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Linux 3.18-DriversArch

  1. Architectures
    1. x86
    2. ARM
    3. S390
    4. POWERPC
    5. MIPS
    6. SPARC
    7. UM
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Storage
    3. Graphics
    4. Networking
    5. ACPI/EFI and Power Management
    6. Sound
    7. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers
    8. Near-field communications (NFC)
    9. Universal Serial Bus (USB)
    10. Input
    11. Human Interface Device (HID)
    12. Multi Function Devices (MFD)
    13. Industrial I/O
    14. Multi Media Card (MMC)
    15. Memory Technology Device (MTD)
    16. Current regulator
    17. Watchdog
    18. Clocks
    19. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    20. Serial
    21. Hardware Monitoring
    22. Peripherical Component Interconnect (PCI)
    23. Real Time Clock (RTC)
    24. Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)
    25. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. x86

  • Add "make tinyconfig" to configure the tiniest possible kernel commit

  • Add new topology for multi-NUMA-node CPUs, it detects the situation where a NUMA node occurs at a place in the middle of the "CPU" sched domains commit

  • iosf: Add debugfs support commit

  • iosf: Add Braswell PCI ID commit

  • perf/x86/intel/uncore: Add Haswell-EP uncore support commit

  • perf/x86/intel: Add Broadwell core support commit

1.2. ARM

  • bpf: arm: address randomize and write protect JIT code commit

  • Enable RCU fast_gup commit

  • arm64, thunder: Add initial dts for Cavium Thunder SoC commit

  • arm64: Add CONFIG_DEBUG_SET_MODULE_RONX support commit

  • arm64: Add architectural support for PCI commit

  • arm64: KVM: Implement 48 VA support for KVM EL2 and Stage-2 commit

  • arm64: eBPF JIT compiler commit

  • BCM63XX: add BCM63138 minimal Device Tree commit

  • BCM63XX: add BCM963138DVT Reference platform DTS commit

  • BCM63XX: add basic support for the Broadcom BCM63138 DSL SoC commit

  • BCM63XX: add low-level UART debug support commit

  • OMAP2+: board-generic: add support for AM57xx family commit

  • OMAP5 / DRA7: PM: Enable Mercury retention mode on CPUx powerdomains commit

  • at91: Remove the support for the RSI EWS board commit

  • at91: dt: add device tree file for SAMA5D4 SoC commit

  • at91: dt: add device tree file for SAMA5D4ek board commit

  • at91: introduce basic SAMA5D4 support commit

  • at91: remove board file for Acme Systems Fox G20 commit

  • clps711x: Add SOC BUS support commit

  • dts: Add emac nodes to the rk3188 device tree commit

  • dts: Add support for the i.MX1 Armadeus APF9328 board commit

  • dts: Gateworks GW5520 support (i.MX6) commit

  • dts: add hip04 dts commit

  • dts: hummingboard: Split HummingBoard DT to support s/dl and d/q commit

  • dts: imx6sx: add multi-queue support enet commit

  • dts: mt6589-aquaris5: Add boot argument earlyprintk commit

  • dts: omap3: Add Technexion Thunder support (TAO3530 SOM based) commit

