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 * Add support for the M14Kc core [http://git.kernel.org/linus/113c62d9844d9037508fa156e47db1b5407a27c3 (commit)]
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 * option: Add MEDIATEK product ids [http://git.kernel.org/linus/aacef9c561a693341566a6850c451ce3df68cb9a (commit)]
 * option: add ZTE MF60 [http://git.kernel.org/linus/8e16e33c168a6efd0c9f7fa9dd4c1e1db9a74553 (commit)]
Line 291: Line 293:
 * bcm5974 - Add support for 2012 MacBook Pro Retina [http://git.kernel.org/linus/3dde22a98e94eb18527f0ff0068fb2fb945e58d4 (commit)]
 * xpad - add Andamiro Pump It Up pad [http://git.kernel.org/linus/e76b8ee25e034ab601b525abb95cea14aa167ed3 (commit)]
 * xpad - add signature for Razer Onza Tournament Edition [http://git.kernel.org/linus/cc71a7e899cc6b2ff41e1be48756782ed004d802 (commit)]
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  * Add support for 2012 MacBook Pro Retina [http://git.kernel.org/linus/b2e6ad7dfe26aac5bf136962d0b11d180b820d44 (commit)]
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  * add Sennheiser BTD500USB device support [http://git.kernel.org/linus/0e050923a797c1fc46ccc1e5182fd3090f33a75d (commit)]
  * hid-multitouch: add support for Zytronic panels [http://git.kernel.org/linus/e9a09aed3eff8b1706e4bc24e8b3b16283797353 (commit)]
Line 378: Line 386:
 * cx23885: add support for HVR-1255 analog (cx23888 variant) [http://git.kernel.org/linus/0ac60acb5491df565141c0e3a87d7148a865fe36 (commit)]
  1. Architectures
    1. x86
    2. ARM
    3. PPC
    4. SH
    5. TILE
    6. MIPS
    7. Blackfin
    8. S390
    9. CRIS
    10. SPARC
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Android
    3. Graphics
    4. Storage (SATA/SCSI)
    5. PCI
    6. Network
    7. USB
    8. Input
    9. Sound
    10. Webcams and others image capture devices
    11. Hardware monitorization
    12. Battery
    13. Multi Function Devices
    14. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. x86

  • ACPI: Add _PLD support (commit)

  • Add ioctl for KVM_KVMCLOCK_CTRL (commit)

  • Add EFI boot stub console support (commit)

  • Initial support for sta2x11 I/O hub (commit)

  • Add NR_kcmp syscall (commit)

  • Add SIGSYS info and make it synchronous. (commit)

  • ftrace: Have arch x86_64 use breakpoints instead of stop machine (commit)

  • perf

    • Enable/Add Intel Ivy Bridge hardware support (commit)

    • Precise event sampling with IBS for AMD CPUs (commit)

    • Implement 64-bit counter support for IBS (commit)

    • Implement IBS event configuration (commit)

1.2. ARM

  • Add SPEAr13xx support (commit)

  • tegra20: Add Tegra Memory Controller (MC) driver (commit)

  • AT91: ADC: Add support for the AT91SAM9M10G45-EK board (commit)

  • AT91: Add the ADC to the sam9g20ek board (commit)

  • AT91: IIO: Add AT91 ADC driver. (commit)

  • EXYNOS: Support DMA for Samsung Exynos 5250 SoC (commit)

  • PCI: provide a default bus scan implementation (commit)

  • Remove support for ARMv3 ARM610 and ARM710 CPUs (commit)

  • dma-mapping: add support for IOMMU mapper (commit)

  • imx: eukrea-cpuimx51: remove board (commit)

  • kirkwood: Add support for RaidSonic IB-NAS6210/6220 using devicetree (commit)

  • kirkwood: Basic support for DNS-320 and DNS-325 (commit)

  • kirkwood: Add iconnect support (commit)

  • local timers: Add A15 architected timer support (commit)

  • mach-shmobile: add KZM-A9-GT board support (commit)

  • mach-shmobile: add armadillo800eva board support. (commit)

  • tegra30: Add Tegra Memory Controller (MC) driver (commit)

  • tegra: Add Tegra AHB driver (commit)

  • tegra: Remove pre-pinctrl pinmux driver (commit)

  • mach-shmobile: Emma Mobile EV2 SoC base support V3 (commit)

  • mach-shmobile: KZM9D board support V3 (commit)

  • mach-ux500: crypto - core support for CRYP/HASH module. (commit)

