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Linux 2 6 38-DriversArch

  1. Architecture-specific changes
    1. ARM
    2. Blackfin
    3. S390
    4. MIPS
    5. PowerPC
    6. SH
    7. Xen
    8. x86
  2. Drivers
    1. Graphics
    2. Staging
    3. Networking
    4. ALSA
    5. HWMON
    6. Input
    7. Storage
    8. USB
    9. HID
    10. ACPI
    11. Serial

1. Architecture-specific changes

1.1. ARM

  • ftrace: graph tracer + dynamic ftrace (commit)

  • Add SWP/SWPB emulation for ARMv7 processors (commit)

  • CPU hotplug: add Versatile Express hotplug CPU support (commit)

  • Dove: add support for CM-A510 machine. (commit)

  • i.MX53 SoC (commit), (commit), (commit), (commit),

  • mach-shmobile: Add mackerel board support (commit), Enable SMP support (commit), initial AG5 and AG5EVM support (commit)

  • mx50: add mx50 reference design board support (commit), (commit)

  • mxs: Add initial mx23evk support (commit), add initial mx28evk support (commit)

  • omap: add minimal support for RM-680 (commit)

  • Orion: added Buffalo LS-CHL support (commit)

  • pxa: Colibri PXA320 PCMCIA driver (commit), support pxa95x (commit), Toradex Colibri PXA270 CF support (commit)

  • S5P: Add Support System MMU (commit)

  • S5PV310: Add support Power Domain (commit), add Support System MMU (commit)

  • pcmcia: Adds nanoEngine PCMCIA support. (commit)

  • sa1100: Add nanoEngine PCI support. (commit)

  • Add support for the display controllers in VT8500 and WM8505 (commit)

  • SAMSUNG: Add support for Power Domain control (commit)

  • AT91: Acme Systems FOX Board G20 board files (commit)

  • AT91: Support for gsia18s board (commit)

  • Kirkwood: Add support for 6282 based QNAP devices (commit)

  • msm: add SMP support for msm (commit), support cpu hotplug on msm (commit), initial framebuffer support (commit), secure Channel Manager (SCM) support (commit)

  • ux500: Add cpufreq support for u8500 (commit)

1.2. Blackfin

1.3. S390

  • dasd: add High Performance FICON multitrack support (commit), improve handling of stolen DASD reservation (commit)

  • Handling of 4096 bit RSA keys in CRT format. (commit)

  • irq: have detailed statistics for interrupt types (commit)

  • mmap: consider stack address randomization (commit)

  • mutex: enable spinning mutex on s390 (commit)

  • Randomise the brk region (commit)

  • Randomize lower bits of stack address (commit)

  • Randomize mmap start address (commit)

  • Randomize PIEs (commit)

  • zcrypt: support for 4096 bit keys for cex3a (commit), support for 4096 bit keys for cex3c (commit)

1.4. MIPS

  • Add generic support for multiple machines within a single kernel (commit)

  • Add initial support for the Atheros AR71XX/AR724X/AR931X SoCs (commit)

  • jump label: Add MIPS support. (commit)

1.5. PowerPC

  • 4xx: Add suspend and idle support (commit)

  • Add support for popcnt instructions (commit)

  • pseries: Add kernel parameter to disable batched hcalls (commit), poll VPA for topology changes and update NUMA maps (commit)

1.6. SH

  • Add support for AP-SH4A-3A board. (commit)

  • Add support for AP-SH4AD-0A board. (commit)

  • Support XZ-compressed kernel. (commit)

1.7. Xen

1.8. x86

  • Add NX protection for kernel data (commit)

  • Add RO/NX protection for loadable kernel modules (commit)

  • mrst: Add vrtc driver which serves as a wall clock device (commit)

  • numa: Fake apicid and pxm mappings for NUMA emulation (commit)

  • numa: Fake node-to-cpumask for NUMA emulation (commit)

  • olpc: Add OLPC device-tree support (commit)

  • platform: Add Eurobraille/Iris power off support (commit)

  • support XZ-compressed kernel (commit)

  • UV, BAU: Extend for more than 16 cpus per socket (commit)

  • Add CE4100 platform support (commit)

  • intel_scu_ipc: Utility driver for intel scu ipc (commit)

2. Drivers

2.1. Graphics

  • i915

    • : Add frame buffer compression on Sandybridge (commit)

    • Add self-refresh support on Sandybridge (commit)

    • Add support for GPU reset on gen6. (commit)

    • Add support for precise vblank timestamping (v2) (commit)

    • Enable RC6 autodownclocking on Sandybridge (commit)

