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Linux 3.9 DriverArch

  1. Architectures
    1. x86
    2. ARM
    3. S390
    4. PowerPC
    5. MIPS
    6. xtensa
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Graphics
    3. Storage
    4. Networking
    5. Sound
    6. USB
    7. Bluetooth
    8. Input
    9. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers
    10. Hardware monitoring
    11. I2C
    12. Near-field communication (NFC)
    13. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. x86

  • Support loading bzImage, boot_params and ramdisk above 4G (commit)

  • Early microcode loading support (commit)

  • Remove 32-bit-only "no-hlt" parameter, hlt_works_ok flag (commit)

  • Remove mwait_idle() and "idle=mwait" cmdline param (commit)

  • ACPI, mm: Revert movablemem_map support (commit)

  • AMD, NB: Add multi-domain support (commit)

  • AMD: Enable WC+ memory type on family 10 processors (commit)

  • x86-32: Add support for 64bit get_user() (commit)

  • Add Crash kernel low reservation (commit)

  • Add TS-5500 platform support (commit)

  • ACPI / PM: Expose current status of ACPI power resources (commit)

  • ACPI / PM: Expose lists of device power resources to user space (commit)

  • ACPI / PM: Expose power states of ACPI devices to user space (commit)

  • ACPI: add support for CSRT table (commit)

  • EDAC, MCE, AMD: Add MCE decoding support for Family 16h (commit)

  • cpufreq/x86: Add P-state driver for sandy bridge. (commit)

  • acer-wmi: support Lenovo ideapad S205 10382JG wifi switch (commit)

  • acer-wmi: support Lenovo ideapad S205 1038DPG wifi switch (commit)

  • asus-laptop: add all video switch keys (commit)

  • asus-nb-wmi: add all video switch keys (commit)

  • msi-laptop: Add MSI Wind U90/U100 support (commit)

  • msi-wmi: Add MSI Wind support (commit)

  • hp-wmi: Add support for SMBus hotkeys (commit)

  • intel_idle: support Haswell (commit)

1.2. ARM

  • tegra: Add Tegra30 Beaver board support (commit)

    • Dummy Virtual Machine platform support (commit)

  • OMAP2+: Enable ARCH_MULTIPLATFORM support (commit)

  • OMAP2+: Remove apollon board support (commit)

  • OMAP2: AM33XX: id: Add support for AM335x PG2.0 (commit)

  • at91: remove NEOCORE 926 board (commit)

  • Add apf51 basic support (commit)

  • add dtsi for imx6q and imx6dl (commit)

  • imx: Remove mach-mx51_3ds board (commit)

  • imx: Remove mx508 support (commit)

  • psci: add support for PSCI invocations from the kernel (commit)

  • highbank: add support for pl320 IPC (commit)

  • sunxi: Add pinctrl driver for Allwinner SoCs (commit)

  • cpufreq: add imx6q-cpufreq driver (commit)

  • cpufreq: kirkwood: Add a cpufreq driver for Marvell Kirkwood SoCs (commit)

1.3. S390

  • KVM Add support for channel I/O instructions. (commit)

  • KVM: Add support for machine checks. (commit)

  • KVM: Base infrastructure for enabling capabilities. (commit)

  • KVM: Support for I/O interrupts. (commit)

1.4. PowerPC

  • 44x: Support OCM(On Chip Memory) for APM821xx SoC and Bluestone board (commit)

  • 85xx: Board support for ppa8548 (commit)

  • Add a powerpc implementation of SHA-1 (commit)

  • Hook in new transactional memory code (commit)

  • Add transactional memory to POWER8 cpu features (commit)

  • kgdb/kgdbts: support ppc64 (commit)

1.5. MIPS

  • Add support for the M14KEc core. (commit)

  • Octeon: Adding driver to measure interrupt latency on Octeon. (commit)

  • PNX8550: Remove support for SOC and JBS and STB810 boards. (commit)

  • ralink: adds Kbuild files (commit)

1.6. xtensa

  • Add support for Diamond 233L - Rev C processor variant (commit)

  • Add support for TLS (commit)

