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Linux 3.3 DriverArch

/!\ Note /!\ : The commit links don't work. It should be easy to search them in the Git web interface. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  1. Architectures
    1. x86
    2. ARM
    3. MIPS
    4. POWERPC
    5. M68K
    6. S390
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Graphics
    3. Storage (SATA/SCSI)
    4. Network
    5. USB
    6. Input
    7. Sound
    8. Webcams, image capture devices
    9. Hardware monitorization
    10. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. x86

  • Optimise fls(), ffs() and fls64()(commit)

  • i387: support lazy restore of FPU state(commit)

  • iommu/amd: Add driver stub for AMD IOMMUv2 support(commit), add support for IOMMUv2 domain mode(commit)

  • Add NumaChip support(commit)

  • Check stack overflow in detail(commit)

  • New sysctl to enable panic on detection of stack overflow (kernel.panic_on_stackoverflow) (commit)

  • Default to vsyscall=emulate(commit)

  • oprofile: Add kernel parameter oprofile.cpu_type=timer(commit)

1.2. ARM

  • Support for the Large Physical Address Extension of ARMv7 processors, which allows to access memory beyond the 4GB limit (commit)

  • Audit Support For ARM (commit)

  • tegra: implement support for tegra30(commit)

  • Merge i.MX5 support into mach-imx(commit)

  • mach-shmobile: add bonito board support.(commit), r8a7779 and Marzen base support V2(commit), r8a7779 SMP support V3(commit), R-Mobile A1 support.(commit)

  • OMAP4: Add CPUidle support(commit)

  • OMAP: hwmod data: Add support for AM35xx UART4/ttyO3(commit)

  • OMAP: TI81XX: Prepare for addition of TI814X support(commit)

  • Add Exynos4-bus device DVFS driver for(commit), make EXYNOS common cpufreq driver(commit)

  • ux500: remove support for early silicon revisions (commit)

  • Remove mach-tcc8k(commit)

  • Remove plat-tcc (commit)

1.3. MIPS

  • Kprobes: Support branch instructions probing(commit)

  • randomize PIE load address(commit)

  • Alchemy

  • ath79

    • add common USB Host Controller device(commit)

    • Add initial support for the Atheros AP121 reference(commit)

  • BCM63XX: Add support for bcm6368 CPU.(commit)

  • BMIPS: Add SMP support code for BMIPS43xx/BMIPS5000(commit)

  • GIO bus support for SGI IP22/28(commit)

  • Support Netlogic XLP processor and based systems (commit)

  • Octeon: Add support for OCTEON II PCIe(commit)

  • Initial support for the Ubiquiti Networks XM board (rev 1.0).(commit)


  • Add support for OpenBlockS 600(commit)

  • Implement CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM(commit)

  • POWER7 optimised copy_to_user/copy_from_user using VMX(commit)

  • cpuidle: cpuidle driver for pSeries(commit)

  • 40x: Add APM8018X SOC support(commit)

  • 44x: Enable CONFIG_RELOCATABLE and CRASH_DUMP for PPC44x (commit)

  • 476fpe: Add 476fpe SoC code(commit)

  • 47x: Add support for the new IBM currituck platform(commit)

  • book3e: Add Chroma as a new WSP/PowerEN platform.(commit)

  • fsl: Add support for Integrated Flash Controller(commit)

1.5. M68K

  • Support Freescale ColdFire, a family of processors which is a modern derivative of the 68000 processor family. They implement a subset of the original 68000 processor instruction set (commit)

  • mvme16x: Add support for EARLY_PRINTK(commit)

1.6. S390

  • Add support for physical memory > 4TB(commit)

  • netiucv: allow multiple interfaces to same peer(commit)

  • oprofile: Add event interface to the System z hardware(commit)

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • Driver for GE PIO2 VME Card(commit)

  • Add omapdrm DRM/KMS driver for TI OMAP platforms(commit)

  • move hv_netvsc out of staging area(commit)

  • mousevsc: Remove the mouse driver from the staging tree (commit)

  • iio:dac: Add AD5380 driver(commit),add AD5421 driver(commit), add AD5764 driver(commit),

  • line6: add Pod HD300 support(commit)

  • pohmelfs: remove drivers/staging/pohmelfs(commit)

  • Delete spectra driver (commit)

  • Remove intel_sst driver(commit)

2.2. Graphics

  • gma500: move the basic driver out of staging(commit), add Oaktrail support(commit), add Poulsbo support(commit), add support for Cedarview(commit), add support for Intel GMBUS (commit),

  • i915: add SNB and IVB video sprite support v6(commit), add color key support v4(commit)

  • edid: support CEA video modes.(commit)

  • exynos: added HDMI display support(commit)

  • nv: add initial support for nvd9, not quite there yet..(commit), add support for page flipping (commit)

  • omap: add GEM support for tiled/dmm buffers(commit)

  • radeon: GPU virtual memory support v22(commit)

  • ttm: provide DMA-aware TTM page pool code V9(commit)

  • Add an fb creation ioctl that takes a pixel format v5(commit)

  • FB

    • cirrusfb: Add support for "64 MiB" version of Picasso IV(commit), add support for Picasso IV in Zorro II mode(commit)

    • Remove display subsystem(commit)

2.3. Storage (SATA/SCSI)

  • Add NVMe driver. The NVM Express driver is for solid state drives directly connected to the PCI or PCI Express bus (commit)

  • libata: enable ATA port async suspend (commit)

  • lpfc: SLI fixes and added SLI4 support(commit), add loopback support for SLI4 adapters(commit), add support for ABTS failure handling(commit)

2.4. Network

  • tg3: Add 57766 ASIC rev support(commit)

