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Linux 4.1-DriversArch

  1. Architectures
    1. ARM
    2. x86
    3. MIPS
    4. S390
    5. POWERPC
    6. ARC
    7. CRIS
    8. XTENSA
  2. Drivers
    1. Staging drivers
    2. Storage
    3. Graphics
    4. Networking
    5. ACPI, EFI, thermal and Power Management
    6. Sound
    7. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers
    8. Universal Serial Bus (USB)
    9. Tablets, touch screens, keyboards, mouses (input)
    10. Multi Function Devices (MFD)
    11. Memory Technology Device (MTD)
    12. Industrial I/O (iio)
    13. Multi Media Card (MMC)
    14. Watchdog
    15. Clocks
    16. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    17. Serial
    18. Real Time Clock (RTC)
    19. Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)
    20. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    21. Hardware monitoring (hwmon)
    22. DMA Engine
    23. Various

1. Architectures

1.1. ARM

  • coresight: Adding coresight support for arm64 architecture commit

  • mailbox: arm_mhu: add driver for ARM MHU controller commit

  • ARM64 / ACPI: Enable ARM64 in Kconfig commit

  • ARM64 / ACPI: Introduce early_param "acpi=" to enable/disable ACPI commit

  • ARM64: Add new Xilinx ZynqMP SoC commit

  • KVM: Implement Stage-2 page aging commit

  • KVM: export VCPU power state via MP_STATE ioctl commit

  • arm64: add support for memtest commit

  • arm64: dts: Add Qualcomm APQ8016 SBC evaluation board dts commit

  • arm64: dts: Add Qualcomm MSM8916 SoC and evaluation board dts commit

  • arm64: dts: Add support for Spreadtrum SC9836 SoC in dts and Makefile commit

  • arm64: kconfig: increase NR_CPUS range to 2-4096. commit

  • arm64: qcom: Add support for Qualcomm MSM8916 SoC commit

  • Remove RISC OS personality commit

  • add support for memtest commit

  • advertise availability of v8 Crypto instructions commit

  • zImage: add support for ARMv7-M commit

  • miscellaneous vdso infrastructure, preparation commit

  • add VDSO user-space code commit

  • VDSO initialization, mapping, and synchronization commit

  • add CONFIG_VDSO Kconfig and Makefile bits commit

  • Alpine: Initial support for Alpine platform commit

  • Alpine: smp support commit

  • Kirkwood: add DT description for nas2big commit

  • OMAP2+: Remove legacy support for omap3 TouchBook commit

  • OMAP3: Remove legacy support for EMA-Tech Stalker board commit

  • OMAP3: Remove legacy support for devkit8000 commit

  • Remove mach-msm and associated ARM architecture code commit

  • at91/pm_suspend: add the WFI instruction support for ARMv7 commit

  • at91: add soc detection infrastructure commit

  • at91: switch to multiplatform commit

  • cpuidle: Enable the ARM64 driver for both ARM32/ARM64 commit

  • dts: add rk3288 PopMetal board commit

  • dts: am335x: Add Chiliboard DTS commit

  • dts: am335x: Add DTS for ChiliSOM module commit

  • dts: warp: Add initial WaRP Board support commit

  • mvebu: add Linksys WRT1900AC (Mamba) support commit

  • mvebu: add core support for Armada 39x commit

  • mx25: Convert to a dt-only platform commit

  • perf: Add support for Scorpion PMUs commit

  • pmu: add support for interrupt-affinity property commit

  • shmobile: cpuidle: Remove the pointless default driver commit

  • shmobile: r8a7778: enable multiplatform target commit

  • shmobile: sh73a0: Add Multiplatform support commit

  • tegra: Add DTS for the nyan-blaze board commit

  • tegra: remove old LIC support commit

  • DTS: OMAP3-N900: Add lis3lv02d support commit

  • KVM: arm/arm64: add irqfd support commit

  • KVM: arm/arm64: enable KVM_CAP_IOEVENTFD commit

  • Crypto

    • AES in ECB/CBC/CTR/XTS modes using ARMv8 Crypto Extensions commit

    • Add support for GHASH using ARMv8 Crypto Extensions commit

    • Add support for SHA-224/256 using ARMv8 Crypto Extensions commit

    • Add support for SHA1 using ARMv8 Crypto Instructions commit

    • sha256 - Add optimized SHA-256/224 commit

1.2. x86

  • Add support for the CLWB instruction. The CLWB instruction is used to write back the contents of dirtied cache lines to memory without evicting the cache lines from the processor's cache hierarchy commit