  • Add support for oprofile (commit)

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • staging: comedi: introduce addi_watchdog driver (commit)

  • staging:iio: Move adis16400 out of staging (commit)

  • staging:iio: Move adxrs450 driver out of staging (commit)

2.2. Graphics

  • drm/i2c: nxp-tda998x (v3) (commit)

  • drm/nouveau/therm: implement automatic fan management (commit)

  • drm/nouveau/therm: implement support for temperature alarms (commit)

  • drm/nva3/therm: add support for hardware fan tachometer (commit)

  • drm/nvd0/therm: add support for hardware fan tachometer (commit)

  • drm/omap: Add OMAP5 support (commit)

  • drm/radeon: Deprecate UMS support v2 (commit)

  • drm/radeon: add Oland pci ids (commit)

  • drm/tilcdc: add TI LCD Controller DRM driver (v4) (commit)

  • video: mmp display controller support (commit)

  • video: mmp display subsystem (commit)

  • video: mmp: add tpo hvga panel supported (commit)

  • fb: backlight: add the Himax HX-8357B LCD controller (commit)

  • gpu: remove gma500 stub driver (commit)

  • Staging: zcache: delete it (commit)

2.3. Storage

  • ahci: AHCI-mode SATA patch for Intel Avoton DeviceIDs (commit)

  • ahci: Add Device IDs for Intel Wellsburg PCH (commit)

  • AHCI: Support multiple MSIs (commit)

  • ata_piix: Add Device IDs for Intel Wellsburg PCH (commit)

  • ata_piix: IDE-mode SATA patch for Intel Avoton DeviceIDs (commit)

  • Add R-Car SATA driver (commit)

  • export host controller number thru /sys (commit)

  • Add new fcoe control interface (commit)

  • SCSI

    • mpt2sas: Add support for OEM-specific controller (commit)

    • qla2xxx: Enable target mode support for ISP83xx. (commit)

2.4. Networking

  • bnx2x: Add VF device ids and enable feature (commit)

  • bnx2x: Added FW GRO bridging support (commit)

  • bnx2x: Added nvram personalities support (commit)

  • bnx2x: add `ethtool -w' support. (commit)

  • brcmfmac: Add tx p2p off-channel support. (commit)

  • brcmfmac: add peer-to-peer group discovery support (commit)

  • brcmfmac: add support for P2P listen mode. (commit)

  • brcmfmac: add support for creating P2P client/GO interface (commit)

  • brcmfmac: implement support for deleting virtual interfaces (commit)

  • brcmsmac: allow user-space setting of interface address (commit)

  • iwlwifi: add 7000 series device configuration (commit)

  • iwlwifi: add NVM and PHY DB code for new MVM driver (commit)

  • ixgbe: implement SFF diagnostic monitoring via ethtool (commit)

  • Add support for NTB virtual ethernet device (commit)

  • phy: realtek: add rtl8211e driver (commit)

  • rt2x00: rt2800pci add id (commit)

  • rt2x00: rt2800usb add "unknown" devices (commit)

  • rt2x00: rt2800usb add Sweex ids (commit)

  • rt2x00: rt2800usb add/identify ids (commit)

  • ath9k: add spectral scan feature (commit)

  • ath9k_hw: Add TempCompensation feature for AR9550 (commit)

  • bgmac: driver for GBit MAC core on BCMA bus (commit)

  • igb: Add i2c interface to igb. (commit)

  • igb: Enable SR-IOV configuration via PCI sysfs interface (commit)

  • igb: Enable hwmon data output for thermal sensors via I2C. (commit)

  • mwifiex: add 802.11AC support (commit)

  • mwifiex: add PCIe8897 support (commit)

  • mwl8k: Enable support to support additional ampdu streams (commit)

  • mwl8k: add single band 88W8366 PCI device IDs (commit)

  • p54usb: corrected USB ID for T-Com Sinus 154 data II (commit)

  • fec: add napi support to improve proformance (commit)

  • qeth: Support VEPA mode (commit)

  • qlcnic: 83xx base driver (commit)