  • dts: qcom: Add initial DTS file for Sony Xperia Z1 phone commit

  • dts: qcom: Add initial IFC6540 board device tree commit

  • dts: qcom: add CM-QS600 board commit

  • dts: sun5i: Add DT for HSG H702 tablet board commit

  • dts: sun7i: Add Merrii A20 Hummingbird board commit

  • dts: vf610-twr: Add ttyLP2 device. commit

  • hisi: enable HiP04 commit

  • hisi: enable MCPM implementation commit

  • i.MX1: Add devicetree support commit

  • i.MX: Remove Phytec i.MX27 PCM038/PCM970 board files commit

  • i.MX: Remove i.MX1 ADS board support commit

  • i.MX: Remove mach-cpuimx27sd board file commit

  • i.MX: dts: Add support for the Freescale i.MX1 ADS board commit

  • imx: Remove mach-mxt_td60 board file commit

  • integrator: add MMCI device to IM-PD1 commit

  • mcpm: support 4 clusters commit

  • mediatek: Add earlyprintk support for mt6589 commit

  • meson6: clocksource: Add Meson6 timer support commit

  • meson: add basic support for MesonX SoCs commit

  • meson: add watchdog driver commit

  • meson: debug: add debug UART for earlyprintk support commit

  • meson: dts: add basic Meson/Meson6/Meson6-atv1200 DTSI/DTS commit

  • meson: serial: add MesonX SoC on-chip uart driver commit

  • msm: delete dangling mahimahi board file commit

  • qcom: Add initial IPQ8064 SoC and AP148 device trees commit

  • shmobile: Initial Alt board device tree commit

  • shmobile: Initial r8a7794 SoC device tree commit

  • shmobile: Initial r8a7794 SoC support commit

  • shmobile: armadillo800eva: Build DTS for multiplatform commit

  • shmobile: r7s72100: Remove legacy board support commit

  • shmobile: r7s72100: genmai: Remove legacy board file commit

  • shmobile: r7s72100: genmai: Remove reference board file commit

  • shmobile: r8a7740: Multiplatform support commit

  • sun7i: Add support for Olimex A20-OLinuXino-LIME commit

  • tegra: add Acer Chromebook 13 device tree commit

  • zynq: Add ISL9305 regulator on Parallella board commit

  • soc: add driver for the ARM RealView commit

  • soc: ti: add Keystone Navigator DMA support commit

  • soc: ti: add Keystone Navigator QMSS driver commit

1.3. S390

  • ftrace: remove 31 bit ftrace support commit

  • kdump: add support for vector extension commit

  • uprobes: architecture backend for uprobes commit

  • uprobes: common library for kprobes and uprobes commit

  • vdso: add vdso support for coarse clocks commit

  • add support for vector extension commit


  • KVM: Book3E: Enable e6500 core commit

  • KVM: Book3e: Add AltiVec support commit

  • eeh: Add eeh_pe_state sysfs entry commit

  • fsl-booke: Add initial T1040/T1042 RDB board support commit

  • fsl-booke: Add initial T1042RDB_PI board support commit

1.5. MIPS

  • SEAD3: Nuke PIC32 I2C driver. commit

1.6. SPARC

  • sunvdc: add cdrom and v1.1 protocol support commit

  • sparc64: sparse irq commit

1.7. UM

  • Add support for CONFIG_STACKTRACE commit

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • comedi: add NI USB-6501 support commit