  • Add support for the pcommit instruction. The pcommit instruction ensures that data that has been flushed from the processor's cache hierarchy with clwb, clflushopt or clflush is accepted to memory and is durable on the DIMM commit

  • KVM: nVMX: Add support for rdtscp commit

  • intel_idle: Add support for the Airmont Core in the Cherrytrail and Braswell SOCs commit

  • chrome: Add Chrome OS EC userspace device interface commit

  • chrome: Create sysfs attributes for the ChromeOS EC commit

  • chrome: Expose Chrome OS Lightbar to users commit

  • dell-laptop: Add support for keyboard backlight commit

  • efi: Add a "debug" option to the efi= cmdline commit

  • Reduce PAE-mode per task pgd allocation overhead from 4K to 32 bytes commit

  • Add support for Intel Cache QoS Monitoring (CQM) detection commit

  • thinkpad_acpi: Add adaptive_kbd_mode sysfs attr commit

  • perf

    • Add basic Haswell LBR call stack support commit

    • Add Broadwell core support commit

    • Add Intel Cache QoS Monitoring support commit

    • Support task events with Intel CQM commit

    • Add Intel PT PMU driver commit

    • Add BTS PMU driver commit

    • Add Broadwell support for the LBR callstack commit

    • Add support for Intel Haswell ULT (lower power Mobile Processor) IMC uncore PMUs commit

    • Enable Broadwell-U RAPL support commit

1.3. MIPS

  • ttyFDC: Add early FDC console support commit

  • ttyFDC: Implement KGDB IO operations. commit

  • Add CDMM bus support commit

  • Add R16000 detection commit

  • Add SCHED_HRTICK support commit

  • Add support for XPA. commit

  • Add support for the IMG Pistachio SoC commit

  • KVM: Wire up FPU capability commit

  • KVM: Wire up MSA capability commit

  • Loongson-3: Add CPU Hwmon platform driver commit

  • Loongson-3: Add chipset ACPI platform driver commit

  • OCTEON: Enable little endian kernel. commit

  • perf: Add hardware perf events support for Loongson-3 commit

  • Octeon crypto

    • Add SHA1 module commit

    • Add SHA256 module commit

    • Add SHA512 module commit

    • Add SHA1 module commit

    • Add SHA256 module commit

    • Add SHA512 module commit

    • Add instruction definitions for SHA1/256/512 commit

    • Enable OCTEON SHA1/256/512 module selection commit

1.4. S390

  • bpf: Add s390x eBPF JIT compiler backend commit

  • zcrypt: Introduce new SHA-512 based Pseudo Random Generator. commit

  • Add livepatch support commit

  • KVM: s390: Add access register mode commit

  • KVM: s390: Create ioctl for Getting/Setting guest storage keys commit

  • KVM: s390: Enable vector support for capable guest commit

  • KVM: s390: add ioctl to inject local interrupts commit

  • remove 31 bit support commit

  • remove claw driver commit


  • Kconfig: Enable BPF JIT on ppc32 commit

  • dts: Remove B4860 emulator support commit

  • mpc85xx: Add FMan platform support commit

  • powernv: Add pstore support on powernv commit

  • powernv: Remove powernv RTAS support commit

  • pseries: Implement memory hotplug add in the kernel commit

  • pseries: Implement memory hotplug remove in the kernel commit

  • tm: Abort syscalls in active transactions commit

  • Add a proper syscall for switching endianness commit

  • Add ppc64 hard lockup detector support commit

  • Remove the celleb support commit

  • KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Add fast real-mode H_RANDOM implementation. commit

  • KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Add guest->host real mode completion counters commit

