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Linux 2 6 4


  • Released March 11, 2004 changelog

  • NGROUPS_MAX, which sets the maximum number of groups a user can belong to has increased the value to 65536 (was previously 32). This limit is also visible via the read-only /proc/sys/kernel/ngroups_max file. (commit)

  • HFS rewrite and HFS+ support (commit) - (commit)

  • Add SOCK_SEQPACKET for Unix domain sockets (commit)

  • Support for the Intel "ia32e" arch

  • PPC64 iommu and TBL flush rework (commit) - (commit)

  • UTF-8 tty mode (commit)

  • Dynamic PTY allocation (up to a million PTY devices)

  • Sysfs support for SCSI tapes and bluetooth devices

  • ARC4 crypto module Support for large numbers of groups

  • Generic kernel thread infrastructure (LWN article)

  • Groundwork for the hotplug CPU code

  • ARC4 crypto module (commit)

  • Add dm-crypto crypto module (commit)

  • Enable coredumps > 2 GB (commit)

  • Add -mregparm=3 config option (commit)

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