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Linux 2 6 7


  • Released June 16, 2004 changelog:

  • Scheduling Domains (LWN article) (commit)

  • Full object-based reverse-mapping scheme and removal of the per-page PTE chains (LWN article)

  • Filtered Wakeups (LWN article)

  • Ability to re-enable interrupts while waiting in spin_lock_irqsave() (for all architectures now)

  • msleep() function for millisecond-scale waits

  • del_singleshot_timer(): Deleting timers quickly (LWN article)

  • shrink "dentry" structure

  • Speedup readahead for seeky workloads (commit)

  • Support for quotas, extended attributes, ACLs, SELinux in reiserfs (commit) - (commit) - (commit) - (commit)

  • Removal of the Intermezzo filesystem (lack of mainteinance) (commit)

  • Remove IDE PATA TCQ support: It's been disabled some time ago, PATA TCQ has so many technical short comings, that it was never really interesting (commit)

  • Dynamic addition of virtual disks on PPC64 iSeries (commit)

  • Implement separate per-cpu stacks for processing interrupts and softirqs, along the lines of the CONFIG_4KSTACKS stuff on x86 (commit)

  • PowerPC 750GX support (commit)

  • new API for NUMA systems

  • Debugging option to put data symbols in kallsyms (commit)

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