  • Crypto

    • aes - ECB/CBC/CTR/XTS modes commit

    • aes - aes tables commit

    • aes - assembler core commit

    • aes - kernel config commit

    • aes - key handling commit

    • aes - register defines commit

    • md5 - assembler commit

    • md5 - glue commit

    • md5 - kernel config commit

    • sha1 - assembler commit

    • sha1 - glue commit

    • sha1 - kernel config commit

    • aes - glue code commit

    • sha256 - assembler commit

    • sha256 - glue commit

    • sha256 - kernel config commit

    • vmx - Add support for VMS instructions by ASM commit

    • vmx - Adding AES routines for VMX module commit

    • vmx - Adding CBC routines for VMX module commit

    • vmx - Adding CTR routines for VMX module commit

    • vmx - Adding GHASH routines for VMX module commit

    • vmx - Adding VMX module for Power 8 commit

    • vmx - Enabling VMX module for PPC64 commit

1.6. ARC

  • perf: Add kernel callchain support commit

  • perf: add user space attribution in callchains commit

  • perf: support cache hit/miss ratio commit

1.7. CRIS

  • add Axis 88 board device tree commit

  • enable GPIOLIB commit

  • CRISv32: add device tree support commit


  • xtfpga: add CY7C67300 USB controller support commit

2. Drivers

2.1. Staging drivers

  • comedi: cb_pcimdas: add 8254 timer (pacer) support commit

  • fbtft: Add support for ili9163 controller commit

  • fsl-mc: Added Freescale Management Complex APIs commit

  • fsl-mc: Device driver for FSL-MC DPRC devices commit

  • fsl-mc: Freescale Management Complex (fsl-mc) bus driver commit

  • fsl-mc: fsl-mc object allocator driver commit

  • sm750fb: add sm750 to staging commit

2.2. Storage

  • Remove celleb-only SCC PATA drivers commit

  • aacraid: 240 simple volume support commit

  • aacraid: 4KB sector support commit

  • aacraid: AIF raw device remove support commit

  • aacraid: AIF support for SES device add/remove commit

  • aacraid: MSI-x support commit

  • ipr: AF DASD raw mode implementation in ipr driver commit

  • libata: Implement NCQ autosense commit

  • libata: Implement support for sense data reporting commit

  • lpfc: Add Lancer Temperature Event support to the lpfc driver commit

  • lpfc: Add support for reporting option_rom_version on newer adapters commit

  • qla2xxx: Add serdes read/write support for ISP27XX commit

  • qla2xxx: Add support to load firmware from file for ISP 26XX/27XX. commit

  • tcm_qla2xxx: Expose per endpoint dynamic_sessions attribute commit

  • sata: xgene: add ACPI support for APM X-Gene SATA ports commit

  • scsi_transport_fc: Add support for 25Gbit speed commit

2.3. Graphics

  • i915: Implementation of SKL display power well support commit

  • radeon: add DisplayPort MST support (v2) commit

  • radeon: add new bonaire pci id commit

  • radeon: add userptr config option commit

  • drm/bridge: Add I2C based driver for ps8622/ps8625 bridge commit

  • msm/mdp5: Enable DSI connector in msm drm driver commit

  • msm: Initial add DSI connector support commit

  • nouveau/ce/gm204: initial support commit, commit

  • nouveau/ce/gm206: enable support via gm204 code commit, commit

  • panel: Add display timing for HannStar HSD070PWW1 commit

  • panel: Add display timing support commit

  • panel: Add support for Ampire AM-800480R3TMQW-A1H 800x480 7" panel commit

  • panel: Add support for OrtusTech COM43H4M85ULC panel commit

  • panel: simple: Add display timing support commit

  • panel: simple: Add support for AUO b101ean01 panel commit

  • panel: simple: Add support for Innolux AT043TN24 commit

  • panel: simple: Add support for Innolux ZJ070NA-01P commit

  • panel: simple: Add support for Samsung LTN140AT29 panel commit

  • panel: simple: Add support for Shelly SCA07010-BFN-LNN commit

  • rcar-du: Implement universal plane support commit, commit

