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 * cw1200: add driver for the ST-E CW1100 & CW1200 WLAN chipsets [http://git.kernel.org/linus/a910e4a94f6923c8c988565525f017f687bf7205 (commit)]
  1. Architectures
    1. x86
    2. ARM
    3. PowerPC
    4. MIPS
    5. s390
    6. Xtensa
    7. METAG
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Graphics
    3. Storage
    4. Networking
    5. Sound
    6. USB
    7. Input
    8. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers
    9. Hardware monitoring
    10. Multi-function devices (MFD)
    11. Multi-Media Cards
    12. Watchdogs
    13. I2C
    14. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. x86

  • Intel Rapid Start Technology support, which is a firmware-based suspend-to-disk implementation. Once placed in S3, the device will wake once either a timeout elapses or the battery reaches a critical level. It will then resume to the firmware and copy the contents of RAM to a specialised partition, and then power off the machine. If the user turns the machine back on the firmware will copy the contents of the partition back to RAM and then resume from S3 as normal (commit)

  • A driver that registers CPU digital temperature sensor as a thermal zones at package level. Each package will show up as one zone with at max two trip points. These trip points can be both read and updated. Once a non-zero value is set in the trip point, if the package package temperature goes above or below this setting, a thermal notification is generated (commit)

  • Add trivial driver to disable Intel Smart Connect (commit)

  • acpi-cpufreq: Add new sysfs attribute freqdomain_cpus (commit)

  • microcode: Early microcode patch loading support for AMD (commit)

  • microcode: Allow multiple families' bin files appended together (commit)

  • hp-wmi: Enable hotkeys on some systems (commit)

  • ACPI / LPSS: add support for Intel Bay Trail (commit)

  • ACPI: Add CMOS RTC Operation Region handler support (commit)

  • ACPI: Add sysfs ABI documentation (commit)

  • perf

    • AMD IOMMU Performance Counter PERF uncore PMU implementation (commit)

    • Add IOMMU Performance Counter resource management (commit)

    • Add Haswell PEBS record support (commit)

    • Add Haswell PEBS support (commit)

    • Add mem-loads/stores support for Intel Haswell (commit)

    • Add simple Intel Haswell PMU support (commit)

    • Support Intel Haswell/v4 LBR format (commit)

    • Intel: support full width counting (commit)

1.2. ARM

  • Add support for ARM Ltd. System MMU architecture (commit)

  • ARM64: Change kernel stack size to 16K (commit)

  • ADd initial DTS for APM X-Gene Storm SOC and APM Mustang board (commit)

  • Add support for LZ4-compressed kernel (commit)

  • ARMv7-M: Allow the building of new kernel port (commit)

  • EXYNOS: Add support for EXYNOS5420 SoC (commit)

  • OMAP2+: Remove board-4430sdp.c (commit)

  • SAMSUNG: Add watchdog reset driver (commit)

  • kirkwood: Instantiate cpufreq driver (commit)

  • Add Initial TI-Nspire support (commit)

  • Add device trees for TI-Nspire hardware (commit)

  • Add basic support for Rockchip RK3066a boards (commit)

  • at91

  • Device tree sources

    • Add DT node for DP controller for Arndale Board (commit)

    • Add Ka-Ro tx53 devicetree (commit)

    • Add SoC level device tree source for VF610 (commit)

    • Add device tree source for Freescale imx6sl SoC (commit)

    • Add initial Freescale VF610 Tower board dts support (commit)

    • imx27-phytec-phycore-som: Add initial support for PCM970 RDK (commit)

    • vt8500: Add devicetree support for WM8750 SoC and APC8750 board (commit)

  • imx: add initial support for Freescale VF610 (commit)

  • keystone: Add minimal TI Keystone platform support (commit)

  • mx5: Add support for DENX M53EVK (commit)

  • mxs: dt: Add Crystalfontz CFA-10057 device tree (commit)

  • shmobile: Remove AP4EVB board support (commit)

  • sti: Add STiH415 SOC support (commit)

  • sti: Add STiH416 SOC support (commit)

  • stih41x: Add B2000 board support (commit)

  • stih41x: Add B2020 board support (commit)

  • sunxi: dt: Add Allwinner A10s DTSI (commit)

  • tegra114: add CPU hotplug support (commit)

  • ux500: Supply a DTS file for the u8540 platform (commit)

  • vexpress: introduce DCSCB support (commit)

