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Linux 3.0 DriverArch

  1. Architectures
    1. x86
    2. ARM
    3. PowerPC
    4. MIPS
    5. Tile
    6. S390
    7. Blackfin
    8. SPARC
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Graphic cards
    3. PCI
    4. Storage (SATA/SCSI)
    5. Network cards
    6. USB
    7. Input devices
    8. Sound cards
    9. Hardware monitorization
    10. Webcams, image capture devices
    11. Real-time clocks
    12. MultiMedia Cards
    13. Memory Technology Devices
    14. Hardware clocks PTP-based
    15. Bluetooth
    16. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. x86

  • Support Supervisor Mode Execution Protection. It prevents the CPU in kernel-mode to jump to an executable page that has the user flag set in the PTE. This prevents the kernel from executing user-space code accidentally or maliciously, so it for example prevents kernel exploits from jumping to specially prepared user-mode shell code (commit)

  • intel-iommu: Enable super page (2MiB, 1GiB, etc.) support (commit)

  • Enable NUMA emulation on 32-bit too (commit), (commit)

  • SGI UltraViolet: Add support for SGI UV2 hub chip (commit)

  • Add MXM WMI (ACPI) driver. (commit)

  • Extra ACPI EC driver for products based on Intel Oaktrail platform (commit)

  • Intel PTI implementaiton of MIPI 1149.7. (commit), (commit)

1.2. ARM

1.3. PowerPC

1.4. MIPS

1.5. Tile

  • Finish enabling support for TILE-Gx 64-bit chip (commit)

  • Improve support for PCI hotplug (commit)

  • Support signal "exception-trace" hook (commit)

  • Add an RTC driver for the Tilera hypervisor (commit)

1.6. S390

1.7. Blackfin

1.8. SPARC

  • leon: add GRPCI2 PCI Host driver (commit)

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • Intel Management Engine Interface (Intel MEI) (commit)

  • gma500: begin adding Moorestown support (commit)

  • IIO: ADC: New driver for the AD7780 / AD7781 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC (commit), AD5446 add support for AD5541A devices (commit), New driver for AD5791/AD5781 High Resolution Voltage Output DACs (commit), New driver for the AD5504 and AD55041 High Voltage DACs (commit), imu:adis16350 etc support into adis16400 driver. (commit), imu:adis16400 add support for adis16300 (commit), imu remove adis16300 driver. (commit), imu remove old adis16350. Support now in adis16400 driver. (commit), TAOS tsl258x: Device driver (commit)

  • Initial version of the nvec driver - NVidia compliant embedded controller protocol driver (commit)

  • usbip: add userspace usbip-utils (commit)

  • rt2860sta and rt2870sta: Remove drivers replaced in net/wireless (commit)

2.2. Graphic cards

2.3. PCI

  • Add rescan to /sys/.../pci_bus/.../ (commit)

  • Add ID-based ordering enable/disable support (commit)

  • Add latency tolerance reporting enable/disable support (commit)

  • Add OBFF enable/disable support (commit)

2.4. Storage (SATA/SCSI)

  • SATA

    • pata_marvell: Add support for 88SE91A0, 88SE91A4 (commit)

  • libata-pmp: add support for Thermaltake BlackX Duet eSATA drive dock (commit)

  • SCSI

    • isci: New driver for the Intel C600 Series Chipset Storage Control Unit Driver (commit)

    • lpfc: Add SR-IOV control (commit), add request-firmware support (commit), add resource extent support (commit), extend BSG infrastructure and add link diagnostics (commit)

    • mpt2sas : WarpDrive New product SSS6200 support added (commit)

    • mvsas: add support for Marvell 88SE9445/88SE9485 (commit), add support for Task collector mode and fixed relative bugs (commit)

    • tcm_fc: Adding FC_FC4 provider (tcm_fc) for FCoE target support (commit)

2.5. Network cards

  • rfkill: Regulator consumer driver for rfkill (commit)

  • ixgbe: Add support for new 82599 adapter (commit), add support for new HW (commit), add macvlan support for VF (commit), add support for 64k EEPROM for 82599 (commit)