  • rt2x00: allow AP and mesh mode to operate simultaneously (commit)

  • rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new USB ID (commit)

  • veth: extend device features (commit)

  • tg3: Add 57766 device support. (commit)

  • tg3: Add support for new 5762 ASIC (commit)

  • tg3: add support for Ethernet core in bcm4785 (commit)

  • add support for IEEE-1588 PTP (commit)

  • add support for hardware timestamping on some devices (commit)

  • ethernet: cpsw: dual emac interface implementation (commit)

  • delete 8390 based EISA drivers. (commit)

  • delete Digital EtherWorks-3 support. (commit)

  • delete ISA intel eexpress and eepro i825xx drivers (commit)

  • delete Racal Interlan ISA ni52 (i825xx) driver (commit)

  • delete at1700 ISA 10Mbit driver (commit)

  • delete intel 486 panther onboard ethernet support (commit)

  • delete intel i825xx based znet notebook driver (commit)

  • delete old 8 bit ISA Racal ni5010 support. (commit)

  • delete old 8bit ISA 3c501 driver. (commit)

  • delete old DEC depca ISA drivers support. (commit)

  • delete old fujitsu based eth16i driver (commit)

  • delete old parallel port de600/de620 drivers (commit)

  • delete old x86 variant of the seeq8005 driver (commit)

  • delete orphaned MCA ibmlana driver content (commit)

  • delete the 3Com 3c505/3c507 intel i825xx support (commit)

  • delete the really obsolete 8390 based 10Mbit ISA drivers (commit)

2.5. Sound

  • HDA: New PCI ID for Intel Haswell ULT (commit)

  • hda - Add Loopback Mixing control (commit)

  • hda - Add new DSP loader callback routines (commit)

  • hda - add support for IDT 92HD95 HDA codec (commit)

  • hda/sigmatel - Add bass speaker support for HP Envy Spectre XT (commit)

  • hda_intel: Add Device IDs for Intel Wellsburg PCH (commit)

  • usb-audio: add support for M-Audio FT C600 (commit)

  • ASoC

    • OMAP: Remove obsolete machine drivers for Zoom2 and SDP3430 (commit)

    • Replace max98090 device driver (commit)

    • Replace max98090 device driver (commit)

    • codecs: Add Dialog da7213 codec (commit)

    • tegra: add AC'97 host driver (commit)

2.6. USB

  • Add runtime pm support for usb port device (commit)

  • Add usb port auto power off mechanism (commit)

  • Enable usb port device's async suspend. (commit)

  • Expose usb port's pm qos flags to user space (commit)

  • phy: add a new driver for usb part of control module (commit)

  • phy: add a new driver for usb3 phy (commit)

  • phy: samsung: Add host phy support to samsung-phy driver (commit)

  • HID: SRW-S1 gaming wheel driver (commit)

  • HID: Steelseries SRW-S1 Add support controlling all LEDs simultaneously (commit)

  • misc: Add USB3503 high-speed hub controller (commit)

  • option: add Huawei "ACM" devices using protocol = vendor (commit)

  • option: add Yota / Megafon M100-1 4g modem (commit)

  • option: add and update Alcatel modems (commit)

2.7. Bluetooth

2.8. Input

  • ALPS - add support for "Rushmore" touchpads (commit)

  • Add driver for Cypress APA I2C trackpad (commit)

  • Add support for Cypress PS/2 trackpads (commit)

  • cyapa - add support for SMBus protocol (commit)

  • goldfish - virtual input event driver (commit)

  • qt2160 - add support for LEDs (commit)

  • wacom - add support for DTH-2242 (commit)

  • HID

    • LG: Add support for Logitech Momo Force (Red) Wheel (commit)

    • Support Jess/Saitek Color Rumble Pad (commit)

    • Add ThingM blink(1) USB RGB LED support (commit)

    • Add support for Sony RF receiver with USB product id 0x0374 (commit)

    • blacklist Velleman data acquisition boards (commit)

    • i2c-hid: add ACPI support (commit)

    • multitouch: add support for Nexio 42" panel (commit)

