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Understanding Linux Network Internals

Christian Benvenuti
O'Reilly, 1st Edition, 2005
ISBN 0-596-00255-6

This book gives a great overview of the linux networking internals. In particular, it describes what happens during frame transmission and reception in great detail. I like this book because it gives the big picture along and ties it with the actual code.

What can you learn? (among other things)

  • What is an sk_buff and how to manipulate it.

  • How NAPI and non-NAPI drivers process packets in 2.6.x kernels.

  • How netif_rx, netif_rx_schedule, netif_rx_action, and netif_receive_skb work.

  • Where are the IP netfilter hooks.

  • How the bridging code works and where it puts netfilter hooks.

Kernel Versions and Reviews

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