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Linux 3.1 DriverArch

  1. Architectures
    1. x86
    2. ARM
    3. PowerPC
    4. MIPS
    5. Tile
    6. S390
    7. Blackfin
    8. SPARC
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Graphic cards
    3. PCI
    4. Storage (SATA/SCSI)
    5. Network cards
    6. USB
    7. Input devices
    8. Sound cards
    9. Hardware monitorization
    10. Webcams, image capture devices
    11. Real-time clocks
    12. MultiMedia Cards
    13. Watchdog
    14. Multifunction devices
    15. Memory Technology Devices
    16. Bluetooth
    17. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. x86

  • x86-64: Rework vsyscall emulation and add vsyscall= parameter (commit)

  • Do not set the root_dev field in bzImage (obsolete) (commit)

  • x86, config: Introduce an INTEL_MID configuration (commit)

  • olpc: Add XO-1.5 SCI driver (commit), add XO-1 RTC driver (commit), add XO-1 SCI driver and power button control (commit), add XO-1 suspend/resume support (commit), add lid switch functionality (commit), propagate power supply/battery events (commit), add GPE handler and ebook switch functionality (commit)

  • mrst_pmu: driver for Intel Moorestown Power Management Unit (commit)

  • ACPI

    • acerhdf: add support for Aspire 1810TZ BIOS v1.3314 (commit)

    • acer-wmi: Add support for Aspire 1830 WLAN hotkey (commit)

    • asus-wmi: add keyboard backlight support (commit), add thermal sensor (commit)

    • dell-wmi: Add keys for Dell XPS L502X (commit)

    • eeepc-wmi: Add support for T101MT Home/Express Gate key (commit)

    • ACPI, APEI, GHES: Add hardware memory error recovery support (commit)

    • ACPI, APEI, GHES, printk support for recoverable error via NMI (commit)

  • EFI: Add support for using efivars as a pstore backend (commit)

1.2. ARM

  • mmc, Add zboot from eSD support for SuperH Mobile ARM (commit)

  • cns3xxx: Add support for L2 Cache Controller (commit)

  • CSR: Adding CSR SiRFprimaII board support (commit)

  • Kconfig: Allow kprobes on Thumb-2 kernels (commit)

  • kprobes: Add Thumb breakpoint support (commit)

  • mach-mx5/mx53_ard: Add support for i.MX53 ARD board (commit)

  • perf: add support for the Cortex-A15 PMU (commit)

  • perf: add support for the Cortex-A5 PMU (commit)

  • pxa168: Add board support for gplugD (commit)

  • S3C64XX: Initial support for Wolfson/Simtec Cragganmore/Banff (commit)

  • Xilinx: Adding Xilinx board support (commit)

  • mach-loki: delete (commit)

  • mach-s3c2400: delete (commit)

  • mach-s3c24a0: delete (commit)

1.3. PowerPC

  • Add jump label support (commit)

  • cpufreq: Add cpufreq driver for Momentum Maple boards (commit)

  • Introduce ePAPR embedded hypervisor hcall interface (commit), introduce the ePAPR embedded hypervisor vmpic driver (commit)

  • 85xx: Add basic P1023RDS board support (commit), add P1010RDB board support (commit), add p2040 RDB board support (commit)

1.4. MIPS

  • oprofile: Add callgraph support (commit)

  • topdown mmap support (commit)

  • HIGHMEM DMA on noncoherent MIPS32 processors (commit)

1.5. Tile

  • Add hypervisor-based character driver for SPI flash ROM (commit)

1.6. S390

  • Add support for IBM zEnterprise 114 (commit)

1.7. Blackfin

1.8. SPARC

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • gma500: Medfield support (commit)

  • comedi: add dyna_pci10xx driver (commit)

  • Merge ENE UB6250 MS card codes from keucr to drivers/usb/storage/ene_ub6250.c (commit)

  • zcache: support multiple clients, prep for KVM and RAMster (commit)

  • msm: delete the driver (commit)

  • easycap: remove OSS support (commit)

  • Remove ENE UB6250 MS card codes from keucr (commit)

  • Remove obsoleted CS5535/CS5536 GPIO driver (commit)

  • Delete generic_serial drivers (commit)

  • Delete tty drivers (commit)

  • Delete westbridge code (commit)

2.2. Graphic cards

  • i915: Enable i915 frame buffer compression by default (commit)

  • nouveau: nvc1/gr: switch on acceleration support (commit), default to noaccel on 0xc1/0xc8/0xce for now (commit)

2.3. PCI

2.4. Storage (SATA/SCSI)

  • SCSI

    • bfa: Added Fabric Assigned Address(FAA) support (commit)

    • bfa: Added HBA diagnostics support. (commit)

