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KernelHacking-HOWTO/Getting Source Code

Why should i get kernel source code?

1.If you want to be a kernel hacker,you should have source code of the kernel.

2.If your problem is how to modify the linux kernel and how to evalute or see the impact of the changes that you made during the "kernel Hacking" ,you should have source code.

3.If you love to see the coding style and implementation of various critical Opearating System Concepts,you should have.

How to get Source Code?

There are two kinds of source code. One is distribution (stock) kernel and another is fresh main line kernel.If you want distribution specific kernel then you could get it from their mirior.You have to look at the distribution specific mirror and it depends on distribution to distribution.These kind of kernel source code are modified according to the distribution needs.These kind of kernel source code are

  • 1) Distribution dependent

    2) Not 100% percent coustomizable

It is not good choice to start with any distribution specific kernel. To get fresh new kernel you should look at [www.kernel.org] site. This is the official site for Linux kernel source code archive. If you can see, the main page of this site itself has a very good documentation about the latest and stable version of kernel source code.Just get it which you want. Fresh new kernel are alwayes

  • 1) 100% customizable.

    2) Distribution independent.

    3) Current device supported.

You could find all kernel version archives at ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/

Where should i look for kernel source?

If you are looking for first release kernel version[0.01] click here

If you are looking for 1.0 and above version please click here

To know more about various kernel trees please click on this FAQ/VariousKernelTrees

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