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Linux 3.8 DriverArch

  1. Architectures
    1. x86
    2. ARM
    3. MIPS
    4. S390
    5. PowerPC
    6. Xtensa
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Graphics
    3. Storage
    4. Networking
    5. Sound
    6. USB
    7. Bluetooth
    8. Input
    9. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers
    10. Networking
    11. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. x86

  • Add x86 CPU0 online/offline feature (commit), (commit)

  • Define the 2.12 bzImage boot protocol (commit)

  • AMD: Power driver support for AMD's family 16h processors (commit)

  • Add NumaChip remote PCI support (commit)

  • Add a UEFI variable filesystem, needed to support EFI variables bigger than the size of a memory page (commit)

  • ACPI

    • ACPI table overriding via initrd (commit), (commit), (commit)

    • Add ACPI CPU hot-remove support (commit)

    • Allow the user to improve their suspend/resume time by disabling the NVS save/restore at S3 time, but continue to do the NVS save/restore for S4 as specified. This is done with the kernel parameter acpi_sleep=nonvs_s3 (commit)

    • Add user space interface for identification objects (commit)

1.2. ARM

  • AT91: Add AT91RM9200 DT board (commit)

  • Exynos: add support for Exynos 5440 SoC (commit)

  • Kirkwood: new board USI Topkick (commit)

  • at91: add pinctrl support (commit)

  • Add Calxeda ECX-2000 support (commit)

  • kirkwood: Add Plat'Home OpenBlocks A6 support (commit)

  • kirkwood: Add support for the MPL CEC4 (commit)

  • kirkwood: DT board setup for Network Space Lite v2 (commit)

  • kirkwood: DT board setup for Network Space Mini v2 (commit)

  • kirkwood: DT board setup for Network Space v2 and parents (commit)

  • pxa: remove pxa95x support (commit)

  • shmobile: Remove G3EVM machine support (commit)

  • shmobile: Remove G4EVM machine support (commit)

  • shmobile: Remove SH7367 support (commit)

  • shmobile: Remove SH7377 support (commit)

  • sunxi: Add basic support for Allwinner A1x SoCs (commit)

  • kirkwood: add support for ZyXEL NSA310 (commit)

  • mm: Add support for Marvell PJ4B CPU and init routines (commit)

  • mvebu: Add SMP support for Marvell Armada XP (commit)

  • Add support for generic BCM SoC chipsets (commit)

1.3. MIPS

  • Transparent Huge Pages support (commit)

  • BCM47XX: remove GPIO driver (commit)

  • Cavium: Add EDAC support. (commit)

  • Netlogic: Support for XLR/XLS Fast Message Network (commit)

  • Netlogic: Support for multi-chip configuration (commit)

  • Octeon: Add kexec and kdump support (commit)

  • PMC-Sierra Yosemite: Remove support. (commit)

  • kdump: Add support (commit)

  • lantiq: adds GPHY firmware loader (commit)

  • oprofile: Support for XLR/XLS processors (commit)

  • perf: Add XLP support for hardware perf. (commit)

1.4. S390

1.5. PowerPC

  • KVM: Support eventfd (commit)

  • KVM: Book3S: Get/set guest FP regs using the GET/SET_ONE_REG interface (commit)

  • KVM: Book3S: Get/set guest SPRs using the GET/SET_ONE_REG interface (commit)

  • KVM: booke: Add watchdog emulation (commit)

1.6. Xtensa

  • add IRQ domains support (commit)

  • add U-Boot image support (uImage). (commit)

  • add config option to disable linker relaxation (commit)

  • add device trees support (commit)

  • add support for the XTFPGA boards (commit)

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • Add SystemBase Multi-2/PCI driver (commit)

  • comedi: amplc_dio200: support PCIe215, PCIe236 and PCIe296 (commit)

  • comedi: amplc_dio200: support memory-mapped I/O (commit)

  • comedi: amplc_dio200: support multiple read/write of counter (commit)

  • fwserial: Add TTY-over-Firewire serial driver (commit)

  • fwserial: Add TTY-over-Firewire serial driver (commit)

  • r8712u: Add new device ID (commit)

  • iio: Move ad7793 driver out of staging (commit)

  • iio: Move the ad7298 driver out of staging (commit)

  • Staging: remove rts_pstor driver (commit)

  • Staging: remove telephony drivers (commit)

2.2. Graphics

  • fbdev: Add GXT4000P and GXT6500P support to the gxt4500 driver (commit)

  • gma600: Enable HDMI support (commit)

  • exynos: add fimc IPP driver (commit)

  • exynos: add gsc IPP driver (commit)

  • exynos: add IPP subsystem (commit)

