_camera: Add RGB666 & RGB888 formats (commit)

  • sony-btf-mpx: the MPX driver for the sony BTF PAL/SECAM tuner (commit)

  • tuner: add Sony BTF tuners (commit)

  • tw2804: add support for the Techwell tw2804 (commit)

  • tw9903: add new tw9903 video decoder (commit)

  • tw9906: add Techwell tw9906 video decoder (commit)

  • uda1342: add new uda1342 audio codec driver (commit)

2.10. Hardware monitoring

  • adt7410: Add support for the adt7310/adt7320 (commit)

  • lm75: Add support for the Dallas/Maxim DS7505 (commit)

  • lm75: Tune resolution and sample time per chip (commit)

  • nct6775: Add case open detection (commit)

  • nct6775: Add power management support (commit)

  • nct6775: Add support for temperature sensors (commit)

  • nct6775: Add support for weighted fan control (commit)

  • lm25066: Add support for LM25056 (commit)

  • ltc2978: Add support for LTC2974 and LTC3883 (commit)

  • tmp401: Add support for TMP431 (commit)

  • tmp401: Add support for TMP432 (commit)

  • Add ST-Ericsson ABX500 hwmon driver (commit)

  • Add driver for LM95234 (commit)

  • Driver for Nuvoton NCT6775F, NCT6776F, and NCT6779D (commit)

2.11. Multi-function devices (MFD)

  • Add ChromeOS EC I2C driver (commit)

  • Add ChromeOS EC SPI driver (commit)

  • Add ChromeOS EC implementation (commit)

  • Add ChromeOS EC messages header (commit)

  • ab8500-gpadc: Add support for the AB8540 (commit)

  • retu: Add Tahvo support (commit)

  • rtsx: Support RTS5249 (commit)

  • si476x: Add header files and Kbuild plumbing (commit)

  • support stmpe1801 18 bits enhanced port expander (commit)

2.12. Memory technology devices (MTD)

  • decommission the NAND museum (commit)

  • doc: remove support for DoC 2000/2001/2001+ (commit)

  • m25p80: add entry for w25q128 (commit)

  • m25p80: add support for EON EN25QH256 (commit)

  • m25p80: add support for Macronix MX66L51235L (commit)

  • m25p80: add support for SST25VF064C (commit)

  • maps: kill the rpxlite map driver (commit)

  • nand: remove AG-AND support (commit)

  • nand: remove the rtc_from4 driver support (commit)

  • nand: subpage write support for hardware based ECC schemes (commit)

  • ofpart: support partitions of 4 GiB and larger (commit)

  • onenand: remove OneNAND simulator (commit)

  • remove h720x flash support (commit)

  • remove the dbox2-flash map driver (commit)

  • remove the dilnetpc map driver support (commit)

  • remove the dmv182 map driver (commit)

  • remove the h1910 NAND driver (commit)

  • remove the ixp2000 map driver (commit)

  • remove the mbx860 map driver (commit)

  • remove the ppchameleonevb NAND driver (commit)

  • remove the tqm8xxl map driver (commit)

2.13. Various

  • ab8500-bm: Add support for the new ab8540 platform (commit)

  • pcmcia: remove Motorola MBX860 support (commit)

  • pcmcia: remove RPX board stuff (commit)

  • pinctrl: add pinctrl driver for imx6dl (commit)

  • pinctrl: gpio: vt8500: Add pincontrol driver for arch-vt8500 (commit)

  • pinctrl: remove pxa pinctrl driver (commit)

  • power_supply: Add support for tps65090-charger (commit)

  • regulator: ab8500-ext: Add support for AB8505/AB9540 (commit)

  • regulator: ab8500-ext: New driver to control external regulators (commit)

  • regulator: ab8500: Add support for the ab8540 (commit)

  • regulator: ab8500: Add support for the ab9540 (commit)

  • regulator: ab8500: Remove USB regulator (commit)

  • regulator: ab8500: add support for ab8505 (commit)

  • spi/spi-fsl-spi: Add support for Aeroflex Gaisler GRLIB cores normally running on SPARC (commit)

  • spi/tegra114: add spi driver (commit)

  • spi: add driver for BCM2835 (commit)

  • i2c: Add bus recovery infrastructure (commit)

  • i2c: mux: Add i2c-arb-gpio-challenge 'mux' driver (commit)

  • iio: adc: add exynos adc driver under iio framwork (commit)

  • iio:adc:ad7923: Add support for the ad7904/ad7914/ad7924 (commit)

  • ioatdma: Adding Haswell devid for ioatdma (commit)

  • ioatdma: Adding PCI IDs for Intel Atom S1200 product family ioatdma devices (commit)

  • Add support for fan button on Ideapad Z580 (commit)

  • IIO ADC support for AD7923 (commit)

  • ssb: implement ssb spuravoid for chipid BCM43222 (commit)

  • sudmac: add support for SUDMAC (commit)

  • tcm_vhost: Add hotplug/hotunplug support (commit)

  • thermal: Add driver for Armada 370/XP SoC thermal management (commit)

  • tpm: Add support for new Infineon I2C TPM (SLB 9645 TT 1.2 I2C) (commit)

  • mei: bus: Initial MEI Client bus type implementation (commit)

  • mei: nfc: Initial nfc implementation (commit)

  • leds: add camera LED triggers (commit)

  • leds: add new LP5562 LED driver (commit)

  • reset: Add reset controller API (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add r8a73a4 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Implement generic pinconf support (commit)

  • ptp: dynamic allocation of PHC char devices (commit)

  • add single-wire serial bus interface (SSBI) driver (commit)

  • bus: introduce an Marvell EBU MBus driver (commit)

  • clk: Add axi-clkgen driver (commit)

  • clk: vexpress: Add separate SP810 driver (commit)

  • gpio: Renesas R-Car GPIO driver V3 (commit)

  • gpio: vt8500: Remove arch-vt8500 gpio driver (commit)

  • hwrng: bcm2835 - Add Broadcom BCM2835 RNG driver (commit)

  • misc: generic on-chip SRAM allocation driver (commit)

  • mmc: mxcmmc: add mpc512x SDHC support (commit)

  • irqchip: Renesas INTC External IRQ pin driver (commit)

  • irqchip: Renesas IRQC driver (commit)

  • cpufreq: exynos: Add cpufreq driver for exynos5440 (commit)

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