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Revision History

# Date Size Editor Comment Action
5 2008-05-10 16:09:41 4579 DaveGilbert Bah, two 'engian's slipped in  view raw print
4 2008-05-10 16:06:45 4579 DaveGilbert Fixed IA-64 ref (it's switchable), noted some ARMs are typically little-endian, added note about networking data typically being big endian and added link to Wikipedia's article  view raw print
3 2008-05-05 20:59:09 4307 kstacey Original Arthor's binary-hex conversions are wrong. Since binary repeated more than once, I edited the hex value to match (could have edited binary to match hex). He had 0xa72be with 0xb = 1000b.  view raw print
2 2005-10-07 18:40:31 4307 c-24-22-115-24    view raw print
1 2005-10-07 18:32:05 3966 c-24-22-115-24    view raw print
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