  • exynos: add rotator IPP driver (commit)

  • nouveau: initial support for GK106 (commit)

  • Add Nvidia Tegra20 support (commit)

  • tegra: Add HDMI support (commit)

  • tegra: Add Nvidia Tegra30 support (commit)

  • drivers/video: add support for the Solomon SSD1307 OLED Controller (commit)

2.3. Storage

  • SCSI

  • libata ahci: Add support for Enmotus Bobcat device. (commit)

2.4. Networking

2.5. Sound

  • HDA: VIA Add support for codec VT1705CF. (commit)

  • firewire: add Stanton SCS.1d/1m driver (commit)

  • hda - Add Conexant CX20755/20756/20757 codec IDs (commit)

  • ice1712: Add Philips PSC724 Ultimate Edge (commit)

  • ice1712: Add Wolfson Microelectronics WM8766 codec support (commit)

  • ice1712: Add Wolfson Microelectronics WM8776 codec support (commit)

  • usb-audio: Support for Digidesign Mbox 2 USB sound card: (commit)

  • usb-audio: add channel map support (commit)

  • virtuoso: Asus Xonar DSX support (commit)

  • ASoC: Add max98090 codec driver (commit)

  • ASoC: add support for the Freescale / iVeia P1022 RDK reference board (commit)

  • ASoC: adsp: Add ADSP base support (commit)

2.6. USB

  • Allow USB 3.0 ports to be disabled. (commit)

  • add OWL CM-160 support to cp210x driver (commit)

  • cp210x: add Virtenio Preon32 device id (commit)

  • ftdi_sio: Add support for Newport AGILIS motor drivers (commit)

  • ftdi_sio: add PID/VID entries for ELV WS 300 PC II (commit)

  • ftdi_sio: add Zolix FTDI PID (commit)

  • option: add Changhong CH690 (commit)

  • option: add Nexpring NP10T terminal id (commit)

  • option: add TP-LINK HSUPA Modem MA180 (commit)

  • option: add Telekom Speedstick LTE II (commit)

  • gadget: Remove File-backed Storage Gadget (g_file_storage). (commit)

  • phy: add R-Car USB PHY driver (commit)

  • xhci: Add Lynx Point LP to list of Intel switchable hosts (commit)

  • xhci: Avoid "dead ports", add roothub port polling. (commit)

  • EHCI: remove Alchemy EHCI driver (commit), remove CNS3xxx EHCI platform driver (commit), remove IXP4xx EHCI driver (commit), remove Loongson 1B EHCI driver. (commit), remove Netlogic XLS EHCI driver (commit), remove unused Link Power Management code (commit)

  • OHCI: remove Alchemy OHCI platform driver. (commit), remove CNS3xxx OHCI platform driver (commit), remove Netlogic XLS OHCI platform driver (commit), remove OHCI SH platform driver (commit), remove PNX8550 OHCI driver (commit), remove ohci-pcc-soc driver. (commit)

2.7. Bluetooth

  • Add support for BCM20702A0 [0b05, 17b5] (commit)

  • Add support for Foxconn / Hon Hai [0489:e04e] (commit)

  • Add support for Foxconn / Hon Hai [0489:e056] (commit)

  • Add support for GC-WB300D PCIe [04ca:3006] to ath3k. (commit)

  • Add support for IMC Networks [13d3:3393] (commit)

2.8. Input

  • arizona-haptics: Add driver haptics module on Arizona CODECs (commit)

  • add DA9055 Onkey driver (commit)

  • add Retu power button driver. (commit)

  • remove Compaq iPAQ H3600 (Bitsy) touchscreen driver (commit)

  • serio - add ARC PS/2 driver (commit)

  • wacom - add support for 2 new multi-touch tablets (0x100 and 0x101) (commit)

  • wacom - add support for a new MT device (0x4001) (commit)

  • xpad - add a few new VID/PID combinations (commit)

  • HID

    • Add Apple wireless keyboard 2011 ANSI to special driver list (commit)

    • Add driver for ION iCade (commit)

    • add support to Novatec wireless mouse (commit)

    • multitouch: support T and C for Windows 8 devices (commit)

    • multitouch: support arrays for the split of the touches in a report (commit)

    • multitouch: support for hovering devices (commit)

    • roccat: add support for KoneXTD (commit)

    • roccat: add support for Roccat Lua (commit)

2.9. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers

  • V4L: Add driver for S3C24XX/S3C64XX SoC series camera interface (commit)

  • v4l: add buffer exporting via dmabuf (commit)

  • v4l: vb2: add support for shared buffer (dma_buf) (commit)

2.10. Networking

  • mwifiex: add multi-queue support (commit)

