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Audit return codes (and handle failure correctly) for:

  • request_region()

  • request_irq()

  • kmalloc(), vmalloc(), etc

  • register_netdev() has to be checked as well

  • misc_register() (yes, it can fail, murphy's law applies here as well)

  • scsi_register()

  • create_proc_*()

  • pci_map_* might return 0 for a valid mapping.

    • Some code tests mapping for a non-zero value, which is incorrect.

  • get_free_pages() and get_free_page()

  • ioremap() -- Some are using this as a pointer, which is wrong.

  • put/get_user()

  • copy_*_user(), unlike put_user() it returns number of bytes failed to copy.

  • kernel_thread()

  • IDE drivers, as it can cause a real problem:

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