  • sti: convert driver to atomic modeset commit

  • backlight: Add support Skyworks SKY81452 backlight driver commit

2.4. Networking

  • ath10k: add TxBF support commit

  • ath9k: add per-vif TX power capability commit

  • ath9k_htc: Add new USB ID commit

  • bcma: enable support for PCIe Gen 2 host devices commit

  • bgmac: implement GRO and use build_skb commit

  • bgmac: implement scatter/gather support commit

  • altera tse: add support for fixed-links. commit

  • amd-xgbe-phy: Provide support for auto-negotiation timeout commit

  • amd-xgbe: Add support for the netdev Tx watchdog commit

  • at86rf230: add transmit retry support commit

  • brcmfmac: Add support for BCM4345 SDIO chipset. commit

  • brcmfmac: add support for BCM43430 SDIO chipset commit

  • brcmfmac: avoid runtime-pm for sdio host controller commit

  • cxgb4: Add device ID for new adapter commit

  • cxgb4: add cxgb4_fcoe.c for FCoE commit

  • cxgb4: add cxgb4_fcoe.h and macro definitions for FCoE commit

  • cxgb4: update Kconfig and Makefile for FCoE support commit

  • xgene: Add second SGMII based 1G interface commit

  • e1000e: initial support for i219 commit

  • fm10k: Add netconsole support commit

  • fm10k: allow creation of VLAN on default vid commit

  • i40e/i40evf: implement KR2 support commit

  • i40e: Add support for getlink, setlink ndo ops commit

  • i40e: Add support to program FDir SB rules for VF from PF through ethtool commit

  • i40e: Implement configfs for NPAR BW configuration commit

  • i40e: Use ethtool private flags to display NPAR status commit

  • i40e: Use new 40G speeds commit

  • i40e: add ethtool RSS support commit

  • i40e: enable user dump of internal hardware state commit

  • igb: Enable TSO for stacked vlan commit

  • iwlwifi: add more new 8260 series PCI IDs commit

  • iwlwifi: add new 8260 series PCI IDs commit

  • iwlwifi: allow disabling LAR via module param commit

  • iwlwifi: drop support for early versions of 8000 commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add framework for triggers for fw dump commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add statistics API version 10 commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add the cause of the firmware dump in the dump commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add trigger for firmware dump upon channel switch commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add trigger for firmware dump upon command response commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add trigger for firmware dump upon low RSSI commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add trigger for firmware dump upon missed beacons commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: add trigger for firmware dump upon statistics commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: allow to force the Rx chains from debugfs commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: support beacon statistics for BSS client commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: support family 8000 B2/C steps commit

  • iwlwifi: mvm: support radio statistics as global survey commit

  • rocker: implement IPv4 fib offloading commit

  • rt2x00: add new rt2800usb device DWA 130 commit

  • r8152: support setting rx coalesce commit

  • r8152: Add support for 'Lenovo OneLink Pro Dock' commit

  • wil6210: boot loader commit

  • wil6210: remove support for old hardware commit

  • wil6210: support AP isolation commit

  • ixgbe: Add GET_RSS_KEY command to VF-PF channel commands set commit

  • ixgbe: Add a RETA query command to VF-PF channel API commit

  • ixgbe: add new wrapper for X550 support commit

  • ixgbe: adds x550 specific FCoE offloads commit

  • ixgbevf: Add the appropriate ethtool ops to query RSS indirection table and key commit