  • zynq: Add cpuidle support (commit)

1.3. PowerPC

1.4. MIPS

  • BCM63XX: add support for BCM3368 cable modem (commit)

  • BCM63xx: Enable second core SMP on BCM6328 if available (commit)

  • MSP71xx: Remove gpio drivers (commit)

  • Netlogic: COP2 save/restore code (commit)

  • Netlogic: Support compressed kernel (commit)

  • Delete Wind River ppmc eval board support. (commit)

1.5. s390

  • Add support for IBM zBC12 machine (commit)

  • Add support for LZ4-compressed kernel (commit)

  • bpf,jit: address randomize and write protect jit code (commit)

  • cio: Introduce generic synchronous CHSC IOCTL (commit)

  • cio: Introduce on-close CHSC IOCTLs (commit)

  • cio: Make /dev/chsc a single-open device (commit)

  • dasd: Add 'timeout' attribute (commit)

  • dasd: Implement block timeout handling (commit)

  • dasd: make number of retries configurable (commit)

  • sclp: Add SCLP character device driver (commit)

  • KVM: Add "devname:kvm" alias. (commit)

1.6. Xtensa

  • Add static function tracer support (commit)

1.7. METAG

  • Minimal TZ1090 (Comet) SoC infrastructure (commit)

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • MIPS: add Octeon USB HCD support (commit)

  • comedi: pcl730: add support for the ACL-7225b ISA board (commit)

  • comedi: pcl730: add support for the P8R8-DIO ISA board (commit)

  • comedi: pcl730: add support for the PCL-725 ISA board (commit)

  • comedi: pcl730: add support for the PCL-734 ISA board (commit)

  • comedi: pcl730: add support for the PCM-3730 PC/104 board (commit)

  • csr: remove driver (commit)

  • drm/imx: Add LDB support (commit)

  • iio:adis16130: Move out of staging (commit)

  • add USB MTK bluetooth driver (commit)

2.2. Graphics

  • exynos: add support for exynos5420 mixer (commit)

  • exynos: fimd: Add support for S3C64xx SoCs (commit)

  • i915: Add support for FBC on Intel Ivy Bridge. (commit)

  • i915: Enable FBC at Intel Haswell. (commit)

  • mgag200: Added resolution and bandwidth limits for various Matrox G200e products. (commit)

  • mgag200: Hardware cursor support (commit)

  • nvd7/gr: initial support (commit)

  • qxl: add support for > 1 output (commit)

  • radeon: add CIK chip families (commit)

  • radeon: add current Bonaire PCI ids (commit)

  • radeon: add current KB pci ids (commit)

  • radeon: add support for thermal sensor on tn (commit)

  • shmobile: Add DRM PRIME support (commit)

  • GEM CMA: Add DRM PRIME support (commit)

  • Renesas R-Car Display Unit DRM driver (commit)

  • ssd1307fb: Add support for SSD1306 OLED controller (commit)


    • Add LG.Philips LB035Q02 panel driver (commit)

    • Add NEC NL8048HL11 panel driver (commit)

    • Add Sharp LS037V7DW01 panel driver (commit)

    • Add Sony ACX565AKM panel driver (commit)

    • Add new Analog TV Connector driver (commit)

    • Add new DSI Command Mode panel driver (commit)

    • Add new DVI Connector driver (commit)

    • Add new TFP410 Encoder driver (commit)

    • Add new TPD12S015 Encoder driver (commit)

    • Add new simple DPI panel driver (commit)

2.3. Storage


  • sata highbank: add bit-banged SGPIO driver support (commit)

  • ata_piix: IDE-mode SATA patch for Intel Coleto Creek DeviceIDs (commit)

  • ahci: Add AMD CZ SATA device ID (commit)

  • ahci: sata: add support for Samsung Exynos 5440 SATA (commit)


  • iscsi-target: Add demo-mode TPG authentication context support (commit)

  • iser-target: Add support for ISCSI_OP_TEXT opcode + payload handling (commit)

  • BusLogic: Port driver to 64-bit. (commit)

  • bfa

    • Add dynamic diagnostic port support (commit)

    • FDMI enhancements (commit)

    • Forward Error Correction status query (commit)

    • Support for FC BB credit recovery (commit)

    • Support for chinook-quad port card (commit)

  • megaraid_sas

    • Add support for Extended MSI-x vectors for 12Gb/s controller (commit)

