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Kernel Hacking is something very attractive, perhaps because of its complexity. So when you face for the first time to the kernel, you ask yourself the question : where do I begin ?

Here is a description of what I have done for 1 year now.

At the beginning, I bought some book to have an overview of the Linux Kernel and I read the code of the kernel to become familiar with it.

But then, I wanted to do something useful. That's the famous question : what can I do to help the Linux Kernel Community ? Well, you can have a look at the kerneljanitors project but me I wasn't very interested of fixing blank space bugs :) And it's very difficult to find a real good new project. So, I began writing some idiot module to practice kernel coding. These modules are dumb but I think it's a good start.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who write this kind of code. Wouldn't be interesting to share it with the world ?

This section is aimed to hold some kernel code done by the wiki users. You can place your pieces of code :

  • if it's interesting for others wiki users

  • if you want that someone correct some bugs in your code

Every wiki users, feel free to add some code and also, feel free to correct the code of others.

Here are the rules to post :

  • add a line in the table of the modules with the appropriate values :

    • the wiki name (xxxSource)

    • author

    • description

  • you have to cost the code in Plain text (#FORMAT Plain)

Here are the rules to correct :

  • the corrections must be made in italic

  • never delete a line in the code. only the administrator of the code can do that

    • (the one who posted the patch).

Please respect these rules.






an example of a character device driver



a module explaining the virtual memory



nano dev file system from Greg KH

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