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New Kernel Hacking HOWTO/Subsystems

Parent Node : New Kernel Hacking HOWTO

The Linux kernel can be thought as logically composed of many Subsystems. They may be not implemented as separate directories in the tree structure due to the tight coupling among them all.

  1. Process Creating, Management and Destroing

  2. Process Scheduling

  3. Inter Process Communication

  4. Memory Addressing

  5. Memory Management

  6. Reclaiming Pages

  7. Process Address Space

  8. Exceptions and Interrupts Handling

  9. Deferring Work: Tasklets and SoftIRQ

  10. Synchronization

  11. Time Management

  12. System Calls

  13. Virtual File System

  14. Accessing Directories and Files

  15. Block I/O Layer

  16. Page Cache

  17. Device Drivers, Kobjects and Sysfs

  18. Module Management: Insert Code at Run-Time

  19. Add More

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