    • Add support for MegaRAID Fury (device ID-0x005f) 12Gb/s controllers (commit)

    • Add support for Uneven Span PRL11 (commit)

  • mpt2sas: MPI2 Rev W (2.00.15) specification (commit)

  • storvsc: Implement multi-channel support (commit)

  • storvsc: Support FC devices (commit)

  • storvsc: Update the storage protocol to Windows 8 level (commit)

2.4. Networking

  • cw1200: add driver for the ST-E CW1100 & CW1200 WLAN chipsets (commit)

  • sh_eth: add NAPI support (commit)

  • wil6210: use NAPI (commit)

  • sfc: Enable accelerated RFS on vlans (commit)

  • veth: add VLAN features (commit)

  • fec: Add VLAN receive HW support. (commit)

  • fec: Add support for reading RMON registers (commit)

  • ipheth: Add USB ID for iPad mini (commit)

  • Add MDIO bus driver for the Allwinner EMAC (commit)

  • Add EMAC Ethernet driver found on Allwinner A10 SoC's (commit)

  • mwifiex: add basic 11h support for station (commit)

  • mwifiex: add calibration data download feature (commit)

  • mwifiex: add support for Marvell SD8897 chipset (commit)

  • net/mlx4: Add VF link state support (commit)

  • net/mlx4_en: Add Low Latency Socket (LLS) support (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: add ONDA MT689DC device ID (fwd) (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: add Option GTM681W (commit)

  • r8169: add a new chip for Realtek RTL8411 (commit)

  • rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new USB ID for TP-Link TL-WN8200ND (commit)

  • phy: Add Marvell 88E1116R phy ID (commit)

  • phy: Add Marvell 88E1510 phy ID (commit)

  • phy: Add Vitesse 8211 phy ID (commit)

  • iwlwifi: add new 7260 and 3160 series device IDs (commit)

  • iwlwifi: mvm: Add beacon filtering support (commit)

  • iwlwifi: mvm: Add support for Low Power RX (commit)

  • iwlwifi: remove plcp_check module parameter (commit)

  • macvtap: add TUNSETQUEUE ioctl (commit)

  • macvtap: enable multiqueue flag (commit)

  • mlx5: Add driver for Mellanox Connect-IB adapters (commit)

  • arc_emac - Add new driver (commit)

  • ath10k: mac80211 driver for Qualcomm Atheros 802.11ac CQA98xx devices (commit)

  • ath9k: Add PCI IDs for CUS217 (commit)

  • ath9k: Add support for 5G-XLNA/AR9462 (commit)

  • ath9k: Add support for AR9462 2.1 (commit)

  • ath9k_htc: Add ethtool stats support. (commit)

  • ath9k_htc: Add support for mesh interfaces (commit)

  • bcm63xx_enet: add support Broadcom BCM6345 Ethernet (commit)

  • bcm63xx_enet: add support for Broadcom BCM63xx integrated gigabit switch (commit)

  • bcm63xx_enet: implement reset autoneg ethtool callback (commit)

  • phy: at803x: add support for AT8031 (commit)

  • alx: remove WoL support (commit)

  • UWB: HWA: add support for Alereon 5310 and 5611 devices (commit)

  • IB

  • Bluetooth

    • Add support for Atheros [0cf3:3121] (commit)

    • Add support for Mediatek Bluetooth device [0e8d:763f] (commit)

    • ath3k: Add support for Fujitsu Lifebook UH5x2 [04c5:1330] (commit)

2.5. Sound


  • tegra: add Tegra+RT5640 machine driver (commit)

  • twl6040: Add digital mute support (commit)

  • Add SPEAr audio driver (commit)

  • Add ssm2518 support (commit)

  • ac97: Support multi-platform AC'97 (commit)

  • add RT5640 CODEC driver (commit)

  • blackfin: Remove bf5xx-tdm driver (commit)

  • fsl: add imx-wm8962 machine driver (commit)

  • fsl: remove imx-pcm driver (commit)

  • remove saarb and tavorevb3 machine drivers (commit)

2.6. USB

  • xhci: add USB2 link power management BESL support (commit)

  • wusbcore: add sysfs attribute for DNTS count and interval (commit) and add sysfs attribute for retry count (commit), (commit)

  • Faraday USB2.0 FUSBH200-HCD driver (commit)

  • cp210x support SEL C662 Vendor/Device (commit)

  • gadget: add Faraday fotg210_udc driver (commit)

  • option: add TP-Link MA260 (commit)