  • comedi: skel: remove driver commit

  • et131x: Implement NAPI support commit

  • et131x: Remove et131x driver from drivers/staging commit

  • iio: light: isl29018: add ACPI support commit

  • iio: light: isl29018: add support for isl29023 and isl29035 commit

  • r8188eu: Add new device ID for DLink GO-USB-N150 commit

  • r8192ee: Remove staging driver commit

  • remove nokia_hp4p driver commit

  • rtl8821ae: remove driver commit

2.2. Storage

  • ata: sata_rcar: Add r8a7793 device support commit

  • ahci: Add Device IDs for Intel Sunrise Point PCH commit

  • SCSI

    • qla2xxx: Add FA-WWN functionality. commit

    • qla2xxx: Add FDMI-2 functionality. commit

    • qla2xxx: Add diagnostic port functionality. commit

    • ufs: Active Power Mode - configuring bActiveICCLevel commit

    • ufs: Add clock initialization support commit

    • ufs: Add regulator enable support commit

    • ufs: Add support for clock gating commit

    • ufs: Add support for clock scaling using devfreq framework commit

    • ufs: Allow vendor specific initialization commit

    • ufs: add UFS power management support commit

    • arcmsr: add code to support MSI-X and MSI interrupt commit

    • arcmsr: add code to support hibernation commit

    • arcmsr: add support new adapter ARC12x4 series commit

    • megaraid_sas : Add module parameter to disable IRQ-CPU affinity hint commit

    • mpt2sas: Added Reply Descriptor Post Queue (RDPQ) Array support commit

    • mpt2sas: Added driver module parameter max_msix_vectors commit

    • mpt3sas: Added Reply Descriptor Post Queue (RDPQ) Array support commit

2.3. Graphics

  • exynos: mipi-dsi: add Exynos3 SoC support commit

  • gm107/therm: add PWM fan support v2 commit

  • i915/bdw: BDW Software Turbo commit

  • i915: Add 180 degree primary plane rotation support commit

  • i915: Add 180 degree sprite rotation support commit

  • msm/mdp4: add LVDS panel support commit

  • nouveau/bios/fan: add support for maxwell's fan management table v2 commit

  • nouveau/subdev: add a pfuse subdev v2 commit

  • nva3/pwr/memx: Implement "wait for VBLANK" commit

  • panel/simple: add optronics B101XTN01.0 (v3) commit

  • radeon: Add RADEON_GEM_CPU_ACCESS BO creation flag commit

  • radeon: add RADEON_GEM_NO_CPU_ACCESS BO creation flag (v4) commit

  • radeon: add UVD support for older asics v4 commit

  • rcar-du: Add OF support commit

  • fonts: Add 6x10 font commit

  • gpu: ipu-v3: Add Camera Sensor Interface unit commit

  • gpu: ipu-v3: Add Image Converter unit commit

  • gpu: ipu-v3: Add more planar formats support commit

2.4. Networking

  • ath10k: add spectral scan feature commit

  • ath10k: add support for 10.2 firmware commit

  • ath10k: add testmode commit

  • ath10k: provide firmware crash info via debugfs commit

  • ath10k: support firmware crash-by-assert commit

  • ath5k: Remove AHB bus support commit

  • ath6kl: Add SDIO device ID for QCA6234X Support commit

  • ath9k: Add a config option for channel context commit

  • ath9k: add config for (en|dis)abling ACK timeout estimation commit

  • ath: Add support for tracing commit

  • b43: HT-PHY: Implement band switching commit

  • b43: Implement PHY PLL reset commit

  • b43: N-PHY: support setting custom TX power commit

  • b43: implement PPR (Power Per Rate) management/API commit

  • be2net: Add TX completion error statistics in ethtool commit

  • be2net: add ethtool "-m" option support commit

  • cxgb4/cxgb4vf: Add Devicde ID for two more adapter commit

  • cxgb4: Add support for adaptive rx commit

  • cxgb4: Add support to S25FL032P flash commit

  • cxgb4: Allow T4/T5 firmware sizes up to 1MB commit

  • cxgb4vf: Add 40G support for cxgb4vf driver commit

  • dsa: add Broadcom SF2 switch driver commit

  • dsa: add Broadcom tag RX/TX handler commit

  • cpsw: Add support for pause frames commit

  • xgene: Add 10GbE ethtool support commit

  • xgene: Add 10GbE support commit

  • xgene: Add SGMII based 1GbE ethtool support commit

  • xgene: Add SGMII based 1GbE support commit

  • et131x: Add PCIe gigabit ethernet driver et131x to drivers/net commit

  • arc: Add support for Rockchip SoC layer device tree bindings commit

  • iwlwifi: Add missing PCI IDs for the 7260 series commit

  • iwlwifi: add and edit 8000 series PCI IDs commit

  • iwlwifi: make U-APSD default configurable at compile time commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: Add set NIC temperature debug option commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: Announce Quiet Period support commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add LDPC support commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add debugfs entry to read the current temperature commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: force protection for P2P commit

  • ixgbe: limit combined total of macvlan and SR-IOV VFs commit

  • r8152: support VLAN commit

  • r8152: support ethtool eee commit

  • r8169: add support for Byte Queue Limits commit

  • r8169:add disable/enable RTL8168G pll function commit

  • r8169:add disable/enable RTL8411B pll function commit

  • r8169:add more chips to support magic packet v2 commit

  • r8169:add support for RTL8168EP commit

  • r8169:add support more chips to get mac address from backup mac address register commit