  • ux500: Add support for MSP I2S-devices (commit)

  • ux500: core U9540 support (commit)

  • ux500: delete U5500 support (commit)

1.3. PPC

  • Add 64-bit CPU targets for gcc (commit)

  • 47x: Kernel support for KEXEC (commit)

  • crypto: AES-CBC mode routines for nx encryption (commit)

  • crypto: AES-CCM mode routines for nx encryption (commit)

  • crypto: AES-CTR mode routines for nx encryption (commit)

  • crypto: AES-ECB mode routines for nx encryption (commit)

  • crypto: AES-GCM mode routines for nx encryption (commit)

  • crypto: AES-XCBC mode routines for nx encryption (commit)

  • crypto: Build files for the nx device driver (commit)

  • crypto: SHA256 hash routines for nx encryption (commit)

  • crypto: SHA512 hash routines for nx encryption (commit)

  • crypto: nx driver code supporting nx encryption (commit)

  • powermac: New windfarm driver for PowerMac G5 (AGP) and Xserve G5 (commit)

  • ps3: Add PS3 repository write support (commit)

  • pseries/hwrng: PFO-based hwrng driver (commit)

  • windfarm: Add Fan Control Unit controls for G5s (commit)

  • windfarm: Add ad7417 sensor (commit)

  • KVM: booke: category E.HV (GS-mode) support (commit)

  • KVM: e500mc support (commit)

  • KVM: e500mc: Add doorbell emulation support (commit)

1.4. SH

1.5. TILE

  • Allow tilegx to build with either 16K or 64K page size (commit)

  • Allow building Linux with transparent huge pages enabled (commit)

  • Support multiple huge page sizes dynamically (commit)

1.6. MIPS

  • Handle huge pages with 64KB base page size. (commit)

  • ath79: add initial support for the Atheros DB120 board (commit)

  • Add support for the M14Kc core (commit)

1.7. Blackfin

  • add bf60x to current framework (commit)

  • mach-bf609: add machine files (commit)

1.8. S390

  • KVM: KVM_GET/SET_ONEREG for s390 (commit)

  • KVM: implement KVM_CAP_NR/MAX_VCPUS (commit)

  • ipl: remove built-in tape ipl code (commit)

  • delete any traces of token ring support (commit)

1.9. CRIS

1.10. SPARC

  • Sparc BPF: Just In Time compiler for sparc (commit)

  • sparc32: drop sun4c support (commit)

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • comedi: Add module parameters for default buffer size (commit)

  • drm/omap: dmabuf/prime mmap support (commit)

  • drm/omap: dmabuf/prime support (commit)

  • drm/omap: initial dmabuf/prime import support (commit)

  • evict abandoned 68360serial.c driver from the kernel (commit)

  • gdm72xx: Add GCT GDM72xx WiMAX driver. (commit)

  • iio: add TAOS tsl2x7x driver (commit)

  • iio: add driver for isl29028 (commit)

  • iio: add support for hmc5883/hmc5883l to hmc5843 magnetometer driver (commit)

  • usb: gadget: Add Configurable Composite Gadget driver (commit)

  • usb: gadget: Add FunctionFS support to Configurable Composite Gadget driver (commit)

  • iio:adc: Add SPEAr ADC driver (commit)

  • IndustryPack bus for the Linux Kernel (commit)

  • ipack: add support for IP-OCTAL mezzanine board (commit)

  • ipack: added support for the TEWS TPCI-200 carrier board (commit)

  • VME: move VME drivers out of staging (commit)

2.2. Android

  • Extcon (external connector): import Android's switch class and modify. (commit)

  • Extcon: add MAX8997 extcon driver (commit)

  • android-alarm: Remove unused Android alarm in-kernel interfaces (commit)

2.3. Graphics

  • ttm: add prime sharing support to TTM (v2) (commit)

  • mgag200: initial g200se driver (v2) (commit)

  • exynos: add G2D driver (commit)

  • gma500: support 1080p (commit)

  • i915: add dmabuf/prime buffer sharing support. (commit)

  • i915: Enable HDMI on Valley View (commit)

  • i915: add Haswell devices and their PCI IDs (commit)

  • i915: add support for Lynx Point PCH (commit)

  • i915: add support for power wells (commit)

  • radeon: add PRIME support (v2) (commit)

  • radeon/kms: add new BTC PCI ids (commit)

  • radeon/kms: add new Palm, Sumo PCI ids (commit)