  • phy: ab8500-usb: add ab8540 support (commit), add ab9540 support (commit)

  • serial: option: add Olivetti Olicard 200 (commit)

  • option,qcserial: move Novatel Gobi1K IDs to qcserial (commit)

  • option: add D-Link DWM-152/C1 and DWM-156/C1 (commit)

  • option: append Petatel NP10T device to GSM modems list (commit)

  • serial: add driver for Suunto ANT+ USB device (commit)

  • serial: add support Infineon modem USB flashloader driver (commit)

  • serial: pl2303 works at 500kbps (commit)

  • storage: Add MicroVault flash drive to unusual_devs (commit)

2.7. Input

  • Add OLPC AP-SP driver (commit)

  • Add TI-Nspire keypad support (commit)

  • bcm5974 - add support for the 2013 MacBook Air (commit)

  • cyttsp4 - SPI driver for Cypress TMA4XX touchscreen devices (commit)

  • cyttsp4 - add core driver for Cypress TMA4XX touchscreen devices (commit)

  • sirfsoc_pwrc - add onkey input driver for CSR SiRFprimaII PWRC (commit)


  • Add support for Holtek gaming mouse 04d9:a04a (commit)

  • wacom: add support for 0x300 and 0x301 (commit)

  • xpad: add Razer Onza Classic Edition (commit)

  • Add driver for ELO 4000/4500 (commit)

  • Add support for Huion 580 tablet (commit)

  • apple: Add support for the 2013 Macbook Air (commit)

  • driver for PS2/3 Buzz controllers (commit)

  • multitouch: add support for Data Modul easyMaxTouch (commit)

  • wacom: Intuos4 battery charging changes (commit)

  • wiimote: add Balance Board support (commit)

  • wiimote: add Classic Controller extension (commit)

  • wiimote: add Nunchuk support (commit)

  • wiimote: add device detection (commit)

  • wiimote: add extension hotplug support (commit)

  • wiimote: add sysfs extension/device-type attrs (commit)

  • wiimote: support Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller (commit)

2.8. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers

  • V4L2: support asynchronous subdevice registration (commit)

  • Add support for 'Digital Dual TV Receiver CTVDIGDUAL v2 (commit)

  • Add support for Crypto Redi PC50A device (rtl2832u + FC0012 tuner) (commit)

  • bttv: Add Adlink MPG24 entry to the bttv cardlist (commit)

  • bttv: Add CyberVision CV06 (commit)

  • em28xx: Add support for 1b80:e1cc Delock 61959 (commit)

  • exynos4-is: Add Exynos5250 SoC support to fimc-lite driver (commit)

  • i2c: ths8200: driver for TI video encoder (commit)

  • rc: Add rc-delock-61959 (commit)

  • rtl28xxu: Add USB ID for Leadtek WinFast DTV Dongle mini (commit)

  • rtl28xxu: map remote for TerraTec Cinergy T Stick Black (commit)

  • soc-camera: add V4L2-async support (commit)

  • usbtv: Add driver for Fushicai USBTV007 video frame grabber (commit)

2.9. Hardware monitoring

  • ds1621: Add DS1731 chip support to ds1621 driver (commit)

  • ds1621: Add ds1631 chip support to ds1621 driver and documentation (commit)

  • ds1621: Add ds1721 chip support (commit)

  • Add support for GMT G762/G763 PWM fan controllers (commit)

2.10. Multi-function devices (MFD)

  • Kontron PLD mfd driver (commit)

  • arizona: Integrate wm8997 into Arizona mfd (commit)

  • lpc_ich: Add support for Intel Avoton SoC (commit)

  • rtsx: Add support for RTL8411B (commit)

2.11. Multi-Media Cards

  • Support aggressive power management for (e)MMC/SD (commit)

  • bcm281xx SDHCI driver (commit)

  • dw_mmc-pltfm: add Rockchip variant (commit)

  • dw_mmc: Add support DW SD/MMC driver on SOCFPGA (commit)

  • esdhc: Add support for 8-bit bus width and non-removable card (commit)

  • sdhci-acpi: add support for eMMC hardware reset for HID 80860F14 (commit)

  • sdhci-acpi: support runtime PM for ACPI HID 80860F14 SD cards (commit)

  • sdhci-pci: support runtime PM for BYT SD cards (commit)

2.12. Watchdogs

  • Add Broadcom BCM2835 watchdog timer driver (commit)