  • rtlwifi: btcoexist: Modify driver for V062814 Realtek driver commit

  • rtlwifi: btcoexist: Modify driver to support BT coexistence in rtl8723be commit

  • rtlwifi: rtl8192ee: Move driver from staging to the regular tree commit

rtlwifi: rtl8821ae: Move driver from staging to regular tree commit

  • rt2x00: support Ralink 5362. commit

  • qlcnic: Add support for 0x8830 device ID commit

  • qlcnic: Add support to run firmware POST commit

  • qlcnic: Update Link speed and port type info for 83xx adapter commit

  • qmi_wwan: Add support for HP lt4112 LTE/HSPA+ Gobi 4G Modem commit

  • rtl818x_pci: add RSSI information for rtl8187SE commit

  • bnx2x: Add a fallback multi-function mode NPAR1.5 commit

  • brcmfmac: Add wowl support for PCIE devices. commit

  • fm10k: Add CONFIG_FM10K_VXLAN configuration option commit

  • fm10k: Add skeletal frame for Intel(R) FM10000 Ethernet Switch Host Interface Driver commit

  • i40e: Add a FD flush counter to ethtool commit

  • i40e: Add dual speed module support commit

  • i40e: Allow user to change link settings if link is down commit

  • macvlan: add source mode commit

  • mlx4_core: Cache line EQE size support commit

  • mlx5_core: Add ConnectX-4 to list of supported devices commit

  • phy: micrel: Add clock support for KSZ8021/KSZ8031 commit

  • DSA: Marvell mv88e6171 switch driver commit

  • fec: add enet-avb IP support commit

  • fec: add interrupt coalescence feature support commit

  • fec: init multi queue date structure commit

  • fec: parser max queue number from dt file commit

  • phy: add BCM7425 and BCM7429 PHYs commit

  • phy: add generic UniMAC MDIO bus driver commit

  • phy: bcm7xxx: add BCM7250 and BCM7364 PHY entries commit

  • qualcomm: new Ethernet over SPI driver for QCA7000 commit

  • mwifiex: add rx workqueue support commit

  • mwifiex: add support for SD8887 chipset commit

  • wil6210: atomic I/O for the card memory commit

  • rt2x00: add new rt2800usb device commit

  • sunvnet: allow admin to set sunvnet MTU commit

  • sunvnet: make transmit path zero-copy in the kernel commit

  • sunvnet: upgrade to VIO protocol version 1.6 commit

  • ARCNET: add com20020 PCI IDs with metadata commit

  • ARCNET: add support for multi interfaces on com20020 commit

  • ARCNET: enable eae arcnet card support commit

  • Bluetooth: ath3k: Add a new PID/VID 0227/0930 for AR3012. commit

  • Bluetooth: btmrvl: support Marvell Bluetooth device SD8887 commit

  • Altera TSE: Add support for no PHY commit

  • can: flexcan: add vf610 support for FlexCAN commit

  • can: m_can: add Bosch M_CAN controller support commit

  • uwb: add an ASIE sysfs attribute to uwb_rc devices commit

2.5. ACPI/EFI and Power Management

  • efi

    • Add efi= parameter parsing to the EFI boot stub commit