  • radeon/kms: add new SI PCI ids (commit)

  • radeon/kms: add new Trinity PCI ids (commit)

  • kms: driver for virtual Cirrus Logic under QEMU (commit)

  • Initial KMS driver for AST (ASpeed Technologies) 2000 series (v2) (commit)

  • nouveau: add PRIME support (commit)

  • udl: add prime fd->handle support. (commit)

  • vgaarb: Add support for setting the default video device (v2) (commit)

  • auo_k190x: add driver for AUO-K1900 variant (commit)

  • auo_k190x: add driver for AUO-K1901 variant (commit)

  • agp/intel: add Valley View AGP driver (commit)

  • Intel: Add all Cedar View PCI ids (commit)

2.4. Storage (SATA/SCSI)

  • scsi: delete the MCA-specific drivers and driver code (commit)

  • PATA host controller driver for ep93xx (commit)

  • SCSI

    • be2iscsi: Adding bsg interface for be2iscsi (commit)

    • be2iscsi: adding functionality to change network settings using iscsiadm (commit)

    • hpsa: add new RAID level "1(ADM)" (commit)

    • mpt2sas: Added multisegment mode support for Linux BSG Driver (commit)

    • qla2xxx: Add LLD target-mode infrastructure for >= 24xx series (commit)

    • qla4xxx: Add change_queue_depth API support (commit)

    • qla4xxx: Capture minidump for ISP82XX on firmware failure (commit)

    • tcm_qla2xxx: Add >= 24xx series fabric module for target-core (commit)

2.5. PCI

2.6. Network

  • tilegx network driver: initial support (commit)

  • ath5k: add PCI id (commit)

  • ath6kl: Add ARP offload related statistic info in tgt_stats (commit)

  • ath6kl: Add HTC pipe implementation (commit)

  • ath6kl: add full USB support (commit)

  • ath9k_htc: Add Panasonic N5HBZ0000055 device id (commit)

  • atl1: add napi process of tx interrupts (commit)

  • be2net: Add functionality to support RoCE driver (commit)

  • bnx2x: Add remote-fault link detection (commit)

  • bnx2x: Added support for a new device - 57811 (commit)

  • bnx2x: add afex support (commit)

  • bnx2x: add transmit timestamping support (commit)

  • bnx2x: added support for working with one msix irq. (commit)

  • e1000: add transmit timestamping support (commit)

  • e1000e: add transmit timestamping support (commit)

  • e1000e: initial support for i217 (commit)

  • gianfar: add GRO support (commit)

  • igb: Add Support for new i210/i211 devices. (commit)

  • igb: add PTP Hardware Clock code (commit)

  • igb: offer a PTP Hardware Clock instead of the timecompare method (commit)

  • iwlwifi: add option to disable 5GHz band (commit)

  • ixgbe: add hwmon interface to export thermal data (commit)

  • ixgbevf: Add support to recognize 100mb link speed (commit)

  • mlx4_en: Added Ethtool support for TX interrupt coalescing (commit)

  • mlx4_en: Byte Queue Limit support (commit)

  • mwifiex: add support for Marvell USB8797 chipset (commit)

  • mwifiex: add support for SD8786 sdio (commit)

  • mwifiex: add support for WPS2.0 (commit)

  • mwifiex: support for creation of AP interface (commit)

  • mlx4_en: DCB QoS support (commit)

  • cdc_ether: Add ZTE WWAN matches before generic Ethernet (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support (commit)

  • remove ixp2000 ethernet driver (commit)

  • sh_eth: add support R8A7740 (commit)

  • sierra_net: device IDs for Aircard 320U++ (commit)

  • of/phy: Add MDIO bus multiplexer driven by GPIO lines. (commit)

  • of/phy: Add MDIO bus multiplexer support. (commit)

  • qeth: remove token ring part 2 (commit)

  • qlcnic: Adding MAC statistics to ethtool. (commit)

  • r8169: support the new RTL8402 chip. (commit)

  • r8169: support the new RTL8411 chip. (commit)

  • rt2800: add chipset revision RT5390R support (commit)

  • rt2x00: Add RT539b chipset support (commit)

  • rtlwifi: support for Belkin Surf N300 XR (commit)

  • rt2x00: rt2800pci add more RT539x ids (commit)

  • wl12xx: support wowlan wakeup patterns (commit)

  • wl12xx: add chip-specific identify chip operation (commit)