  • ath6kl: Implement support for QOS-enable and QOS-disable from(commit), add WOW suspend/resume implementation(commit), add USB support(commit)

ath6kl: enable USB support(commit), revert USB support(commit)

  • ath9k: Add btcoex profile management support for AR9462(commit), add DFS radar pulse processing(commit)

  • Bluetooth: EWS: extended window size option support(commit)

  • bna: Added flash sub-module and ethtool eeprom entry points.(commit)

  • bnx2x: add fcoe statistics(commit), add PFC statistics(commit), support classification config query(commit)

  • can: cc770: add driver core for the Bosch CC770 and Intel AN82527(commit), add driver core for the Bosch CC770 and Intel AN82527(commit), add legacy ISA bus driver for the CC770 and AN82527(commit), add platform bus driver for the CC770 and AN82527(commit), legacy CC770 ISA bus driver(commit), revert outdated cc770 driver patches.(commit)

  • stmmac: add the experimental PCI support(commit)

  • dsa: Add reporting of silicon revision for Marvell(commit)

  • mlx4_core: Modify driver initialization flow to accommodate SRIOV(commit)

  • Add calxeda xgmac ethernet driver(commit)

  • be2net: Add support for Skyhawk cards(commit)

  • macb: initial support for Cadence GEM(commit)

  • mwifiex: add support for Marvell sd8797 device(commit)

  • phy: Micrel KS8995MA 5-ports 10/100 managed Ethernet switch support(commit)

2.5. USB

2.6. Input

  • Add driver for AUO In-Cell touchscreens using pixcir ICs(commit)

  • Add driver for pixcir i2c touchscreens(commit)

  • Add driver for Sharp gp2ap002a00f proximity sensor(commit)

  • Add EETI eGalax I2C capacitive multi touch driver(commit)

  • tca8418_keypad - initial driver release(commit)

  • Add generic GPIO-tilt driver(commit)

  • ALPS: add semi-MT support for v3 protocol(commit), add support for protocol versions 3 and 4(commit)

  • synaptics - add support for Relative mode(commit)

  • wacom - 3rd gen Bamboo P&Touch packet support(commit), add support for Cintiq 24HD(commit)

  • HID

    • wacom: Initial driver for Wacom Intuos4 Wireless (Bluetooth)(commit)

    • Move the hid-hyperv driver out of staging(commit)

    • hid-input: add support for HID devices reporting Battery(commit)

    • hid-multitouch: add support 9 new Xiroku devices(commit), add support for new Hanvon panels(commit), add support of Atmel multitouch panels(commit), add support PixArt optical touch screen(commit)

    • roccat: Add support for Isku keyboard(commit)

2.7. Sound

  • Add support for hardware that supports offloading compressed audio (commit)

  • HDA: Add support for Cirrus Logic 4213(commit)

  • ASoC

    • Add basic 1277-EV1 Littlemill audio driver(commit)

    • Add Lowland machine driver(commit)

    • Add new Realtek ALC5632 CODEC driver(commit)

    • Add support for CS42L73 codec(commit)

    • ak4642: add ak4648 support(commit)

    • Convert WM8903 to direct regmap API usage(commit)

    • Tegra machine ASoC driver for boards using ALC5332 codec(commit)

2.8. Webcams, image capture devices

  • Add driver for mt2063(commit)

  • Add support for two Leadtek Winfast TV 2000XP types(commit)

  • Add the support for DiBcom dib8096P(commit)

  • anysee: add support for Anysee E7 T2C(commit)

  • as3645a: Add driver for LED flash controller(commit)

  • bt8xx: add support for Tongwei Video Technology TD-3116(commit)

  • cx23885: add support for Mygica X8507(commit), add Terratec Cinergy T PCIe dual(commit), cx23885: Hauppauge HVR1850 Analog driver support(commit)

  • cx25840: Hauppauge HVR1850 Analog driver support(commit)

  • dib7090: add the reference board TFE7090E(commit)

  • dib8096P: add the reference board TFE8096P(commit)

  • em28xx: initial support for HAUPPAUGE HVR-930C again(commit)

  • Exynos4 JPEG codec v4l2 driver(commit)

  • gspca: Add jl2005bcd sub driver(commit)

  • HDIC HD29L2 DMB-TH demodulator driver(commit)

  • it9135: add support for IT9135 9005 devices(commit)

  • it913x Support it9135 Verions 2 chip(commit), it913x ver 1.09 support for USB 1 devices (IT9135)(commit)

  • KWorld 355U and 380U support(commit)

  • saa7134: adding Sensoray boards to saa7134 driver(commit)

  • Support for Sveon STV22 (IT9137)(commit)

  • Add G2D driver for s5p device family(commit)

2.9. Hardware monitorization

  • f75375s: Add support for F75387SG/RG(commit)

  • it87: Add IT8728F support(commit)

  • lm63: Add support for LM96163(commit)

  • pmbus/zl6100: Add support for Ericsson BMR45[0,1] and(commit), add support for ZL2005(commit)

2.10. Various

  • leds: add driver for TCA6507 LED controller(commit), add led driver for Bachmann's ot200(commit), add support for MAX8997-LED driver(commit)

  • mfd

    • Add s5m series irq driver(commit)

    • DA9052/53 MFD core module(commit)

    • twl-core: Add initial DT support for twl4030/twl6030(commit)

  • Add driver support for MAX8997 MUIC(commit)

  • mmc

    • core: HS200 mode support for eMMC 4.5(commit)

    • boot partition ro lock support(commit)

  • pinctrl: add a pin config interface(commit)

  • power_supply

  • regulator: DA9052/53 Regulator support(commit)

  • SERIAL: AR933X: Add driver for the built-in UART of the SoC(commit)

  • watchdog: new driver for VIA chipsets(commit)

  • Add driver for Micron RealSSD pcie flash cards(commit)

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