  • mvneta: implement SGMII-based in-band link state signaling commit

  • mwifiex: Add support for auto ARP in mwifiex. commit

  • macb: add the user i/o to ethtool register dump commit

  • mlx4: Add RSS support for fragmented IP datagrams commit

  • mlx4: Add mlx4_ALLOCATE_VPP implementation commit

  • mlx4: Add mlx4_SET_VPORT_QOS implementation commit

  • mlx4: Set enhanced QoS support by default when ETS supported commit

  • mlx4_core: Add basic elements for QCN commit

  • mlx4_core: Add basic support for QP max-rate limiting commit

  • mlx4_en: Add Flow control statistics display via ethtool commit

  • mlx4_en: Add QCN parameters and statistics handling commit

  • mlx4_en: Add RX-ALL support commit

  • mlx4_en: Add RX-FCS support commit

  • mlx4_en: Add interface identify support commit

  • mlx4_en: Add tx queue maxrate support commit

  • mlx4_en: Enable TX rate limit per VF commit

  • bcmgenet: add support for Hardware Filter Block commit

  • bcmgenet: add support for multiple Rx queues commit

  • bcmgenet: add support for xmit_more commit

  • dsa: bcm_sf2: add HW bridging support commit

  • dsa: mv88e6171: Add EEE support to the mv88e6172 commit

  • dsa: mv88e6171: Add support for hardware bridging commit

  • dsa: mv88e6352: Add support for EEE commit

  • dsa: mv88e6352: Add support for hardware bridging commit

  • dsa: mv88e6xxx: Add EEE support commit

  • dsa: mv88e6xxx: Add Hardware bridging support commit

  • macb: Add big endian CPU support commit

  • macb: Include multi queue support for xilinx ZynqMP ethernet version commit

  • netcp: ethss: enhancement to support NetCP 1.5 ethss commit

  • phy: bcm7xxx: add alternate id for 7439 commit

  • phy: broadcom: Add BCM54616S phy entry commit

  • via-rhine: add BQL support commit

  • can: add combined rx/tx LED trigger support commit

  • can: introduce new raw socket option to join the given CAN filters commit

  • cc2520: Add support for CC2591 amplifier. commit

  • rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new USB ID commit

  • rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new device ID commit

  • sh_eth: Implement ethtool register dump operations commit

  • sh_eth: Implement multicast statistic based on the RFS8 status bit commit

  • NFC

    • nci: Add firmware download support commit

    • nxp-nci: Add support for NXP NCI chips commit

    • nxp-nci_i2c: Add I2C support to NXP NCI driver commit

  • Bluetooth

    • Read Broadcom chip info for Apple Bluetooth devices commit

    • ath3k: Add a new ID 0cf3:e006 to ath3k list commit

    • ath3k: Add support Atheros AR5B195 combo Mini PCIe card commit

    • ath3k: add support of 04ca:300f AR3012 device commit

    • bnep: Add support for get bnep features via ioctl commit

    • btusb: Add Realtek 8723A/8723B/8761A/8821A support commit

    • btusb: Add support for 0cf3:e007 commit

    • btusb: Add support for QCA ROME chipset family commit

    • hci_uart: Add protocol support for Broadcom UART devices commit

    • hci_uart: Add support Broadcom address configuration commit

    • hci_uart: Add support Intel address configuration commit

    • hci_uart: Provide generic H:4 receive framework commit

2.5. ACPI, EFI, thermal and Power Management

  • cpufreq: hisilicon: add acpu driver commit

  • cpufreq: powernv: Report cpu frequency throttling commit

  • cpufreq: intel_pstate: Knights Landing support commit

  • powercap / RAPL: Add support for Intel Skylake processors commit

  • powercap / RAPL: add ID for Broadwell server commit

  • thermal/intel_powerclamp: add id for broadwell server commit

  • turbostat: Initial Skylake support commit

  • turbostat: enable turbostat to support Knights Landing (KNL) commit

2.6. Sound

  • ac97: Add VT1613 AC97 codec support commit

  • Provide the ability to report timestamping capabilities, select timestamp types and retrieve timestamp accuracy, if supported. Details can be found in Documentations/sound/alsa/timestamping.txt commit