  • Kontron PLD watchdog timer driver (commit)

  • New watchdog driver for MEN A21 watchdogs (commit)

  • Register/unregister watchdog kthreads on sysctl control (commit)

  • Delete mpcore_wdt driver (commit)

2.13. I2C

  • i2c-piix4: Add AMD CZ SMBus device ID (commit)

  • Kontron PLD i2c bus driver (commit)

  • i801: SMBus patch for Intel Coleto Creek DeviceIDs (commit)

  • intel-mid: remove obsolete driver (commit)

  • vt8500: Add support for I2C bus on Wondermedia SoCs (commit)

2.14. Various

  • FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Carrier) support (commit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

  • vfio: Provide module option to disable vfio_iommu_type1 hugepage support (commit)

  • thermal: ti-soc-thermal: add thermal data for DRA752 chips (commit)

  • thermal: exynos: Support both EXYNOS4X12 SoCs (commit)

  • target: Add (obsolete) checking for PMI/LBA fields in READ CAPACITY(10) (commit)

  • tty: serial: add Freescale lpuart driver support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add r8a7778 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Initial r8a7790 PFC support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: r8a7778: add SDHI support (commit)

  • serial/mpc52xx_uart: add MPC5125 PSC support (commit)

  • serial: imx: add support for DTE mode (commit)

  • pwm: Add Renesas TPU PWM driver (commit)

  • pwm: Add sysfs interface (commit)

  • pwm: add pca9685 driver (commit)

rapidio/switches: remove tsi500 driver (commit)

  • regulator: Introduce TI Adaptive Body Bias(ABB) on-chip LDO driver (commit)

  • regulator: max77693: Add max77693 regualtor driver. (commit)

  • rtc: add NXP PCF2127 support (i2c) (commit)

  • pinctrl-tz1090-pdc: add TZ1090 PDC pinctrl driver (commit)

  • pinctrl-tz1090: add TZ1090 pinctrl driver (commit)

  • pinctrl: Add pinctrl-s3c24xx driver (commit)

  • pinctrl: add Intel BayTrail GPIO/pinctrl support (commit)

  • pinctrl: add VF610 pinctrl driver (commit)

  • pinctrl: add pinctrl driver for Rockchip SoCs (commit)

  • pinctrl: st: Add pinctrl and pinconf support. (commit)

  • pinctrl: sunxi: Add Allwinner A10s pins (commit)

  • pinctrl:sirf:re-arch and add support for new SiRFatlas6 SoC (commit)

  • pci: Add PCIe driver for Samsung Exynos (commit)

  • pci: PCIe driver for Marvell Armada 370/XP systems (commit)

  • iio: adc: add driver for MCP3204/08 12-bit ADC (commit)

  • iio:dac: Add support for the AD7303 (commit)

  • iio:pressure: Add STMicroelectronics pressures driver (commit)

  • iio:trigger:sysfs Move out of staging. (commit)

  • iio:triggers:interrupt trigger - move out of staging. (commit)

  • irqchip: Add TB10x interrupt controller driver (commit)

  • irqchip: Add support for ARMv7-M NVIC (commit)

  • irqchip: Add support for Marvell Orion SoCs (commit)

  • extcon: Palmas Extcon Driver (commit)

  • genirq: Generic chip: Add linear irq domain support (commit)

  • gpio: samsung: Remove OF support for s3c24xx (commit)

  • clk: Add TI-Nspire clock drivers (commit)

  • clk: add PowerPC corenet clock driver support (commit)

  • clk: add support for Rockchip gate clocks (commit)

  • clk: zynq: Add clock controller driver (commit)

  • clocksource: Add Freescale Vybrid pit timer support (commit)

  • clocksource: Add Marvell Orion SoC timer (commit)

  • clocksource: Add generic dummy timer driver (commit)

  • dma: dw: add PCI part of the driver (commit)

  • drivers/rtc/rtc-sirfsoc.c: add rtc drivers for CSR SiRFprimaII and SiRFatlasVI (commit)

  • drivers: bus: add ARM CCI support (commit)

  • drivers: memory: Introduce Marvell EBU Device Bus driver (commit)

  • bcma: add support for BCM43142 (commit)

  • bcma: support SPROM rev 10 (commit)

  • aoe: perform I/O completions in parallel (commit)

  • PM / devfreq: Add Exynos5-bus devfreq driver for Samsung Exynos 5250 (commit)

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