  • rt2x00: Initial support for RT5370 USB devices (commit), add USB IDs. (commit), enable support for RT53xx PCI devices by default, (commit), rt2800usb: Add seven new USB IDs (commit), RT33xx device support is no longer experimental. (commit), allow dynamic addition of PCI/USB IDs. (commit), add autowake support for USB hardware (commit), implement tx power temperature compensation (commit)

  • rtlwifi: Add support for rtl8192se and rtl8192de (commit), (commit)

  • iwlagn: new 105 series device (commit)

  • tg3: Enable 5720 support (commit), add EEH support (commit), allow ethtool to enable/disable loopback. (commit)

  • ath6kl: add support for AR6003 v2.1.1 (commit)

  • ath9k: Enable AR9340 support (commit), enable AP and P2P modes (commit), remove AR9485 1.0 support (commit)

  • vxge: always enable hardware timestamp (commit)

  • be2net: add rxhash support (commit), support for FAT dump retrieval using ethtool --register-dump option (commit)

  • bnx2x: Allow ethtool to enable/disable loopback. (commit)

  • qlcnic: Support for GBE port settings (commit), support rcv ring configuration through ethtool (commit)

  • r8169: add a new chip for RTL8168DP (commit), support RTL8168E (commit)

  • Add Samsung Kalmia driver for Samsung GT-B3730 (commit)

  • rfkill: add generic GPIO rfkill driver (commit)

  • wl12xx: 1281/1283 support (commit)

  • ar9170usb: purge obsolete driver (commit)

  • capi: Perform scheduled capifs removal (commit)

2.6. USB

  • Intel xhci: Support EHCI/xHCI port switching. (commit)

  • Add Freescale USB OTG Transceiver driver (commit)

  • Add initial S5P EHCI driver (commit)

  • ehci: add bus glue for the Atheros AR71XX/AR724X/AR91XX SoCs (commit)

  • Add support for GRLIB GRUSBHC controller (commit)

  • extend ehci-fsl and fsl_udc_core driver for OTG operation (commit)

  • Gadget: Add Samsung S3C24XX USB High-Speed controller driver (commit)

  • musb: ux500: add configuration and build options for ux500 dma (commit)

  • ohci: add bus glue for the Atheros AR71XX/AR7240 SoCs (commit)

  • plusb: Add support for PL-25A1 (commit)

  • renesas_usbhs: Add Renesas USBHS common code (commit), (commit)

  • Revert "USB: sam-ba: add driver for Atmel SAM Boot Assistant (SAM-BA)" (commit)

2.7. Input devices

2.8. Sound cards

  • Add Apple iSight microphone driver (commit)

  • Add the driver for Digigram Lola PCI-e boards (commit)

  • es1968: add radio (tea575x tuner) support (commit)

  • hda: Add support of ALC221 / ALC276 codecs (commit), add support of ALC898/899 codec (commit), add support for VIA VT1705 (commit), Add support for VIA VT1802 (commit)

  • ASoC

    • Add EQ and filter to max98095 CODEC driver (commit)

  • add iPAQ hx4700 machine driver (commit)

  • Add max98095 CODEC driver (commit)

  • Add WM8915 CODEC driver (commit)

  • Asahi Kasei AK4641 codec driver (commit)

  • Initial audio support for Speyside on Cragganmore 6410 (commit)

  • Samsung: Add WM8580 PCM Machine driver (commit)

  • SSM2602: add SPI support (commit), add SSM2604 support (commit)

  • tegra: TrimSlice machine support (commit)

  • OSS: Remove Au1550 driver. (commit)

2.9. Hardware monitorization

  • Add driver for AMD family 15h processor power information (commit)

  • k10temp: Add support for Fam15h (Bulldozer) (commit)

  • New driver for the SMSC EMC6W201 (commit)

  • Driver for MAX16065 System Manager and compatibles (commit)

  • Add support for MAX6642 (commit)

  • f71882fg: Add support for F71808A (commit)

  • pmbus: Add support for Analog Devices ADM1275 (commit), add support for TI UCD9200 series of PWM System Controllers (commit), support for TI UCD90xxx series Sequencer and System Health Controllers (commit)

