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Q. Whats all this ? A. An automated kernel janitor script. Run it against a .c file,

  • and it'll scan it for common janitor things.

Q. Why are there two files ? A. kj-devel.pl is the current development version, it may not

  • give accurate results, and may not even run. When it becomes stable, it gets cp'd to kj.pl

BTW: I'd take most things it says with a pinch of salt. I wasn't kidding when I said I knew no perl at all before I wrote this. I stopped hacking on it when Dan Carpenters smatch appeared, as it was a more 'real' solution with a future.

kj.pl was a fun weekend hack.

NOTE: The 2 scripts mentioned are attached to this page. Click the Attachments link at the upper right.

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