  • myri10ge: Convert from LRO to GRO (commit)

  • ixgbe: Enable jumbo frames support w/ SR-IOV (commit)

  • ixgbe: add setlink, getlink support to ixgbe and ixgbevf (commit)

  • ixgbevf: Add VF DCB + SR-IOV support (commit)

  • ixgbevf: Add checksum statistics counters to rings (commit)

  • mlx4: 64-byte CQE/EQE support (commit)

  • macb: Add support for Gigabit Ethernet mode (commit)

  • rtlwifi: Modify files for addition of rtl8723ae (commit)

  • rtlwifi: rtl8192c: rtl8192ce: Add support for B-CUT version of RTL8188CE (commit)

  • rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: rtl8192cu: rtl8192se: rtl81723ae: Turn on building of the new driver (commit)

  • rtlwifi: rtl8723ae: Add new driver (commit)

  • ar5523: Add new driver (commit)

  • ath6kl: Add support for AR6004 hardware version 1.3 (commit)

  • ath6kl: add support for changing country code (commit)

  • ath9k: Add concurrent WLAN and BT tx support for MCI based chips (commit)

  • ath9k_hw: Enable hw PLL power save for AR9462 (commit)

  • add Marvell 88W8688 support to libertas_sdio (commit)

  • i2400m: add Intel 6150 device IDs (commit)

  • igb: Ethtool support to enable and disable EEE (commit)

  • smsc75xx: add support for USB dynamic auto-suspend (commit)

  • add micrel KSZ8873MLL switch support (commit)

  • cdc_mbim: Device Service Stream support (commit)

  • cdc_mbim: adding MBIM driver (commit)

  • cdc_mbim: build the MBIM driver (commit)

  • cdc_ncm: add another Huawei vendor-specific device (commit)

  • mvmdio: new Marvell MDIO driver (commit)

  • mvneta: driver for Marvell Armada 370/XP network unit (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: add Telit LE920 support (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: add ONDA MT8205 4G LTE (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: add TP-LINK HSUPA Modem MA180 (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: add ZTE MF880 (commit)

  • qmi_wwan: add more Huawei devices, including E320 (commit)

  • p54usb: add USB ID for T-Com Sinus 154 data II (commit)

  • p54usb: add USB IDs for two more p54usb devices (commit)

  • bfin_mac: offer a PTP hardware clock. (commit)

  • block: partition: msdos: provide UUIDs for partitions (commit)

  • bnx2x: Activate LFA (commit)

  • bnx2x: Add support for 20G-KR2 (commit)

  • can: grcan: Add device driver for GRCAN and GRHCAN cores (commit)

  • can: kvaser_usb: Add support for Kvaser CAN/USB devices (commit)

  • can: sja1000: plx_pci: add support for Connect Tech Inc's Canpro/104-Plus Opto CAN board (commit)

  • can: usb: esd_usb2: Add support for CAN-USB/Micro (commit)

  • cxgb4: Add T4 filter support (commit)

  • dm9601: support dm9620 variant (commit)

  • Wireless: rt2x00: Add device id for Sweex LW323 to rt2800usb.c (commit)

  • 8139cp: enable bql (commit)

2.11. Various

  • watchdog: DA9055 watchdog driver (commit)

  • watchdog: sp5100_tco: Add SB8x0 chipset support (commit)

  • uart: add other serial core layer get attributes (commit)

  • tg3: Support 5717 C0 (commit)

  • sundance: Enable WoL support (commit)

  • spi/clps711x: New SPI master driver (commit)

  • spi/stmp: remove obsolete driver (commit)

  • spi: tegra: add SPI driver for SLINK controller (commit)

  • spi: tegra: add SPI driver for sflash controller (commit)

  • ssb: add GPIO driver (commit)

  • ssb: add PCI ID 0x4350 (commit)

  • serial/arc-uart: Add new driver (commit)

  • regulator: DA9055 regulator driver (commit)

  • regulator: Versatile Express regulator driver (commit)

  • regulator: add a regulator driver for the AS3711 PMIC (commit)

  • regulator: max8973: add regulator driver support (commit)

  • regulator: tps65090: Add support for LDO regulators (commit)

  • regulator: tps65090: add external control support for DCDC (commit)

  • regulator: tps80031: add regulator driver for tps80031 (commit)

  • rtc: add NXP PCF8523 support (commit)

  • rtc: add RTC driver for TPS6586x (commit)

  • pwm: Add SPEAr PWM chip driver support (commit)

  • pwm: Add TI PWM subsystem driver (commit)

  • pwm: New driver to support PWM driven LEDs on TWL4030/6030 series of PMICs (commit)

  • pwm: New driver to support PWMs on TWL4030/6030 series of PMICs (commit)