    • Add kernel param efi=noruntime commit

  • thermal

    • Added Bang-bang thermal governor commit

    • imx: add i.mx6sx thermal support commit

    • introduce INT3402 thermal driver commit

    • introduce int3400 thermal driver commit

    • introduce int3403 thermal driver commit

  • ACPI

    • Add ACPI 4.0 style fan support commit

    • Support INT3404 thermal device commit

    • Introduce ACPI int340x thermal scan handler commit

    • acpidump: Add ACPI 1.0 RSDP support. commit

  • cpuidle

    • CPU idle ARM64 driver commit

    • Implement DT based idle states infrastructure commit, commit

  • toshiba_acpi: Support new keyboard backlight type commit

2.6. Sound

  • hda - Add Inverted Internal mic for Samsung Ativ book 9 (NP900X3G) commit

  • hda - Add dock port support to Thinkpad L440 (71aa:501e) commit

  • hda - Add dock support for Thinkpad T440 (17aa:2212) commit

  • hda - Add inverted internal mic for Asus Aspire 4830T commit

  • hda - Add ultra dock support for Thinkpad X240. commit

  • hda - Allow multiple callbacks for jack commit

  • hda_intel: Add Device IDs for Intel Sunrise Point PCH commit

  • hda_intel: Add DeviceIDs for Sunrise Point-LP commit

  • usb-audio: Add support for Steinberg UR22 USB interface commit

  • usb-audio: add native DSD support for XMOS based DACs commit

  • virtuoso: add Xonar Essence STX II daughterboard support commit

  • virtuoso: add one more headphone impedance setting commit

  • virtuoso: add partial Xonar Xense support commit

  • ASoC

    • add es8328 codec driver commit

    • cs35l32: Add support for CS35L32 Boosted Amplifier commit

    • fsl: Add Freescale Generic ASoC Sound Card with ASRC support commit

    • fsl: add imx-es8328 machine driver commit

    • fsl_sai: Add asynchronous mode support commit

    • rt5645: Add headset detect function commit

    • rt5677: Add sidetone function commit

    • rt5677: Add the TDM function commit

    • s6000: remove driver commit

    • ssm2602: add support for 11.025kHz and 22.5kHz sample rates commit

    • ssm4567: Add driver for Analog Devices SSM4567 amplifier commit

2.7. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers

  • af9033: implement DVBv5 post-Viterbi BER commit

  • af9033: implement DVBv5 stat block counters commit

  • af9033: implement DVBv5 statistics for CNR commit

  • af9033: implement DVBv5 statistics for signal strength commit

  • af9035: Add support for IT930x USB bridge commit

  • as102-fe: make it an independent driver commit

  • au0828: Add suspend code for DVB commit

  • au0828: Enable IR for HVR-850 commit

  • coda: Improve runtime PM support commit

  • cx231xx: Add support for Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-900H (111xxx) commit