    • Support low power watermarks on Ironlake (commit)

    • Support overclocking on Sandy Bridge (commit)

  • radeon

    • Add support for precise vblank timestamping. (commit)

    • Add initial tracepoint support. (commit)

    • Add pageflip ioctl support (v3) (commit)

    • Add support for gen2 pcie link speeds (commit)

  • nouveau

  • ttm: Add a bo list reserve fastpath (v2) (commit)

  • Add support for precise vblank timestamping. (commit)

  • video: add driver for PXA3xx 2D graphics accelerator (commit)

2.2. Staging

  • Add Synaptics RMI4 touchpad driver support (commit)

  • Add Synaptics TM1217 Touchscreen Controller driver (commit)

  • adis16255 delete driver (commit)

  • iio: adc: Enable driver support for ad7887 AD converter (commit), new driver for AD7150/1/6 devices (commit), new driver for AD7152/3 devices (commit), new driver for AD7291 devices (commit), new driver for AD7298 devices (commit), new driver for AD7314 devices (commit), new driver for AD7745/6/7 devices (commit), new driver for AD7816 devices (commit), new driver for ADT7310 temperature sensors (commit), new driver for ADT7410 temperature sensors (commit), new driver for ADT75 temperature sensors (commit), adis16260 add suppport for adis16255 and adis16250. (commit), dac: ad5446: Enable driver support for AD5620/AD5640/AD5660 DA converters (commit), dac: Enable driver support for AD5444 and AD5446 DA converters (commit), dac: new driver for AD5624R devices (commit), DDS: AD9833 / AD9834 driver (commit), dds: new driver for AD5930/2 devices (commit), dds: new driver for AD9832/3/4/5 devices (commit), dds: new driver for AD9850/1 devices (commit), dds: new driver for AD9852/4 devices (commit), dds: new driver for AD9910 devices (commit), dds: new driver for AD9951 devices (commit), gyro: new driver for ADIS16060 digital output gyros (commit), gyro: new driver for ADIS16080 digital output gyros (commit), gyro: new driver for ADIS16130 digital output gyros (commit), gyro: new driver for ADIS16251 devices (commit), meter: new driver for ADE7753/6 devices (commit), meter: new driver for ADE7754 devices (commit), meter: new driver for ADE7758 devices (commit), meter: new driver for ADE7759 devices (commit), meter: new driver for ADE7854/58/68/78 devices (commit), new adis16201 driver (commit), new adis16203 driver (commit), new adis16204 driver (commit), new ADT7316/7/8 and ADT7516/7/9 driver (commit), resolver: new driver for AD2S1200/1205 devices (commit), resolver: new driver for AD2S1210 devices (commit), resolver: new driver for AD2S90 devices (commit), sep: Introduce sep driver (commit)

2.3. Networking

  • Bluetooth: Add Bluetooth Management interface definitions (commit), (commit)

  • ath5k: Add AHB bus support. (commit)

  • ath9k: Add support for Adaptive Power Management (commit), add device id of AR9485 to pci table (commit)

  • b43: N-PHY: implement very basic TX power control management (commit)

  • be2net: adding support for Lancer family of CNAs (commit)

  • beceem: add ethtool support (commit)

  • bnx2x: add DCB support (commit), (commit), add FCoE ring (commit), adding dcbnl support (commit), add Nic partitioning mode (57712 devices) (commit), add a select queue callback (commit)

  • can: add driver for Softing card (commit), add driver for Softing card (commit), add slcan driver for serial/USB-serial CAN adapters (commit)

  • Add FCoE support on 57712 (commit)

  • Add kcq2 support on 57712 (commit)

  • Support NIC Partition mode (commit)

  • e1000: Add support for the CE4100 reference platform (commit)

  • e1000e: add netpoll support for MSI/MSI-X IRQ modes (commit)

  • igb: Add Anti-spoofing feature support (commit)

  • igbvf: add support for i350 VF device (commit)

  • IPoIB: Add GRO support (commit), remove LRO support (commit)

  • iwlagn: new RXON processing for modern devices (commit)

  • iwlagn: update PCI ID for 6000g2a series devices (commit), update PCI ID for 6000g2b series devices (commit)

  • ixgbe: Add anti-spoofing feature support (commit), add SR-IOV feature support to X540 (commit), add support for x540 MAC (commit) add WOL support for SFP+ subdevice (commit)

  • ixgbevf: Add X540 VF device support to the ixgbevf driver (commit)

  • net/fec: add dual fec support for mx28 (commit)

  • net-next: Add multiqueue support to vmxnet3 driver (commit)