  • emu10k1: add Audigy 5/Rx commit

  • emu10k1: add toggles for E-mu 1010 optical ports commit

  • hda - Add Conexant codecs CX20721, CX20722, CX20723 and CX20724 commit

  • hda - Add a fake stereo amp register support commit

  • hda - Add cache support for COEF read/write commit

  • hda - Add dock support for ThinkPad X250 (17aa:2226) commit

  • hda - Add regmap support commit

  • hda - Add widget sysfs tree commit

  • hda - Bind codecs via standard bus commit

  • hda - Enable widget power saving for Realtek codecs commit

  • hda - Expose codec type sysfs commit

  • hda - Support advanced power state controls commit

  • hda/realtek - Support Dell headset mode for ALC288 commit

  • hda/realtek - Support headset mode for ALC286/288 commit

  • hda/via - Add beep controls to VIA codecs commit

  • ice1724: ESI W192M: Add TLV support for control value in dB scale commit

  • ASoC

    • Add max98925 codec driver commit

    • Intel: add kcontrol to enable/disable sound effect module waves commit

    • Intel: add kcontrol to set parameter to sound effect module waves commit

    • Intel: add pm support in sst ipc driver commit

    • Intel: add support for pause and resume in sst commit

    • Intel: add support for pcm stream suspend/resume commit

    • Intel: add support for platform suspend commit

    • arizona: Add support for WM8280/WM8281 commit

    • dapm: add code to configure dai link parameters commit

    • jz4740: Add jz4780 support commit

    • qcom: Add LPASS CPU DAI driver commit

    • qcom: Add LPASS platform driver commit

    • qcom: Add Storm machine driver commit

    • qcom: Add ability to build QCOM drivers commit

    • rsnd: add DPCM based sampling rate convert commit

    • rsnd: add Synchronous SRC mode commit

    • rsrc-card: add Renesas sampling rate convert sound card support commit

    • rt5645: Add ACPI match ID commit

    • rt5645: Add TDM support for rt5650 commit

    • rt5670: Add runtime PM support commit

    • wm8804: Add DAPM widgets for SPDIF/AIF commit

    • wm8804: Enable runtime PM commit

2.7. TV tuners, webcams, video capturers

  • Basic support for the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid INT 2008 USB Stick commit

  • DVB: add support for LG Electronics LGDT3306A ATSC/QAM-B Demodulator commit

  • WinFast DTV2000 DS Plus commit

  • add raw video stream support for Samsung SUR40 commit

  • coda: Add tracing support commit

  • cx231xx: Hauppauge HVR-955Q ATSC/QAM tuner commit

  • dw2102: TechnoTrend TT-connect S2-4600 DVB-S/S2 tuner commit

  • m88ts2022: remove obsolete driver commit

  • media: i2c: add support for omnivision's ov2659 sensor commit

  • rtl28xxu: add support for Turbo-X DTT2000 commit

  • s5p-jpeg: add 5420 family support commit

  • ts2020: add support for TS2022 commit

  • v4l: xilinx: Add Test Pattern Generator driver commit

  • v4l: xilinx: Add Video Timing Controller driver commit

  • v4l: xilinx: Add Xilinx Video IP core commit

  • vivid: add RGB444 support commit

  • vivid: add support for 8-bit Bayer formats commit

  • vivid: add support for BGR666 commit

  • vivid: add support for NV24 and NV42 commit

  • vivid: add support for PIX_FMT_RGB332 commit

  • vivid: add support for [A|X]RGB555X commit

  • vivid: add support for packed YUV formats commit

  • vivid: add support for single buffer planar formats commit

  • vivid: add the new planar and monochrome formats commit

2.8. Universal Serial Bus (USB)

  • cp210x: add ID for HubZ dual ZigBee and Z-Wave dongle commit

  • cp210x: add ID for KCF Technologies PRN device commit

  • pl2303: Remove support for Samsung I330 commit

  • serial: ftdi_sio: Add support for a Motion Tracker Development Board commit

  • visor: Match I330 phone more precisely commit

  • Add driver for Altus Metrum ChaosKey device (v2) commit

  • chipidea: add runtime power management support commit

  • chipidea: add usb as system wakeup source commit

  • chipidea: imx: add runtime power management support commit

  • gadget: atmel_usba_udc: Add suspend/resume with wakeup support commit

  • isp1760: add peripheral/device controller chip id commit

  • renesas_usbhs: add support for USB-DMAC commit

  • xhci: plat: Add USB phy support commit

2.9. Tablets, touch screens, keyboards, mouses (input)

  • ALPS - add support for SS4 touchpad devices commit

  • add Broadcom iProc touchscreen driver commit

  • add Qualcomm PM8941 power key driver commit

  • add driver for Broadcom keypad controller commit

  • add haptic support for max77843 commit

  • add support for ChipOne icn8318 based touchscreens commit

  • add support for Semtech SX8654 I2C touchscreen controller commit

  • add vmmouse driver commit

  • atmel_mxt_ts - add support for Google Pixel 2 commit

  • atmel_mxt_ts - implement support for T100 touch object commit

  • driver for microcontroller keys on the iPaq h3xxx commit

  • i8042 - allow KBD and AUX ports to wake up from suspend-to-idle commit

  • xpad - add rumble support for Xbox One controller commit

  • HID

    • expose country code in sysfs commit

    • hid-lg4ff: Allow switching of Logitech gaming wheels between compatibility modes commit