  • cx23855: add support for DVBSky T9580 DVB-C/T2/S2 tuner commit

  • cxusb: Add support for TechnoTrend TT-connect CT2-4650 CI commit

  • dvbsky: new driver to support DVBSky S860/S960 devices commit

  • hackrf: HackRF SDR driver commit

  • mceusb: add support for more cx231xx devices commit

  • mxl301rf: add driver for MaxLinear MxL301RF OFDM tuner commit

  • omap3isp: ccdc: Add basic support for interlaced video commit

  • omap3isp: ccdc: Add support for BT.656 YUV format at the CCDC input commit

  • omap3isp: ccdc: Support the interlaced field orders at the CCDC output commit

  • pt3: add support for Earthsoft PT3 ISDB-S/T receiver card commit

  • qm1d1c0042: add driver for Sharp QM1D1C0042 ISDB-S tuner commit

  • rc: Introduce hix5hd2 IR transmitter driver commit

  • saa7134: add saa7134-go7007 commit

  • si2157: Add support for Si2147-A30 tuner commit

  • si2165: enable Si2161 support commit

  • siano: add support for PCTV 77e commit

  • soc_camera: Support VIDIOC_EXPBUF ioctl commit

  • sp2: Add I2C driver for CIMaX SP2 common interface module commit

  • tc90522: add driver for Toshiba TC90522 quad demodulator commit

  • usbtv: add audio support commit

  • v4l: Add ARGB555X and XRGB555X pixel formats commit

  • v4l: uvcvideo: Add support for pan/tilt speed controls commit

  • vivi: remove driver, it's replaced by vivid commit

  • vivid: add teletext support to VBI capture commit

  • vivid: enable the vivid driver commit

2.8. Near-field communications (NFC)

  • NCI: Add support of ISO15693 commit

  • digital: Add Inititor-side PSL support commit

  • nci: Add support for proprietary RF Protocols commit

  • st21nfcb: Add ISO15693 Reader/Writer support commit

  • trf7970a: Add System Suspend/Resume support commit

  • trf7970a: Add Target Mode Detection Support commit

  • trf7970a: Add Target Mode Support commit

  • trf7970a: Add VIN voltage override support commit

2.9. Universal Serial Bus (USB)

  • dwc2: Update Kconfig to support dual-role commit

  • dwc3: Add Qualcomm DWC3 glue layer driver commit

  • dwc3: add ST dwc3 glue layer to manage dwc3 HC commit

  • dwc3: pci: Add PCI ID for Intel Braswell commit

  • gadget: Add xilinx usb2 device support commit

  • gadget: composite: enable BESL support commit

  • host: ohci-st: Add OHCI driver support for ST STB devices commit

  • option: add support for Telit LE910 commit

  • phy: samsung: remove old USB 2.0 PHY driver commit

  • phy: samsung: remove old USB 3.0 PHY driver commit

  • phy: samsung: remove old common USB PHY code commit

  • renesas_usbhs: Add device tree support for R-Car H2 and M2 commit

  • serial: ftdi_sio: add "bricked" FTDI device PID commit

  • serial: ftdi_sio: add Awinda Station and Dongle products commit

  • serial: ftdi_sio: add PIDs for Matrix Orbital products commit

  • cdc-acm: add device id for GW Instek AFG-2225 commit

  • option: add Haier CE81B CDMA modem commit

  • serial: add Medtronic CareLink USB driver commit

  • serial: add Novatel Wireless GPS driver commit

  • serial: cp210x: add IDs for CEL MeshConnect USB Stick commit

  • serial: cp210x: add Silicon Labs 358x VID and PID commit

  • serial: cp210x: added Ketra N1 wireless interface support commit

  • serial: remove zte_ev driver commit

2.10. Input

  • Add Microchip AR1021 i2c touchscreen commit

  • add haptic driver on max77693 commit

  • add support for the DRV2667 haptic driver commit

  • drv260x - add TI drv260x haptics driver commit

  • introduce palmas-pwrbutton commit

  • psmouse - add support for detecting FocalTech PS/2 touchpads commit

  • xpad - add Thrustmaster as Xbox 360 controller vendor commit

  • xpad - add USB ID for Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel commit

