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[DIFF] 02:55 Info AndySayler Added Linux 4.7 entry
[DIFF] 17:23 Info AlexanderAlemayhu [1-3] #01 Remove broken jargon link
#02 Update broken memory management link
#03 Update broken dictionary link
[DIFF] 17:03 Info AlexanderAlemayhu Add a web client
[DIFF] 13:01 Info AlexanderAlemayhu Fix broken link for The perfect patch
[DIFF] 12:51 Info derRichard
[DIFF] 19:54 Info MartiRaudsepp add 4.7
[DIFF] 09:37 Info David Smith [1-2]
[DIFF] 09:43 Info MartiRaudsepp [1-2] #01 Another missing bullet point, escape unitentional WikiLinks
#02 +missing bullet point
[DIFF] 14:42 Info RikvanRiel [1-2] #01 undo the mess the gui editor made of the menu
#02 change links from http to https
[DIFF] 07:13 Info diegocalleja Linux 4.7
[DIFF] 05:28 Info MichaelKerrisk [1-2] #01 Minor wording fixup
#02 Minor wording fixup

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