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Fábio Olivé Leite

Email: <fabio.olive@gmail.com>

I'm a brazillian kernelnewbie, with some good years of Linux experience (both kernel- and user-level) and lots of interest in basic/system software development. I generally like working on High-Availability and reliability in general, which means clustering, janitoring, code-cleansing, replicated storage, robust filesystems and so on.

I hope I can help RikvanRiel and the rest of kernelnewbies.org in order to keep this site the one-stop-shop from basic to advanced Linux kernel information. I tend to never lose the positive newbie attitude of exercising my curiosity and hacking for fun while I can still keep my eyelids open.

In August 2006 I started working for Red Hat, so now that I'm back to hacking Linux full-time, I hope I will be able to actually contribute to this wiki. Recently I have worked on several issues related to time drift on Opteron processors, so I decided to try and collect a lot of information about timekeeping on Linux, past and present, on LinuxTimekeeping.


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