  • netxen: enable LRO based on NETIF_F_LRO (commit)

  • NFC: Driver for NXP Semiconductors PN544 NFC chip. (commit)

  • qeth: support ipv6 query arp cache for HiperSockets (commit)

  • qlcnic: Disable loopback support (commit)

  • r8169: more 8168dp support. (commit)

  • rtl8192ce: Add new driver (commit)

  • rt2x00: Add initial support for RT3370/RT3390 devices. (commit)

  • via-rhine: hardware VLAN support (commit)

  • vxge: add receive hardware timestamping (commit), add support for ethtool firmware flashing (commit)

  • wl1271: 11n Support, functionality and configuration ability (commit), add support for HW TX fragmentation (commit), add auto-arp support (commit)

2.4. ALSA

  • hda - Add support for VMware controller (commit)

  • oxygen: add HiFier Serenade support (commit)

  • oxygen: add Kuroutoshikou CMI8787-HG2PCI support (commit)

  • oxygen: add X-Meridian 2G support (commit)

  • oxygen: add Xonar DG support (commit)

  • support module on-demand loading for seq and timer (commit)

  • virtuoso: add Xonar HDAV1.3 Slim support (commit)

  • ASoC

    • Add HP iPAQ H1940 support (commit)

    • Add initial WM8737 driver (commit)

    • Add initial WM8995 driver (commit)

    • Add support for alc562[123] codecs (commit)

    • Add support for OpenRD Ultimate (commit)

    • Add WM8737 ALC support (commit)

    • Add WM8958 microphone detection support (commit)

    • Add WM8958 Multi-band compressor support (commit)

    • Convert WM8994 to use soc-cache.c cache functions (commit)

    • Enable rbtree compression for WM8994/58 register cache (commit)

    • kirkwood: Add audio support to hp t5325 thin clients (commit)

    • Samsung: Add common I2S driver (commit)

    • Samsung: Remove redundant AQUILA driver (commit)

    • SMDKV310: Add I2S support (commit)

    • soc-cache: Add support for flat register caching (commit)

    • soc-cache: Add support for LZO register caching (commit)

    • soc-cache: Add support for rbtree based register caching (commit)

    • WM8770: Initial driver (commit)

2.5. HWMON

  • adm9240: Implement the standard intrusion detection interface (commit)

  • applesmc: Add MacBookAir3,1(3,2) support (commit)

  • driver for Sensirion SHT21 humidity and temperature sensor (commit)

  • emc1403: Add EMC1423 support (commit)

  • lm93: Add support for LM94 (commit)

  • Support for Dallas Semiconductor DS620 (commit)

  • w83792d: Implement the standard intrusion detection interface (commit)

  • w83793: Implement the standard intrusion detection interface (commit)

2.6. Input

2.7. Storage

* [libata] new driver acard_ahci, for ATP8620 host controller (commit)


  • lpfc 8.3.19: Added support for ELS RRQ command (commit)

  • lpfc 8.3.19: Add latest SLI4 Hardware initialization support (commit)

  • lpfc 8.3.19: Add SLI4 FC Discovery support (commit)

  • megaraid_sas: Add 9565/9285 specific code (commit)

  • megaraid_sas: Add MSI-X support and msix_disable module parameter (commit)

  • sd,sr: kill compat SDEV_MEDIA_CHANGE event (commit)

  • target: Add LIO target core v4.0.0-rc6 (commit)

2.8. USB

  • add ab8500 usb transceiver driver (commit)

  • Add MSM OTG Controller driver (commit)

  • add support for Dream Cheeky DL100B Webmail Notifier (1d34:0004) (commit)

  • Add support for VIA VT8500 and compatibles in EHCI HCD (commit)

  • USB CDC NCM host driver (commit)

  • cns3xxx: Add EHCI and OHCI bus glue for cns3xxx SOCs (commit)

  • USB device driver of Topcliff PCH (commit)

  • EHCI: Add MSM Host Controller driver (commit)

  • gadget: f_ncm.c added (commit)

  • gadget: g_ncm added (commit)

  • musb: add support for ux500 platform (commit)

  • pxa: Add USB client support for Marvell PXA9xx/PXA168 chips (commit)

  • use the runtime-PM autosuspend implementation (commit)

2.9. HID

* HID: Add Force Feedback support for EMS Trio Linker Plus II (commit) * HID: add MacBookAir 3,1 and 3,2 support (commit) * hid: egalax: Add support for Samsung NB30 netbook (commit) * hid: egalax: Add support for Wetab (726b) (commit) * hid: egalax: Add support for Wetab (commit) * HID: hid-mulitouch: add support for the 'Sensing Win7-TwoFinger' (commit) * HID: hid-multitouch: add support for Cypress TrueTouch panels (commit) * HID: hid-multitouch: support for PixCir-based panels (commit) * HID: roccat: Add support for Roccat Kone[+] v2 (commit)

