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Tan (surname), WeiChong (given name)

Email: <weichong78@yahoo.com>

Hello, I am a newbie who is trying to understand how an OS kernel works from ground up.

Currently, my approach is to study boot loaders (primarily GRUB) andkernels (primarily Linux) on x86 architecture part by part and attemptto understand how they work by implementing my own toy kernel (mostlybroken bits and pieces).

Up till now, I have learnt about how to utilize bochs and qemu to facilitate my testing and successfully implemented:

  1. A hello world toy boot sector in 16bit that has a 0xAA55 signature and print a text message on the screen when loaded by BIOS.

  2. A 32 bit protected mode hello world toy kernel that print a text message on the screen. So far it doesn't really do much since it uses GRUB multiboot signature and let GRUB load it into a state of 32 bit with segmentation but without paging. So the kernel doesn't even have to switch on the real mode to protected mode bit (CR0 PE bit - bit 0) itself. The aim is to setup page directory.

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