    • bfa: Added support for CEE info and stats query. (commit)

    • bfa: Added support for flash configuration (commit)

    • bfa: Added support to collect and reset fcport stats (commit)

    • bfa: Added support to configure lunmasking (commit)

    • bfa: Added support to configure QOS and collect stats. (commit)

    • bfa: Added support to obtain SFP info. (commit)

    • bfa: Add FC-transport based Asynchronous Event Notification support. (commit)

    • bfa: Add support for I/O profiling. (commit)

    • bfa: Add support to collect / reset fabric stats. (commit)

    • bfa: Add support to configure and query flash boot partition (commit)

    • bfa: Add support to configure trunking on Brocade adapter ports. (commit)

    • bfa: Add support to store driver configuration in flash. (commit)

    • bfa: Brocade-1860 Fabric Adapter 16Gbs support and flash controller fixes. (commit)

    • bfa: Brocade-1860 Fabric Adapter Hardware Enablement (commit)

    • bfa: Brocade-1860 Fabric Adapter vHBA support. (commit)

    • bfa: Introduced initiator based lun masking feature. (commit)

    • lpfc 8.3.25: Add FCF priority failover functionality (commit)

  • ata: Add iMX pata support (commit)

2.5. Network cards

  • Add Faraday FTGMAC100 Gigabit Ethernet driver (commit)

  • caif: Add CAIF HSI Link layer driver (commit)

  • iwlagn: implement WoWLAN (commit)

  • ixgbe: add basic support for setting and getting nfc controls (commit), add support for displaying ntuple filters via the nfc interface (commit), add support for nfc addition and removal of filters (commit), add support for Dell CEM (commit)

  • e1000e: Add Jumbo Frame support to 82583 devices (commit)

  • qlcnic: multi-protocol internal loopback support added. (commit)

  • r8169: Add support for D-Link 530T rev C1 (Kernel Bug 38862) (commit), support RTL8111E-VL. (commit)

  • ath9k: enable support for AR9330 (commit)

  • be2net: support multiple TX queues (commit)

  • bnx2x: Add autogrEEEn support (commit), multiple concurrent l2 traffic classes (commit)

  • bnx2i: Add support for new devices - 57800, 57810, and 57840 (commit)

  • wl12xx: Add Support for Low Power DRPw (LPD) Mode (commit)

  • myri_sbus: remove driver (commit)

  • mwifiex: remove support for old chipsets W0/W1 (commit)

  • rt2x00: Add new rt73 buffalo USB id (commit), add rt2870 device id for Dvico usb key (commit), add support for RT3572/RT3592/RT3592+Bluetooth combo card (commit)

  • rtlwifi: Add rtl8192de support (commit); rtl892cu: New USB IDs (commit)

  • skge: make support for old Genesis chips optional (commit)

  • sky2: support for new Optima chipsets (EXPERIMENTAL) (commit)

  • sungem: Spring cleaning and GRO support (commit)

2.6. USB

  • EHCI: Allow users to override 80% max periodic bandwidth (commit)

  • ftdi_sio: add Calao reference board support (commit)

  • gadget: add SuperSpeed support to the Gadget Framework (commit)

  • net2272: driver for PLX NET2272 USB device controller (commit)

  • option: add YUGA device id to driver (commit)

  • option driver add PID of Huawei Vodafone K3806 (commit)

  • option driver K3765/K4505 avoid CDC_DATA interface (commit)

2.7. Input devices

  • Add a driver to support InvenSense mpu3050 gyroscope chip (commit)

  • Add initial support for TWL6040 vibrator (commit)

  • Add support for Kionix KXTJ9 accelerometer (commit)

  • Add support for mma8450 accelerometer (commit)

  • wacom: add 3 new models - 6A, 6B, and 97 (commit), add support for the Wacom Bamboo Pen (CTL-660/K) (commit)

  • bcm5974 - Add support for newer MacBookPro8,2 (commit), add support for touchpads found in MacBookAir4,2 (commit)

  • HID

    • Add driver to fix Speedlink VAD Cezanne support (commit)

    • Add FF support for Holtek On Line Grip based gamepads (commit)

    • Add support for MS Digital Media 3000 (commit)

    • Add support for new revision of Apple aluminum keyboard (commit)

    • uclogic: Add support for UC-Logic WP1062 (commit)

    • usbhid: Add support for SiGma Micro chip (commit)

2.8. Sound cards

  • ctxfi: Add support for Creative Titanium HD (commit)

  • hda: Add Creative CA0132 HDA codec support (commit), add Realtek ALC269VC codec support (commit), cirrus Logic CS421x support (commit)

  • ASoC

    • AD1836: Add AD1835/AD1837/AD1838/AD1839 support (commit)