  • pwm: Remove pwm-twl6030 driver (commit)

  • pinctrl: SPEAr: Add plgpio driver (commit)

  • pinctrl: exynos5440: add pinctrl driver for Samsung EXYNOS5440 SoC (commit)

  • pinctrl: samsung: Add support for EXYNOS4X12 (commit)

  • power: Add simple poweroff-gpio driver (commit)

  • power_supply: Add bq2415x charger driver (commit)

  • power_supply: Add new Nokia RX-51 (N900) power supply battery driver (commit)

  • irqchip: sunxi: Add irq controller driver (commit)

  • mfd: Add TI TPS80031 mfd core driver (commit)

  • mfd: Add an AS3711 PMIC MFD driver (commit)

  • mfd: Add viperboard driver (commit)

  • mfd: Introduce retu-mfd driver (commit)

  • mfd: mc13xxx: Add support for mc34708 (commit)

  • mfd: ti_tscadc: Add support for TI's TSC/ADC MFDevice (commit)

  • mfd: wm8994: Add support for WM1811 rev E (commit)

  • mmc: SD/MMC Host Controller for Wondermedia WM8505/WM8650 (commit)

  • mmc: at91-mci: remove obsolete driver (commit)

  • mmc: sdhci-acpi: add SDHCI ACPI driver (commit)

  • mtd: Drop FORTUNET support (commit)

  • mtd: bcm47xxnflash: writing support (commit)

  • mtd: delete nomadik_nand driver (commit)

  • mtd: denali: add a DT driver (commit)

  • mtd: nand/docg4: add support for writing in reliable mode (commit)

  • gpio / ACPI: add ACPI support (commit)

  • gpio: Add viperboard gpio driver (commit)

  • gpio: SPEAr: add spi chipselect control driver (commit)

  • gpio: add TS-5500 DIO blocks support (commit)

  • hwmon-vid: Add support for AMD family 11h to 15h processors (commit)

  • hwmon: (ads7828) add support for ADS7830 (commit)

  • hwmon: (coretemp) Drop N4xx, N5xx, D4xx, D5xx CPUs from tjmax table (commit)

  • hwmon: DA9055 HWMON driver (commit)

  • hwmon: Versatile Express hwmon driver (commit)

  • i2c / ACPI: add ACPI enumeration support (commit)

  • i2c: Add viperboard i2c master driver (commit)

  • i2c: i2c-cbus-gpio: introduce driver (commit)

  • iio: adc: Add Texas Instruments ADC081C021/027 support (commit)

  • iio: adc: Add viperboard adc driver (commit)

  • iio:ad7793: Add support for the ad7796 and ad7797 (commit)

  • iio:ad7793: Add support for the ad7798 and ad7799 (commit)

  • iio:dac: Add support for the ad5449 (commit)

  • iio:gyro: Add support for the ADIS16136 gyroscope (commit)

  • iio:imu: Add support for the ADIS16480 and similar IMUs (commit)

  • drivers/memstick: Add Realtek pcie memstick host driver (commit)

  • drivers/mfd: Add Realtek pcie card reader driver (commit)

  • drivers/mmc: Add Realtek pcie sdmmc host driver (commit)

  • bcma: add GPIO driver (commit)

  • clk: Common clocks implementation for Versatile Express (commit)

  • clk: Versatile Express clock generators ("osc") driver (commit)

  • clk: ux500: Initial support for abx500 clock driver (commit)

  • clocksource: sunxi: Add Allwinner A1X timer driver (commit)

  • cpufreq: SPEAr: Add CPUFreq driver (commit)

  • cpuidle: add Calxeda SOC idle support (commit)

  • cpuidle: support multiple drivers (commit)

  • cpupower: IvyBridge (0x3a and 0x3e models) support (commit)

  • Thermal: Add ST-Ericsson DB8500 thermal driver. (commit)

  • Thermal: Add a thermal notifier for user space (commit)

  • Thermal: Provide option to choose default thermal governor (commit)

  • OMAP: remove vram allocator (commit)

  • Serial: Add support for new devices: Exar's XR17V35x family of multi-port PCIe UARTs (commit)

  • Add a codec driver for SI476X MFD (commit)

  • DA9055 GPIO driver (commit)

  • IIO : ADC: tiadc: Add support of TI's ADC driver (commit)

  • 8250/16?50: Add support for Broadcom TruManage redirected serial port (commit)

  • GPIO: Add support for GPIO on CLPS711X-target platform (commit)

  • tty/8250 Add support for Commtech's Fastcom Async-335 and Fastcom Async-PCIe cards (commit)

  • Add new uio device for dynamic memory allocation (commit)

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