  • Remove pkgtemp driver (commit)

2.10. Webcams, image capture devices

  • drx: add initial drx-d driver (commit), (commit)

  • Add support for M-5MOLS 8 megapixel camera ISP (commit)

  • Add support for PCTV nanoStick T2 290e [2013:024f] (commit)

  • anysee: add support for Anysee E30 S2 Plus (commit), add support for Anysee E7 S2 (commit), add support for Anysee E7 TC (commit), add support for TDA18212 based E30 Combo Plus (commit)

  • budget-ci: Add support for TT S-1500 with BSBE1-D01A tuner (commit)

  • cx18: mmap() support for raw YUV video capture (commit)

  • cx231xx: Add support for Iconbit U100 (commit)

  • em28xx: add support for EM28174 chip (commit), multi Frontend (MFE) support (commit)

  • fintek-cir: new driver for Fintek LPC SuperIO CIR function (commit)

  • gspca - jeilinj: Add SPORTSCAM_DV15 camera support (commit), kinect: New subdriver for Microsoft Kinect (commit),

  • NXP TDA18212HN silicon tuner driver (commit)

  • redrat3: new rc-core IR transceiver device driver (commit)

  • saa7134 add new TV cards (commit), enable IR support for Hauppauge HVR-1150/1120 (commit), support MagicPro ProHDTV Pro2 Hybrid DMB-TH PCI card (commit)

  • Sony CXD2820R DVB-T/T2/C demodulator driver (commit)

  • tda18271: add DVB-C support (commit)

  • usbvision: add Nogatech USB MicroCam (commit)

  • uvcvideo: Add support for JMicron USB2.0 XGA WebCam (commit)

  • v4l: Add mt9v032 sensor driver (commit)

  • v4l: Add v4l2 subdev driver for S5P/EXYNOS4 MIPI-CSI receivers (commit)

  • Remove radio-maestro (commit)

2.11. Real-time clocks

2.12. MultiMedia Cards

  • Add mmc CMD+ACMD passthrough ioctl (commit)

  • Reliable write support. (commit)

  • MMC boot partitions support. (commit)

  • Add new VUB300 USB-to-SD/SDIO/MMC driver (commit)

  • sd: add support for signal voltage switch procedure (commit)

2.13. Memory Technology Devices

  • m25p80: Add Spansion S25FL256S (commit),add Spansion S25FL512S, S70FL01GS (commit), add support for the MX25L1606E chip (commit),

  • mxc_nand: add support for multiple chips on V21 devices (commit)

  • kill CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS (commit)

2.14. Hardware clocks PTP-based

  • Added a brand-new class driver for PTP clocks. (commit)

  • Added a clock driver for the IXP46x. (commit)

  • Added a clock driver for the National Semiconductor PHYTER. (commit)

  • Added a clock that uses the eTSEC found on the MPC85xx. (commit)

2.15. Bluetooth

2.16. Various

  • w1

    • add 1-wire (w1) DS2408 8-Channel Addressable Switch support (commit)

    • Add Maxim/Dallas DS2780 Stand-Alone Fuel Gauge IC support (commit)

    • Complete the 1-wire (w1) ds1wm driver search algorithm (commit)

  • Regulator: Add tps65910 regulator driver (commit)

  • SPI: new driver for a SPI bus via the Blackfin SPORT peripheral (commit)

  • serial: 8250_pci: add support for Cronyx Omega PCI multiserial board. (commit), add driver for MIPS Lantiq SOCs. (commit), support new device ML7223 (commit), (commit), add support for the Digi/IBM PCIe 2-port Adapter (commit)

  • power_supply: Add driver for MAX8903 charger (commit)

  • Add CARMA DATA-FPGA Access Driver (commit) and Programmer support (commit)

  • MFD

  • LEDs

  • gpio/pca953x: Add support for pca9574 and pca9575 devices (commit)

  • backlight: new driver for the ADP8870 backlight devices (commit)

  • bcma: add Broadcom specific AMBA bus driver (commit)

  • Google drivers

  • tty

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