    • hid-lg4ff: Introduce a module parameter to disable automatic switch of compatibility mode commit

    • hid-sensor-hub: Add support for application collection commit

    • multitouch: Add support for button type usage commit

    • multitouch: add support of clickpads commit

    • sensor: Custom and Generic sensor support commit

    • wacom: Add battery presence indicator to wireless tablets commit

    • wacom: Add support for Cintiq 13HD Touch commit

    • wacom: Add support for I2C connected devices commit

    • wacom: Provide battery charge state to system over USB if available commit

    • wacom: Report battery status for Intuos Pro and Intuos5 commit

    • wacom: add full support of the Wacom Bamboo PAD commit

2.10. Multi Function Devices (MFD)

  • Add support for COMe-cBL6 to Kontron PLD driver commit

  • Add support for Skyworks SKY81452 driver commit

  • Add support for the MediaTek MT6397 PMIC commit

  • arizona: Add support for WM8280/WM8281 commit

  • intel_quark_i2c_gpio: Add Intel Quark X1000 I2C-GPIO MFD Driver commit

  • max77843: Add max77843 MFD driver core driver commit

  • qcom_rpm: Add support for IPQ8064 commit

  • rtsx: Add support for rts524A commit

  • rtsx: Add support for rts525A commit

2.11. Memory Technology Device (MTD)

  • spi-nor: Add support for Macronix mx25u6435f serial flash commit

  • spi-nor: Add support for Winbond w25q64dw serial flash commit

  • spi-nor: add support for the Winbond W25X05 flash commit

  • spi-nor: support en25s64 device commit

2.12. Industrial I/O (iio)

  • Add support for DA9150 GPADC commit

  • add support for hardware fifo commit

  • add watermark logic to iio read and poll commit

  • bmc150_accel: add support for hardware fifo commit

  • gyro: itg3200: add suspend/resume support. commit

  • light: Add support for Capella CM3323 color sensor commit

  • light: Added PM support for Capella CM3232 ambient light sensor driver. commit

  • max517: Add support for MAX520 and MAX521 chips. commit

  • mlx90614: Support devices with dual IR sensor commit

  • pressure: add support for MS5611 pressure and temperature sensor commit

  • st-sensors: add support for lis3lv02d accelerometer commit

  • Add support for L3GD20H gyroscope commit

2.13. Multi Media Card (MMC)

  • Remove msm_sdcc driver commit

  • core: Enable runtime PM management of host devices commit

  • dw_mmc: exynos: Support eMMC's HS400 mode commit

  • omap_hsmmc: add hibernation support commit

  • sdhci-iproc: add IPROC SDHCI driver commit

2.14. Watchdog

2.15. Clocks

2.16. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

  • omap100k: Convert to runtime PM commit

  • bcm2835: enable support of 3-wire mode commit

2.17. Serial

  • 8250_dw: add support for AMD SOC Carrizo commit

  • 8250_pci: Add support for 16 port Exar boards commit

  • 8250_pci: add Intel Penwell ports commit

  • 8250_pci: add Intel Tangier support commit

  • HSI: cmt_speech: Add cmt-speech driver commit

  • HSI: nokia-modem: Add cmt-speech support commit

2.18. Real Time Clock (RTC)

  • add rtc-abx80x, a driver for the Abracon AB x80x i2c rtc commit

  • driver for Conexant Digicolor CX92755 on-chip RTC commit

2.19. Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)