2.9. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers

  • Added support for AVerTV Hybrid Express Slim HC81R (commit)

  • Support Digivox Mini HD (rtl2832) (commit)

  • TeVii DVB-S s421 and s632 cards support (commit)

  • TeVii DVB-S s421 and s632 cards support, rs2000 part (commit)

  • V4L: Add driver for OV9650/52 image sensors (commit)

  • af9033: add support for Fitipower FC0012 tuner (commit)

  • af9035: support for Fitipower FC0012 tuner devices (commit)

  • au0828: update model matrix entries for 72261, 72271 & 72281 (commit)

  • cx231xx : Add support for Elgato Video Capture V2 (commit)

  • cx23885: add RC support for MyGica X8507 (commit)

  • davinci: vpfe: add v4l2 capture driver with media interface (commit)

  • davinci: vpfe: dm365: add build infrastructure for capture driver (commit)

  • em28xx: add USB id for Terratec h5 rev. 3 (commit)

  • gspca_kinect: add Kinect for Windows USB id (commit)

  • it913x: add support for Avermedia A835B (commit)

  • m920x: add support for the VP-7049 Twinhan DVB-T USB Stick (commit)

  • add a VEU MEM2MEM format conversion and scaling driver (commit)

  • add driver for Masterkit MA901 USB radio (commit)

  • ov7670: add support for ov7675 (commit)

  • rtl28xxu: Add USB IDs for Compro VideoMate U620F (commit)

  • rtl28xxu: [1b80:d3a8] ASUS My Cinema-U3100Mini Plus V2 (commit)

  • rtl28xxu: add Gigabyte U7300 DVB-T Dongle (commit)

  • saa7134: Add capture card Hawell HW-9004V1 (commit)

  • ts2020: add ts2020 tuner driver (commit)

  • v4l2: blackfin: add EPPI3 support (commit)

2.10. Hardware monitoring

  • (it87) Add support for IT8771E and IT8772E (commit)

  • (pmbus/max34440) Add support for MAX34460 and MAX34461 (commit)

  • (pmbus/zl6100) Add support for VMON/VDRV (commit)

  • Driver for Maxim MAX6697 and compatibles (commit)

  • Driver for Texas Instruments INA209 (commit)

2.11. I2C

  • i2c-designware: add support for Intel Lynxpoint (commit)

  • add bcm2835 driver (commit)

  • i801: Add Device IDs for Intel Wellsburg PCH (commit)

  • i801: SMBus patch for Intel Avoton DeviceIDs (commit)

  • sis630: Add SIS964 support (commit)

  • tegra: add support for Tegra114 SoC (commit)

2.12. Near-field communication (NFC)

  • Add support for SO_TIMESTAMP LLCP socket option (commit)

  • Initial support for Inside Secure microread (commit)

  • microread: Add MEI physical layer (commit)

  • microread: Add i2c physical layer (commit)

2.13. Various

  • rtc: add RTC driver for TPS80031/TPS80032 (commit)

  • rtc: add rtc-driver for HID sensors of type time (commit)

  • rtc: add support for spi rtc rx4581 (commit)

  • rtc: max8997: add driver for max8997 rtc (commit)

  • TPM: STMicroelectronics ST33 I2C KERNEL 3.x (commit)

  • backlight: add an AS3711 PMIC backlight driver (commit)

  • backlight: add lms501kf03 LCD driver (commit)

  • backlight: add new lp8788 backlight driver (commit)

  • backlight: lp855x_bl: support new LP8557 device (commit)

  • IBM RamSan 70/80 device driver (commit)

  • delete super ancient PC-XT driver for 1980's hardware (commit)

  • w1: add support for DS2413 Dual Channel Addressable Switch (commit)

  • watchdog: add new driver for STMP3xxx and i.MX23/28 (commit)

  • watchdog: introduce retu_wdt driver (commit)

  • gpio/lynxpoint: add chipset gpio driver. (commit)

  • gpio: delete AB8500 driver (commit)

  • gpio: palmas: Add support for Palmas GPIO (commit)

  • gpio: pca953x: add support for pca9505 (commit)