  • Bluetooth: Add support for Foxconn/Hon Hai AR5BBU22 0489:E03C (commit)

  • Ethernet driver for the WIZnet W5100 chip (commit)

  • Ethernet driver for the WIZnet W5300 chip (commit)

  • IB/mlx4: Add raw packet QP support (commit)

  • RDMA/cxgb4: Add DB Overflow Avoidance (commit)

  • RDMA/cxgb4: Add query_qp support (commit)

  • RDMA/cxgb4: DB Drop Recovery for RDMA and LLD queues (commit)

  • RDMA/ocrdma: Add driver for Emulex OneConnect IBoE RDMA adapter (commit)

  • ieee802154: IEEE 802.15.4 loopback driver (commit)

  • Remove CONFIG_WIZNET_TX_FLOW option (commit)

  • forcedeth: add transmit timestamping support (commit)

  • caif-hsi: robust frame aggregation for HSI (commit)

  • Delete all code/drivers depending on CONFIG_MCA (commit)

2.7. USB

  • Add driver for NXP ISP1301 USB transceiver (commit)

  • Add driver for the bcma bus (commit)

  • Add driver for the ssb bus (commit)

  • Add support to enable/disable USB3 link states. (commit)

  • usb-storage: Add 090c:1000 to unusal-devs (commit)

  • chipidea: add host role (commit)

  • chipidea: add support for roles (commit)

  • dwc3: ep0: implement Set SEL support (commit)

  • dwc3: ep0: implement support for Set Isoch Delay request (commit)

  • dwc3: gadget: implement Global Command support (commit)

  • gadget: add isochronous support to gadget zero (commit)

  • gadget: ci13xxx_pci: add langwell/penwell pci ids (commit)

  • musb: Add support for ti81xx platform (commit)

  • musb: enable support for am335x (commit)

  • OHCI: remove old SSB OHCI driver (commit)

  • cdc-wdm: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support (commit)

  • ftdi-sio: Add support for RT Systems USB-RTS01 serial adapter (commit)

  • ftdi-sio: add support for Physik Instrumente E-861 (commit)

  • gadget driver for LPC32xx (commit)

  • ohci-nxp: Use isp1301 driver (commit)

  • ipheth: add support for iPad (commit)

  • option: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support (commit)

  • option: Updated Huawei K4605 has better id (commit)

  • option: add more YUGA device ids (commit)

  • qcserial: Add Sierra Wireless device IDs (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3520-Z (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3765-Z (commit)

  • serial-generic: use a single set of device IDs (commit)

  • serial: Enforce USB driver and USB serial driver match (commit)

  • serial: add quatech2 USB-to-serial driver (commit)

  • serial: cp210x: add Optris MS Pro id (commit)

  • serial: mos7840: add support for MCS7810 devices (commit)

  • serial: sierra: Add support for Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U modem (commit)

  • FunctionFS: enable multiple functions (commit)

  • fsl: Add controller version based ULPI and UTMI phy support (commit)

  • option: Add MEDIATEK product ids (commit)

  • option: add ZTE MF60 (commit)

  • remove CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS (commit)

  • remove CONFIG_USB_DEVICE_CLASS (commit)

  • remove staging quatech_usb2 driver (commit)

2.8. Input

  • ALPS - add semi-MT support for v4 protocol (commit)

  • Add Synaptics NavPoint (PXA27x SSP/SPI) driver (commit)

  • Add support for DA9052/53 touch screen controller (commit)

  • Add support for LM8333 keypads (commit)

  • Add support for Wacom Stylus device with I2C interface (commit)

  • wacom - add 0xE5 (MT device) support (commit)

  • wacom - add Intuos5 Touch Ring LED support (commit)

  • wacom - add Intuos5 Touch Ring/ExpressKey support (commit)

  • wacom - add Intuos5 multitouch sensor support (commit)

  • wacom - add basic Intuos5 support (commit)

  • bcm5974 - Add support for 2012 MacBook Pro Retina (commit)

  • xpad - add Andamiro Pump It Up pad (commit)

  • xpad - add signature for Razer Onza Tournament Edition (commit)

  • HID

    • Add device group to modalias (commit)

    • Aureal Remote Control Device Driver (commit)

    • Create a common generic driver (commit)

    • Create a generic device group (commit)

    • Add support for 2012 MacBook Pro Retina (commit)

    • apple: Add Apple wireless keyboard 2011 ANSI PID (commit)

    • hid-input: Add digitizer tilt usage support (commit)