2.10. ACPI

* acer-wmi: Add 3G rfkill sysfs file (commit) * acer-wmi: Add acer wmi hotkey events support (commit) * acer-wmi: Enabled Acer Launch Manager mode (commit) * ACPI, APEI, Add APEI generic error status printing support (commit) * ACPI, APEI, Generic Hardware Error Source POLL/IRQ/NMI notification type support (commit) * ACPI processor: remove processor throttling control procfs I/F (commit) * ACPI video: remove output switching control (commit) * eeepc-wmi: add rfkill support for wlan, bluetooth and 3g (commit) * eeepc-wmi: add touchpad led support (commit)

* [media]

* [media] cpia, stradis: remove deprecated V4L1 drivers (commit) * [media] cx231xx: Add a driver for I2C-based IR (commit) * [media] em28xx: Add support for Leadership ISDB-T (commit) * [media] gspca - ov519: New sensor ov7660 with bridge ov530 (ov519) (commit) * [media] media: Add timberdale video-in driver (commit) * [media] MFD: WL1273 FM Radio: MFD driver for the FM radio (commit) * [media] Patch for cx18 module with added support of GoTView PCI DVD3 Hybrid tuner (commit) * [media] radio-gemtek-pci: remove duplicate driver (commit) * [media] rc-core: add loopback driver (commit) * [media] Remove staging/lirc/lirc_i2c driver (commit) * [media] saa7134: Add support for Compro VideoMate Vista M1F (commit) * [media] se401: deprecate driver, move to staging (commit) * [media] tda9875: remove duplicate driver (commit) * [media] Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS (commit) * [media] usbvideo: deprecate the vicam driver (commit) * [media] usbvideo: remove deprecated drivers (commit) * [media] V4L2: Add a v4l2-subdev (soc-camera) driver for OmniVision OV2640 sensor (commit) * [media] V4L2: WL1273 FM Radio: TI WL1273 FM radio driver (commit) * [media] V4L: remove V4L1 compatibility mode (commit)

* mfd

* mfd: Add cs5535-mfd driver for AMD Geode's CS5535/CS5536 support (commit) * mfd: Add initial WM8958 support (commit) * mfd: Add WM8326 support (commit)

* mmc

* mmc: Add support for JMicron 388 SD/MMC controller (commit) * mmc: Add support for the Marvell Dove SDHCI controller (commit) * mmc: Aggressive clock gating framework (commit) * mmc: dw_mmc: Add Synopsys DesignWare mmc host driver. (commit)

* OMAP3: PM: Adding smartreflex driver support. (commit) * OMAP3: PM: Adding voltage driver support. (commit) * OMAP3: ZOOM2/3/3630SDP: Add display board file for OMAP3 (commit) * OMAP4: Adding voltage driver support (commit) * OMAP4: mux: Add CBL package data for OMAP4430 ES1 (commit) * OMAP4: mux: Add CBS package data for OMAP4430 ES2 (commit) * omap: AM3517/05: Add craneboard support (commit) * OMAP: DSS2: Add generic DPI panel display driver (commit)

* regulator: add driver for tps6524x regulator (commit) * regulators: Added ab8500 v2 support (commit) * regulator: support PMIC mc13892 (commit) * rtc: Add drivers/rtc/rtc-mrst.c (commit) * serial: Add support for UART on VIA VT8500 and compatibles (commit) * Serial: EG20T: add PCH_UART driver (commit)

* SPI: Add SPI controller driver for the Atheros AR71XX/AR724X/AR913X SoCs (commit) * spi/pxa2xx: Add CE4100 support (commit)

* watchdog

  • add driver for the Atheros AR71XX/AR724X/AR913X SoCs (commit)

* watchdog: add f71862fg support (commit) * watchdog: Add MCF548x watchdog driver. (commit) * watchdog: Add support for sp5100 chipset TCO (commit) * watchdog: Add TCO support for nVidia chipsets (commit) * watchdog: Add watchdog support for W83627DHG chip (commit) * watchdog: f71808e_wdt: Add Fintek F71869 watchdog (commit)

* w1: DS2423 counter driver and documentation (commit)

2.11. Serial

* atmel_serial: RTS low after the initialization of the serial port (commit)

* First documentation about RS485 serial communications (commit)

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