    • Add ADAU1701 codec driver (commit)

    • Add ADAV80x codec driver (commit)

    • Add STA32X codec driver (commit)

    • Add WM8782 ADC Codec Driver (commit)

    • Blackfin: Add bf5xx-adau1701 machine driver (commit), add machine driver for EVAL-ADAV80X boards (commit)

    • SAMSUNG: Add WM8994 PCM Machine driver (commit)

    • Support Speyside build variants with WM8962 fitted (commit)

    • Tegra: Implement SPDIF CPU DAI (commit)

    • WM8983: Initial driver (commit)

2.9. Hardware monitorization

  • coretemp: Add core/pkg threshold support to Coretemp (commit)

  • Driver for MAX1668 (commit)

  • Driver for NTC Thermistors (commit)

  • lm90: Add support for Philips SA56004 (commit)

  • lm95241: Add support for LM95231 (commit)

  • LM95245 driver (commit)

  • New driver sch5636 (commit)

  • pmbus: Add ADP4000, NCP4200 and NCP4208 to list of supported devices (commit), add client driver for LM25066, LM5064, and LM5066 (commit)

2.10. Webcams, image capture devices

2.11. Real-time clocks

2.12. MultiMedia Cards

2.13. Watchdog

2.14. Multifunction devices

2.15. Memory Technology Devices

  • Add initial support for Terratec H5 (commit)

  • adp1653: Add driver for LED flash controller (commit)

  • af9015: add support for Sveon STV22 [1b80:e401] (commit)

  • cx23885: added support for card 107d:6f39 (commit)

  • davinci VPBE driver, V4L2 display driver for DM644X SoC (commit), (commit), (commit), (commit), (commit)

  • ddbridge: Initial check-in (commit)

  • dib0700: add initial code for PCTV 340e by Davide Ferri (commit)

  • DRX-K: Initial check-in (commit)

  • gspca: Add new se401 camera driver (commit)

  • marvell-cam: Basic working MMP camera driver (commit)

  • MFC: Add MFC 5.1 V4L2 driver (commit)

  • ngene: Support Digital Devices DuoFlex CT (commit)

  • rc-core support for Microsoft IR keyboard/mouse (commit)

  • tda18271c2dd: Initial check-in (commit)

  • V4L: at91: add Atmel Image Sensor Interface (ISI) support (commit)

  • V4L: initial driver for ov5642 CMOS sensor (commit)

  • v4l: s5p-tv: add drivers for HDMI on Samsung S5P platform (commit), add SDO driver for Samsung S5P platform (commit), add TV Mixer driver for Samsung S5P platform (commit)

2.16. Bluetooth

  • Add BT_POWER L2CAP socket option. (commit)

  • Add LE SMP Cryptoolbox functions (commit)

  • Add simple SMP pairing negotiation (commit)

  • Add SMP confirmation checks methods (commit)

  • Add SMP confirmation structs (commit)

  • Add support for LE Start Encryption (commit)

  • Add support for using the crypto subsystem (commit)

  • Add Toshiba laptops AR30XX device ID (commit)

  • Implement the first SMP commands (commit)

  • Start SMP procedure (commit)

2.17. Various

  • 8250_pci: add support for Rosewill RC-305 4x serial port card (commit)

  • backlight: Add AAT2870 backlight driver (commit), add ams369fg06 amoled driver (commit)

  • dmaengine: add ep93xx DMA support (commit)

  • drivers/misc: add support the FSA9480 USB Switch (commit)

  • drivers/rtc: add support for Qualcomm PMIC8xxx RTC (commit)

  • GPIO: DA9052 GPIO module v3 (commit)

  • hwrng: ppc4xx - add support for ppc4xx TRNG (commit)

  • ideapad: add backlight driver (commit)

  • IIO: ADC: New driver for AD7792/AD7793 3 Channel SPI ADC (commit)

  • iio: dac: New driver for AD5686R, AD5685R, AD5684R Digital to analog converters (commit)

  • misc/eeprom: add driver for microwire 93xx46 EEPROMs (commit)

  • Platform: Samsung Q10 backlight driver (commit)

  • power_supply: Add charger driver for MAX8997/8966 (commit), add charger driver for MAX8998/LP3974 (commit)

  • regmap: Add generic non-memory mapped register access API (commit)

  • regulator: aat2870: Add AAT2870 regulator driver (commit)

  • Samsung Laptop platform driver: support N510 (commit)

  • serial: 8250_pnp: add Intermec CV60 touchscreen device (commit), sh-sci: Kill off bitrotted H8/300 support. (commit)

  • spi: remove obsolete spi-s3c24xx-gpio driver (commit)

  • tps65912: add regulator driver (commit)

  • tty: n_gsm: Add raw-ip support (commit)

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