    • hid-lg4ff: Add support for G27 LEDs (commit)

    • multitouch: Add support for Baanto touchscreen (commit)

    • uclogic: Add support for UC-Logic TWHL850 (commit)

    • waltop: Add support for Sirius tablet (commit)

    • add Sennheiser BTD500USB device support (commit)

    • hid-multitouch: add support for Zytronic panels (commit)

2.9. Sound

  • Add definitions for CEA-861 Audio InfoFrames (commit)

  • hda - Add the support for Creative SoundCore3D (commit)

  • hda - Support VGA-switcheroo (commit)

  • hda/realtek - Add new codec support for ALC269VD (commit)

  • oxygen: add Xonar DGX support (commit)

  • snd-usb: implement new endpoint streaming model (commit)

  • usb-audio: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra: Add effect controls (commit)

  • ASoC

    • Add LAPIS Semiconductor ML26124 driver (commit)

    • Add mc13783 codec (commit)

    • Add support for CS42L52 Codec (commit)

    • OMAP: HDMI: Introduce codec (commit)

    • Support TI LM49453 Audio driver (commit)

    • Ux500: Add MSP I2S-driver (commit)

    • add generic simple-card support (commit)

    • fsl: add imx-sgtl5000 machine driver (commit)

    • tegra: Add machine driver for WM8753 codec (commit)

    • tegra: add Kconfig and Makefile support for Tegra30 (commit)

2.10. Webcams and others image capture devices

  • Add fc0011 tuner driver (commit)

  • Afatech AF9033 DVB-T demodulator driver (commit)

  • Afatech AF9035 DVB USB driver (commit)

  • DVB: add support for the LG2160 ATSC-MH demodulator (commit)

  • Infineon TUA 9001 silicon tuner driver (commit)

  • STA2X11 VIP: new V4L2 driver (commit)

  • V4L: Add an extended camera white balance control (commit)

  • V4L: Add camera 3A lock control (commit)

  • V4L: Add camera ISO sensitivity controls (commit)

  • V4L: Add camera auto focus controls (commit)

  • V4L: Add camera exposure bias control (commit)

  • V4L: Add camera exposure metering control (commit)

  • V4L: Add camera image stabilization control (commit)

  • V4L: Add camera scene mode control (commit)

  • V4L: Add camera wide dynamic range control (commit)

  • af9035: Add Afatech USB PIDs (commit)

  • af9035: Add fc0011 tuner support (commit)

  • af9035: add AVerMedia Twinstar (A825) [07ca:0825] (commit)

  • af9035: add Avermedia Volar HD (A867R) support (commit)

  • af9035: add USB id for 07ca:a867 (commit)

  • af9035: add few new reference design USB IDs (commit)

  • af9035: add remote control support (commit)

  • af9035: add support for the tda18218 tuner (commit)

  • af9035: initial support for IT9135 chip (commit)

  • ati_remote: add support for Medion X10 Digitainer remote (commit)

  • au0828: Add USB ID used by many dongles (commit)

  • cx23885: TeVii s471 card support (commit)

  • dib0700: add new USB PID for the Elgato EyeTV DTT stick (commit)

  • fc001x: tuner driver for FC0012, version 0.5 (commit)

  • fc001x: tuner driver for FC0013 (commit)

  • gspca - ov534: Add Hue control (commit)

  • gspca - ov534: Add Saturation control (commit)

  • m5mols: Add 3A lock control (commit)

  • m5mols: Add ISO sensitivity controls (commit)

  • m5mols: Add JPEG compression quality control (commit)

  • m5mols: Add auto and preset white balance control (commit)

  • m5mols: Add exposure bias control (commit)

  • m5mols: Add exposure metering control (commit)

  • m5mols: Add image stabilization control (commit)

  • m5mols: Add wide dynamic range control (commit)

  • media/video/et61x251: Remove this deprecated driver (commit)

  • media: add support to gspca/pac7302.c for 093a:2627 (Genius FaceCam 300) (commit)

  • mxl111sf: add ATSC-MH support (commit)

  • patch for Asus My Cinema PS3-100 (1043:48cd) (commit)

  • radio-gemtek: add PnP support for AOpen FX-3D/Pro Radio (commit)

  • radio-sf16fmi: add support for SF16-FMD (commit)

  • s5p-fimc: Add color effect control (commit)

  • s5p-fimc: Add support for Exynos4x12 FIMC-LITE (commit)

  • smiapp: Add driver (commit)