  • iio: gyro: Add itg3200 (commit)

  • iio: mxs: Add MX23 support into the IIO driver (commit)

  • iio:adis16400: Add support for the adis16448 (commit)

  • iio:gyro: Add STMicroelectronics gyroscopes driver (commit)

  • iio:light:tsl2563 move out of staging (commit)

  • iio:magnetometer: Add STMicroelectronics magnetometers driver (commit)

  • mtip32xx: Add workqueue and NUMA support (commit)

  • mtip32xx: add trim support (commit)

  • mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Support Persistent Protection Bits (PPB) locking (commit)

  • mtd: chips: Add support for GigaDevice GD25Q32/GD25Q64 SPI Flash in m25p80.c (commit)

  • mmc: add BCM2835 driver (commit)

  • mmc: sh_mmcif: Add support for eMMC Dual Data Rate (commit)

  • leds-lp55xx: support firmware interface (commit)

  • mfd: lpc_ich: Add Device IDs for Intel Wellsburg PCH (commit)

  • mfd: rtsx: Support RTS5227 (commit)

  • misc: Add Lattice ECP3 FPGA configuration via SPI (commit)

  • pinctrl/abx500: add AB8500 sub-driver (commit)

  • pinctrl/abx500: add AB8505 sub-driver (commit)

  • pinctrl/abx500: add AB8540 sub-driver (commit)

  • pinctrl/abx500: add AB9540 sub-driver (commit)

  • pinctrl: add abx500 pinctrl driver core (commit)

  • pinctrl: tegra114: add pinctrl driver for NVIDIA's Tegra114 SoC (commit)

  • regmap: Add asynchronous I/O support (commit)

  • regmap: Add support for 24 bit wide register addresses (commit)

  • regmap: spi: Support asynchronous I/O for SPI (commit)

  • regulator: lp8755: new driver for LP8755 (commit)

  • pm2301: Enable vbat low monitoring (commit)

  • pm2301: LPN mode control support (commit)

  • pm2301: Provide u9540 support for the pm2301 charger (commit)

  • serial/8250: Add suport for later SUNIX (TIMEDIA) boards. (commit)

  • serial: Remove RM9000 series serial driver. (commit)

  • serial: mcf: Add support RS485 in ColdFire serial driver (commit)

  • serial: ralink: adds support for the serial core found on ralink wisoc (commit)

  • serial: sirf: add support for new SiRFmarco SMP SoC (commit)

  • serial: tegra: add serial driver (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7203 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7264 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7269 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh73a0 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7720 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7722 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7723 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7724 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7734 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7757 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7785 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add sh7786 pinmux support (commit)

  • sh-pfc: Add shx3 pinmux support (commit)

  • spi/pxa2xx: add support for DMA engine (commit)

  • spi/pxa2xx: add support for Intel Low Power Subsystem SPI (commit)

  • spi/pxa2xx: add support for Lynxpoint SPI controllers (commit)

  • spi/pxa2xx: add support for SPI_LOOP (commit)

  • spi/pxa2xx: add support for runtime PM (commit)

  • ssb: add place for serial flash driver (commit)

  • irqchip: add basic infrastructure (commit)

  • clk: tegra: add clock support for Tegra20 (commit)

  • clk: tegra: add clock support for Tegra30 (commit)

  • dma: tegra: add support for Tegra114 SoC (commit)

  • edac: add support for error type "Info" (commit)

  • edac: add support for raw error reports (commit)

  • extcon: max77693: Add support Dock-Smart device for desktop mode (commit)

  • iommu/shmobile: Add iommu driver for Renesas IPMMU modules (commit)

  • thermal: Add support for the thermal sensor on Kirkwood SoCs (commit)

  • tty: metag_da: Add metag DA TTY driver (commit)

  • vfio-pci: Add support for VGA region access (commit)

  • Thermal: Dove: Add Themal sensor support for Dove. (commit)

  • Thermal: exynos: Add support for temperature falling interrupt. (commit)

  • Thermal: exynos: Add sysfs node supporting exynos's emulation mode. (commit)

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