  • xpad - add VID/PID for Razer Sabertooth commit

  • xpad - sync device IDs with xboxdrv commit

2.11. Human Interface Device (HID)

  • Add Holtek USB ID 04d9:a0c2 ETEKCITY Scroll commit

  • add support for PenMount HID TouchScreen Driver commit

  • wacom - enable LED support for Wireless Intuos5/Pro commit

  • wacom: Add support for the Cintiq Companion commit

2.12. Multi Function Devices (MFD)

  • Add ACPI support commit

  • Add HI6421 PMIC Core driver commit

  • Add Ricoh RN5T618 PMIC core driver commit

  • Add support for Qualcomm SPMI PMICs commit

  • RK808: Add new mfd driver for RK808 commit

  • lpc_ich: Add Device IDs for Intel 9 Series PCH commit

  • lpc_ich: Add PCI ID for Intel Braswell commit

  • lpc_sch: Add support for Intel Quark X1000 commit

  • menf21bmc: Introduce MEN 14F021P00 BMC MFD Core driver commit

2.13. Industrial I/O

  • Add Dyna-Image AL3320A ambient light sensor driver commit

  • accel: BMC150 accel support commit

  • accel: BMC150: add support for other Bosch chips commit

  • accel: kxcjk-1013: Support thresholds commit

  • accel: kxcjk-1013: add support for kxcj9-1008 commit

  • accel: kxcjk-1013: add support for kxtj2-1009 commit

  • accel: kxcjk-1013: support runtime pm commit

  • adc: Add TI ADC128S052 commit

  • adc: add driver for Rockchip saradc commit

  • adc: exynos_adc: Add support for s3c24xx ADC commit

  • adc: exynos_adc: add support for s3c64xx adc commit

  • add support of the max5821 commit

  • gyro: bmi055 gyro sensor driver commit

  • bma180: Add BMA250 chip support commit

  • bma180: Expose temperature channel commit

  • gyro:bmg160 Gyro Sensor driver commit

2.14. Multi Media Card (MMC)

  • dw_mmc: add support for RK3288 commit

  • implement Driver Stage Register handling commit

  • sdhci: Add PCI IDs for Intel Braswell commit

  • tmio_mmc: Enable runtime PM support commit

2.15. Memory Technology Device (MTD)

  • nand: add Hynix's H27UCG8T2ATR-BC to nand_ids table commit

  • spi-nor: add Kconfig option to disable 4K sectors commit

  • spi-nor: add support for Micron M25PX80 commit

2.16. Current regulator

  • Add driver for max77802 PMIC PMIC regulators commit

  • RK808: Add regulator driver for RK808 commit

  • add driver for hi6421 voltage regulator commit

  • da9211: support DA9213 commit

  • fan53555: add support for Silergy SYR82x regulators commit

  • isl9305: Add Intersil ISL9305/H driver commit

  • pwm-regulator: get voltage and duty table from dts commit

  • rn5t618: add driver for Ricoh RN5T618 regulators commit

  • sky81452: Adding Skyworks SKY81452 regulator driver commit

2.17. Watchdog

  • Add Cadence WDT driver commit

  • Add DA9063 PMIC watchdog driver. commit

  • add driver for Ricoh RN5T618 watchdog commit

  • menf21bmc_wdt: Introduce MEN 14F021P00 BMC Watchdog driver commit

  • qcom: add support for KPSS WDT commit

  • s3c2410_wdt: Add support for Watchdog device on Exynos7 commit

  • sunxi: Add A31 watchdog support commit

  • stmp3xxx_rtc_wdt: Add suspend/resume PM support commit

2.18. Clocks

  • Add driver for Maxim 77802 PMIC clocks commit

  • Add generic driver for Maxim PMIC clocks commit

  • RK808: add clkout driver for RK808 commit

  • add gpio gated clock commit

  • add pxa27x clock drivers commit

  • at91: add a driver for the h32mx clock commit

  • rockchip: add new clock-type for the cpuclk commit

  • shmobile: Add r8a7794 support commit

  • sunxi: Add sun8i MBUS clock support commit

2.19. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

  • pxa2xx-pci: Add support for Intel Braswell commit

  • bcm53xx: driver for SPI controller on Broadcom bcma SoC commit

  • orion: support armada extended baud rates commit

  • rspi: Add support for new R-Car Gen2 SoCs commit

  • sh-msiof: Add support for new R-Car Gen2 SoCs commit

  • spi-imx: add DMA support commit

2.20. Serial

  • 8250: Add support for RS485 IOCTLs commit

  • 8250: Add Quark X1000 to 8250_pci.c commit

  • 8250_pci: Add PCI IDs for Intel Braswell commit

  • Add support for Fintek F81216A LPC to 4 UART commit

  • cadence: Add generic earlycon support commit

  • of-serial: add PM suspend/resume support commit

2.21. Hardware Monitoring

  • k10temp: Add support for F15h M60h commit

  • menf21bmc: Introduce MEN14F021P00 BMC HWMON driver commit

  • ntc_thermistor: Add ntc thermistor to thermal subsystem as a sensor. commit

2.22. Peripherical Component Interconnect (PCI)

  • designware: Add support for v3.65 hardware commit

  • keystone: Add TI Keystone PCIe driver commit

  • tegra: Add Tegra124 support commit

  • xgene: Add APM X-Gene PCIe driver commit

  • xilinx: Add Xilinx AXI PCIe Host Bridge IP driver commit

2.23. Real Time Clock (RTC)

  • add driver for Maxim 77802 PMIC Real-Time-Clock commit

  • s3c: add support for RTC of Exynos3250 SoC commit

  • sun6i: Add sun6i RTC driver commit

2.24. Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)