  • smiapp: Generic SMIA++/SMIA PLL calculator (commit)

  • smsusb: add autodetection support for USB ID 2040:c0a0 (commit)


  • cx23885: add support for HVR-1255 analog (cx23888 variant) (commit)

2.11. Hardware monitorization

  • coretemp: Add support for Intel Atom D2000 and N2000 series CPU models (commit)

  • it87: Add support for IT8782F and IT8783E/F (commit)

  • INA219 and INA226 support (commit)

2.12. Battery

2.13. Multi Function Devices

2.14. Various

  • gpio

    • rc5t583: add gpio driver for RICOH PMIC RC5T583 (commit)

    • samsung: fix the typo 'exynos5_xxx' instead of 'exonys5_xxx' (commit)

    • Add STA2X11 GPIO block (commit)

    • Add support for Intel ICHx/3100/Series[56] GPIO (commit)

    • add MSIC gpio driver (commit)

  • leds

    • add LM3533 LED driver (commit)

    • add new transient trigger for one shot timer activation (commit)

    • driver for DA9052/53 PMIC v2 (commit)

  • mfd

    • db5500-prcmu: delete DB5500 PRCMU support (commit)

    • Add LM3533 lighting-power core driver (commit)

    • Add LPC driver for Intel ICH chipsets (commit)

    • Add MAX77693 driver (commit)

    • Add driver for STA2X11 MFD block (commit)

    • Add mc13xxx i2c driver (commit)

    • Add s5m regulator operation mode (commit)

    • palmas PMIC device support (commit)

  • pinctrl

  • watchdog

    • Add watchdog driver for Intel Atom E6XX (commit)

    • Convert iTCO_wdt driver to mfd model (commit)

    • it87_wdt: Add support for IT8728F watchdog. (commit)

    • remove ixp2000 driver (commit)

    • Watchdog: DA9052/53 PMIC watchdog support (commit)

  • misc: MAX8997: Remove max8997-muic driver (commit)

  • IIO: AT91: Add DT support to at91_adc driver (commit)

  • Support M95040 SPI EEPROM (commit)

  • backlight: add LM3533 backlight driver (commit)

  • clocksource: em_sti: Add DT support (commit)

  • clocksource: em_sti: Emma Mobile STI driver (commit)

  • crypto: ux500 - Add driver for CRYP hardware (commit)

  • crypto: ux500 - Add driver for HASH hardware (commit)

  • ddr: add LPDDR2 data from JESD209-2 (commit)

  • feature-removal: Remove pn544 raw driver (commit)

  • i2c: ixp2000: remove driver (commit)

  • iio: amplifiers: New driver for AD8366 Dual-Digital Variable Gain Amplifier (commit)

  • iommu/exynos: Add iommu driver for EXYNOS Platforms (commit)

  • lpc_sch: Add Intel Centerton Multifunction Device support (commit)

  • mISDN: Add X-Tensions USB ISDN TA XC-525 (commit)

  • mISDN: Added support for fragmentation of E1 interfaces of hfcmulti driver. (commit)

  • mISDN: Implement MISDN_CTRL_FILL_EMPTY for more drivers (commit)

  • mISDN: Implement MISDN_CTRL_RX_OFF for more drivers (commit)

  • max17042_battery: Add support for max17047/50 chip (commit)

  • misc: add support for bmp18x chips to the bmp085 driver (commit)

  • memory: emif: add basic infrastructure for EMIF driver (commit)

  • mmc: remove imxmmc driver (commit)

  • mtd: m25p80: Add support for Winbond W25Q80BW (commit)

  • pcmcia: add driver for hx4700 (commit)

  • regmap: add MMIO bus support (commit)

  • regmap: add MMIO bus support (commit)

  • regulator: Add TPS65090 regulator driver (commit)

  • regulator: Add support for RICOH PMIC RC5T583 regulator (commit)

  • regulator: Add support for tps62362 and tps62363 in tps62360-regulator driver (commit)

  • regulator: regulator driver for Palmas series chips (commit)

  • rtc-cmos / PM: report wakeup event on ACPI RTC alarm (commit)

  • serial8250-em: Emma Mobile UART driver V2 (commit)

  • serial: delete the MCA specific 8250 support. (commit)

  • ssb: add PCI IDs 0x4322 and 43222 (commit)

  • NFC: HCI-based pn544 driver (commit)

  • MCA: delete all remaining traces of microchannel bus support. (commit)

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