  • add support for the Digicolor I2C controller commit

  • jz4780: Add i2c bus controller driver for Ingenic JZ4780 commit

  • xlp9xx: Driver for Netlogic XLP9XX/5XX I2C controller commit

2.20. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

  • tpm/st33zp24/spi: Add st33zp24 spi phy commit

2.21. Hardware monitoring (hwmon)

  • (ibmpowernv) add a label attribute commit

  • (it87) Add support for 6th fan of IT8620E commit

  • (it87) Add support for IT8620E commit

  • (it87) Add support for IT8781F commit

  • (it87) Add support for IT8786E commit

  • (it87) Add support for IT8790E commit

  • (jc42) Add support for additional IDT temperature sensors commit

  • (pwm-fan) Add support for using PWM FAN as a cooling device commit

  • Add Nuvoton NCT7904 hwmon driver commit

2.22. DMA Engine

  • Add support for APM X-Gene SoC DMA engine driver commit

  • Driver support for FSL RaidEngine device. commit

  • append hsu DMA driver commit

  • hsu: add Intel Tangier PCI ID commit

  • imx-sdma: Add support for version 3 firmware commit

  • intel-mid-dma: remove the driver commit

  • jz4780: add driver for the Ingenic JZ4780 DMA controller commit

  • remove Renesas Audio DMAC peri peri commit

  • usb-dmac: Add Renesas USB DMA Controller (USB-DMAC) driver commit

2.23. Various

  • irqchip: Add GICv2 specific ACPI boot support commit

  • irqchip: renesas-irqc: Add minimal runtime PM support commit

  • irqchip: st: Supply new driver for STi based devices commit

  • irqchip: tegra: Add Tegra210 support commit

  • irqchip: vf610-mscm-ir: Add support for Vybrid MSCM interrupt router commit

  • irqchip: Add new driver for BCM7038-style level 1 interrupt controllers commit

  • PCI: iproc: Add Broadcom iProc PCIe support commit

  • PCI: mvebu: Add suspend/resume support commit

  • TTY: Add MIPS EJTAG Fast Debug Channel TTY driver commit

  • X-Power AXP288 PMIC Fuel Gauge Driver commit

  • bq2415x_charger: Add support for bq24157s commit

  • clk: Add PWM clock driver commit

  • clk: Add clock driver for mb86s7x commit

  • clk: mvebu: add Marvell Armada 39x driver commit

  • crypto: ccp - Add ACPI support commit

  • extcon: arizona: Add support for WM8280/WM8281 commit

  • extcon: max77843: Add max77843 MUIC driver commit

  • extcon: usb-gpio: Introduce gpio usb extcon driver commit

  • gpio: Remove gpio-msm-v1 driver commit

  • gpio: arizona: Add support for WM8280/WM8281 commit

  • gpio: loongson: Add Loongson-3A/3B GPIO driver support commit

  • hwrng: iproc-rng200 - Add Broadcom IPROC RNG driver commit

  • hwrng: xgene - add ACPI support for APM X-Gene RNG unit commit

  • leds: add Qualcomm PM8941 WLED driver commit

  • pinctrl: Add support for Meson8b commit

  • pinctrl: Add support for PM8916 GPIO's and MPP's commit

  • pinctrl: add AMD GPIO driver support. commit

  • pinctrl: cygnus: add gpio/pinconf driver commit

  • pinctrl: cygnus: add initial IOMUX driver support commit

  • pinctrl: exynos: Add support for Exynos5433 commit

  • pinctrl: intel: Add Intel Sunrisepoint pin controller and GPIO support commit

  • pinctrl: mediatek: Add EINT support to MTK pinctrl driver. commit

  • pinctrl: mediatek: Add Pinctrl/GPIO driver for mt8135. commit

  • pinctrl: mvebu: add pinctrl driver for Marvell Armada 39x commit

  • pinctrl: mvebu: add suspend/resume support to Armada XP pinctrl driver commit

  • pinctrl: tegra: add a driver for Tegra210 commit

  • power: Add support for DA9150 Charger commit

  • power: bq27x00_battery: add bq27510 support commit

  • power: reset: Add generic SYSCON register mapped poweroff. commit

  • regulator: act8865: Add act8600 support commit

  • regulator: arizona-micsupp: Add support for WM8280/WM8281 commit

  • soc: mediatek: Add PMIC wrapper for MT8135 and MT8173 SoCs commit

  • spmi: pmic_arb: add support for hw version 2 commit

  • phy: Add a driver for dm816x USB PHY commit

  • phy: Add driver to support individual USB PHYs on sun9i commit

  • phy: exynos5-usbdrd: Add to support for Exynos5433 SoC commit

  • memory: jz4780-nemc: driver for the NEMC on JZ4780 SoCs commit

  • drivers/gpio: Altera soft IP GPIO driver commit

  • drivers/rtc/rtc-s5m.c: add support for S2MPS13 RTC commit

  • drivers: bus: Add Simple Power-Managed Bus Driver commit

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