  • axxia: Add I2C driver for AXM55xx commit

  • designware: Add support for AMD I2C controller commit

  • designware: add support of I2C standard mode commit

  • exynos: add support for HSI2C module on Exynos7 commit

  • hix5hd2: add i2c controller driver commit

  • i801: Add Device IDs for Intel Sunrise Point PCH commit

2.25. Various

  • bcma: add another PCI ID of device with BCM43228 commit

  • bcma: add support for chipcommon B core commit

  • power: Add simple gpio-restart driver commit

  • power: reset: Add AT91 poweroff driver commit

  • power: reset: Add AT91 reset driver commit

  • power: reset: add LTC2952 poweroff driver commit

  • power: reset: driver for the Versatile syscon reboot commit

  • cxl: IBM Coherent Accelerators (CXL) driver commit

  • GPIO: gpio-dwapb: Support Debounce commit

  • GPIO: gpio-dwapb: Suspend & Resume PM enabling commit

  • PM / AVS: rockchip-io: add driver handling Rockchip io domains commit

  • bq27x00_battery: Add support to bq27742 commit

  • dmaengine: dw: add PCI IDs for Braswell DMAs commit

  • charger: max14577: Add support for MAX77836 charger commit

  • dt-bindings: extcon: Add support for Richtek RT8973A MUIC device commit

  • edac: altera: Add Altera SDRAM EDAC support commit

  • extcon: rt8973a: Add Richtek RT8973A extcon driver commit

  • gpio: Add APM X-Gene SoC GPIO controller support commit

  • gpio: Increase ARCH_NR_GPIOs to 512 commit

  • hwrng: xgene - add support for APM X-Gene SoC RNG support commit

  • i8k: Add support for Dell Latitude E6540 commit

  • iommu/arm-smmu: add support for multi-master iommu groups commit

  • iommu/arm-smmu: support MMU-401 commit

  • leds: add a driver for syscon-based LEDs commit

  • leds: leds-menf21bmc: Introduce MEN 14F021P00 BMC LED driver commit

  • irqchip: atmel-aic5: Add sama5d4 support commit

  • irqchip: bcm7120-l2: Add Broadcom BCM7120-style Level 2 interrupt controller commit

  • irqchip: hip04: Enable Hisilicon HiP04 interrupt controller commit

  • irqchip: keystone: Add irq controller ip driver commit

  • irqchip: renesas-intc-irqpin: Add minimal runtime PM support commit

  • irqchip: renesas-intc-irqpin: Add suspend-to-RAM wake up support commit

  • jsm: add support for additional Neo cards commit

  • nand: omap2: Add support for flash-based bad block table commit

  • pci_ids: Add support for Intel Quark ILB commit

  • phy: Renesas R-Car Gen2 PHY driver commit

  • phy: phy-stih407-usb: Add usb picoPHY driver found on stih407 SoC family commit

  • phy: phy-stih41x-usb: Add usb phy support for STiH41x SoCs. commit

  • pinctrl: Add i.MX21 pincontrol driver commit

  • pinctrl: qcom: Add APQ8084 pinctrl support commit

  • pwm: lpss: Add ACPI and PCI IDs for Intel Braswell commit

  • serial: samsung: enable usage for 64-bit Exynos platforms commit

  • serial: 8250: Add Mediatek UART driver commit

  • serial: msm: Add earlycon support commit

  • vt8500_serial: add support for UART in WM8880 chips commit

  • memory: add a driver for atmel ram controllers commit

  • xillybus: Move out of staging commit

  • mailbox: Introduce framework for mailbox for client/protocol drivers and controller drivers of Inter-Processor-Communication (IPC) commit

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